Sparring Practice

By Rubrpig

Tony walked into the martial arts studio belonging to his buddy and part time Top. He headed for the office as he got a text message to report for 9am. Since the message was signed SIR, he knew he was in for a session with Antonio. He walked in and found Sir Antonio sitting behind his desk waiting. About time you got here, I told you 9am so what time do you think this is. Tony nodded and apologized for keeping his Sir waiting. He watched his Sir as he stood up and walked around the desk and came up to him. He looked at his Sir and wondered what was up.

Sir Antonio smiled and told Tony that he had something special for him. Tony had confided once to his Sir about a fantasy he had about becoming an object. This seemed to intrigue his Sir but nothing came out of it. Sir Antonio nodded and told Tony to follow him and they left the office and went back to the rear storeroom. Once inside, Sir told Tony to strip and when he was done to lay down on the massage table. Tony quickly stripped off his shoes, and sweats and removed his jock then climbed up on the table. He laid there and watched his Sir pull on a pair of latex gloves, then open a sealed package. He removed a coil of tubing and realized that it was a catheter. He laid there while Sir Antonio squirted sterile lube into his urethra and then began to slide the catheter tube into his cock. He felt the pressure on his bladder as the tube slide into his bladder and he watched as Sir injected the saline into the bulb locking the tube inside his bladder.

He clamped the tube off and told Tony to sit up. Tony sat up and watched as his Sir walked over to a shelf and removed a heavy rubber gas mask hood with a built in drinking tube. Sir Antonio worked the heavy rubber hood over his head and zipped it closed, telling Tony to take the drinking tube into his mouth. Once hooded, He was told to stand up and spread his legs. Sir then picked up a catheter drain bag and strapped to Toni’s left thigh and then connected the catheter tube to it and then removed the clamp. Telling Tony to follow him, the two men went into the storeroom and there lying on the floor was a large black leather sparring dummy shaped like a man but with heavy round arms and legs with nothing like hands or feet just simple tube shaped appendages. the head of the dummy was cylindrical and about a foot tall and round.

Tony looked at the heavy large dummy and then at his Sir. Sir Antonio smiled and told Tony that he was going to be put inside the sparring dummy and then taken out into the gym and hung up like the others there. He would spend the day as a dummy being used by the athletes training there. Tony nodded and knelt by the dummy and looked at it carefully. He noticed a heavy zipper running around the perimeter of the dummy so it could be opened up and someone could be put into it and zipped into it.   Tony stood up and looked at his Sir and agreed. Sir Antonio smiled and knelt down and proceeded to open up the specially made dummy and prepare it for Tony.

Tony watched as the dummy was prepared. Once it was ready, he was helped to lay down in the molded foam which would cradle and protect his body from the heavy blows from the athletes. Sir Antonio knelt and connected the air hose from the gas mask to a concealed intake in the top of the dummy’s head so Tony could breathe. Then he inserted a large flexible water bag into the opening for it and connected the drinking tube so Tony would be able to stay hydrated. Once this was done, then he flipped the top half of the dummy up on onto the bottom of the dummy covering up Tony in the process. He began closing and zipping the 2 halves together starting at the bottom of the right leg and working up the right side, then over the top and down the left side. Once the dummy was zipped closed, the heavy flaps were pressed down and sealed with the attached heavy Velcro. He stood up and looked down at the now filled and prepared sparring dummy. It was impossible to tell that the dummy contained a man.

He picked up the shoulders of the dummy and began dragging it out to the main space of the gym to the heavy rack where the other dummies hung in readiness for use. He removed one of the other dummies and then leaned down and picked up the dummy and stood it up and then managed to lift it up one side at a time and clip the heavy chains to the heavy steel rings sewn into the shoulders of the dummy. Once he had hung the dummy up. He stood back and smiled as the new dummy was identical to the others except for its weight. He would tell his MMA fighters that he had added a heavy weight dummy to simulate the weight of a real opponent.

Tony was stunned as he saw the dummy unzipped and opened up. He climbed into the dummy and settled his body into the molded foam and then the top part of the dummy was lowered once his breathing tube and drinking tube were connected. He lay there as the top half was lowered and he felt the heavy dummy’s weight close in on him as it was zipped closed. The closing of the legs forced him to straighten his feet so they pointed downwards and were held in that position. The zippers were finally closed and sealed leaving Tony in total darkness and very little sound penetrated the heavy padding of the dummy so he was very isolated.

He began to panic a little but tried breathing deeply and calmed down. He lay there unable to move or flex his muscles due to the restrictive nature of the foam shell he was enclosed in. Suddenly he felt himself picked up by his shoulders and felt movement. He realized that his Sir was moving him out into the gym. He felt himself being moved along the floor for a few minutes and then he was dropped back flat on the floor. After a few minutes of laying there he felt himself being picked up by the waist and lifted upright. He was held upright and felt his right side going up higher and then he hung at an angle and realized that he was being attached to the heavy chains that supported the actual dummies in the gym. Then his left side went up and he hung level slowly swinging as he was let go of to swing naturally. His weight dropped down on his bent feet pushing them into the bottom of the body mold but not all his weight rested on them as the mold did support him fairly well.

He hung there slowly swinging and wondered what next. Sir Antonio walked over to the door of the gym and unlocked it and several of his fighters were waiting to enter. He watched as they headed for the locker room to change into their workout gear. He headed for the office and sat at his desk and started work on catching up on his accounts.

After a while, the fighters headed out to the main gym and began their workouts. About 30 minutes after the gym opened, a heavily muscled heavyweight MMA fighter nicknamed The Rock walked over to the area where the dummies hung and noticed that there was a larger and obviously heavier dummy than the others hanging there and wondered about it. He headed for the office and walked in. Antonio was looked up and asked what he wanted. Rock asked about the new dummy and Antonio told him that it was a trial one. It was designed to be larger and heavier to simulate a real opponent. Rock nodded and left heading back to the gym. He walked up and picked up his mma gloves and pulled them on. He began to lightly work out on the new dummy. Then as he warmed up the strikes with his fists, arms and leg kicks became harder and harder, the dummy twisting and swinging on its chains. He worked out on the dummy for nearly an hour till he was dripping with sweat.

Tony hung in the darkness and waited. Time seemed to pass slowly but then he began to feel blows on his padding. He began to twist and swing as the strength behind the flows increased. Soon he was feeling heavy blows with what felt like fists, arms and high leg kicks. The blows swung him around and the heavier blows did impact through the dense foam and into his gut. He began to feel some body ache from the blows and he was also getting a little nauseous from the movement of the dummy he was encased in. He sweated and gasped for air and drank some water to help calm his stomach as the blows continued on his outer shell. He swung and took the impacts knowing that the fighter working out just saw another black leather sparring dummy not a real man. He wondered what the fighter would think he if realized that there was a man inside the dummy he was sparring with.

Finally the blows stopped and the heavy dummy finally slowed and hung still. Tony hung there sweating in the heavy intense darkness that was now his world. He hung waiting for the next fighter to come over and begin sparring with the new dummy in the gym. he hung there for what seemed an eternity when he felt a blow and realized that another fighter was starting to use him. The fighter a new member of the gym but aggressive was named Dan. He was an active duty marine, heavily muscled and tattooed. He was a boxer and he began sparring with the dummy using 16oz training gloves. The blows came hard and fast, combinations of blows, head punches and rapid successive blows as he used the dummy like a speed bag. He told the blows somewhat dulled by the heavy foam padding he was encased it and absorbed the impacts. He swung on his chains and finally the workout by Dan stopped.

He hung motionless again and breathed in deeply and drank more water. He could feel the bag on his thigh get fuller as the day went on and his bladder continued to drain. On and off, he was used by the various fighters training. He hung there as a black leather dummy and was simply used as a training tool by them. He was rock hard as he was now exactly what he had always wanted to be, an object to be used and seen as a object not as a human being. He was simply a training dummy to the fighters in the gym.

The day passed and he hung here. Then he felt himself being lifted up on the left side which then dropped a little and then his right side was lifted and then dropped, he realized that he was being removed from his suspension changes and taken down. He felt himself being laid on the floor and then he felt movement as he was dragged along the floor. He wondered if he was being taken back to the storeroom and would he be removed from his encasement. He waited as the motion stopped and then he felt a tug on his shell as the flaps covering the zipper were opened and then the zipper was opened so the top half of the shell was opened. He gasped in pain from the light as he was exposed for the first time in hours. He slowly opened his eyes and lay there looking up at his Sir.

Sir Antonio looked down at the sweaty tired boy who was quietly laying there. He told the boy to stand up slowly and Tony slowly worked himself out of the foam mold that had held him all day. He moved slowly as he was stiff especially his feet as they had been held pointing straight down all day. He managed to stand up. He stood there with the heavy rubber gas mask hood on and the fully bag of piss bulging on his left thigh. Sir Antonio removed the heavy rubber hood and the clipped the catheter tube and removed the full piss bag. He then removed the saline from the internal bulb and pulled the catheter tube slowly out of his boy’s cock. Finally, Tony was standing there for the first time in hours as a man not an object.

Sir Antonio looked at him and asked if he was ok and how did he find his time as a sparring dummy. Tony quickly dropped to his knees and kissed his Sir’s feet in submission and thanks. Sir, it was intense and I really did feel that I had become just a piece of exercise equipment for the fighters to use. Sir Antonio nodded and then looked down at his boy and asked him if he was ready to become a permanent sparring dummy. Tony looked up at his Sir and gulped but nodded. Sir Antonio smiled and told his new sparring dummy that he would be encased every morning and would spend the day as a dummy and then at night once he was removed, he would then clean the gym and the equipment and once that was done, he would sleep inside his dummy shell. Each morning he would be enclosed and put back up for use. He was now just a piece of exercise equipment belonging to the gym and nothing else. Tony nodded and stood up and looked at his new owner and down at his new black leather body and smiled. He was now just a piece of equipment and that is what he had always wanted.

Metal would like to thank Rubrpig for this story!

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