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Galiel becomes a human punching bag at Boynapped

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Master has a hot assistant to help him out in the full domination of Galiel, and this assistant really knows how to use a captive the right way. But Galiel doens’t stand a chance against them both! They soon have him tied up against the punch bag, his naked body their plaything while they spank his smooth arse and play with his floppy cock. He can struggle and cry out as much as he likes, no one is coming to save him from the inevitable onslaught of pleasure and pain his captors are about to deliver. His hole seems ready for that cock.

Galiel becomes a human punching bag at Boynapped


See the VIDEO at Boynapped

Title: Teaming Up To Use The Boy – Part 1

See the VIDEO at Boynapped

Galiel becomes a human punching bag at Boynapped

Tough guy gets tied up and gut-punched

Darian Rose is a foreign-exchange student who chats up a hot man, Axel Johnson, on a dating app. “I’m going to torture you and fuck your sweet mouth and ass,” Axel tells the young man when he arrives. Darian nods. Minutes later he is bound naked in Axel’s dungeon and is getting gut-punched.

Tough guy gets tied up and gut-punched

Tough guy gets tied up and gut-punched


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Title: DARIAN ROSE: Overstayed Visa – Chapter 1

Check out this stress position scenario from the men of Dream Boy Bondage

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A well-built prisoner is about to endure extreme torture

Jesse Stone is a 22-year-old college student, handsome and well-built, with a natural charisma that draws other students to him. He is arrested and sentenced to “extreme physical punishment.” Now he is handcuffed in a small cage, still dressed in the skinny jeans and tight shirt he was wearing when arrested. Under the law, he must be told every torture he will endure: flogging, whipping, electric shock to his genitals, anal penetration, crucifixion and racking. His tormentor is professional sadist Axel Johnson, who has some additional fun planned for this extraordinarily hot captive.

A well-built prisoner is about to endure extreme torture

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Title of this video:

JESSE STONE – Political Prisoner – Chapter 1

professional sadist Axel Johnson

Video: A cocky tough Brazilian gets gut punched

In a dystopian future, a young muscle-stud is stripped and beaten senseless on the orders of a sadistic judge.

Mle bondage gut punch

Julian is a cocky 26-year-old Brazilian. He stands before a judge in the dungeon, dressed in a biker jacket, boots and ripped jeans, his arms bound behind a steel pole. The judge orders, “You will be severely tortured, in this very room, with electricity, physical blows and the whip, then you will be crucified and your body broken on the rack.” Julian looks down, terrified. A guard unzips the stud’s jacket and rips open his shirt. The judge gasps at the ripped abs and massive pecs then orders the guard to beat him senseless.

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Title of this episode: Julian – The Wages of Sin – Chapter 1

hot male ballet dancer tied up in gay porn

male bdsm

Sparring Practice

By Rubrpig

Tony walked into the martial arts studio belonging to his buddy and part time Top. He headed for the office as he got a text message to report for 9am. Since the message was signed SIR, he knew he was in for a session with Antonio. He walked in and found Sir Antonio sitting behind his desk waiting. About time you got here, I told you 9am so what time do you think this is. Tony nodded and apologized for keeping his Sir waiting. He watched his Sir as he stood up and walked around the desk and came up to him. He looked at his Sir and wondered what was up.

Sir Antonio smiled and told Tony that he had something special for him. Tony had confided once to his Sir about a fantasy he had about becoming an object. This seemed to intrigue his Sir but nothing came out of it. Sir Antonio nodded and told Tony to follow him and they left the office and went back to the rear storeroom. Once inside, Sir told Tony to strip and when he was done to lay down on the massage table. Tony quickly stripped off his shoes, and sweats and removed his jock then climbed up on the table. He laid there and watched his Sir pull on a pair of latex gloves, then open a sealed package. He removed a coil of tubing and realized that it was a catheter. He laid there while Sir Antonio squirted sterile lube into his urethra and then began to slide the catheter tube into his cock. He felt the pressure on his bladder as the tube slide into his bladder and he watched as Sir injected the saline into the bulb locking the tube inside his bladder.

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Video: Vinny is snatched off the street and tied up in the dungeon

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, Vinny Blackwood is snatched off the street wearing a crop-top and tight running shorts.

Vinny Blackwood is snatched off the street wearing a crop-top and tight running shorts

Vinny Blackwood is one of those athletic, well-built young men who was blessed with good genes and good looks. Working out a little here and there, he has one of those bodies we all admire and lust after: naturally lean, with broad shoulders and an unusually small waist. His skin is flawless, creamy, firm and virtually hairless. And if that weren’t enough, he has the face of a male idol, with perfect teeth and bright eyes. Like so many cocky gay men, he loves walking around in public in revealing clothing, crop tops and running shots that show off his lean body and round ass. Most of us just leer at such men, but Felix Frost takes what he wants – and today he wants Vinny, whom he literally grabs off the street. Fast-forward to the dungeon: Vinny is strapped to a torture rack, hooded and helpless, in his sexy running outfit. He will be brutally tortured and fucked, beginning with a long, hard gut-punching. “Please! I’ll suck your cock!” Vinny begs as his body is pummeled. “You bet you will!” Felix says, punching him even harder.

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