Stud Poker

By Norm

Hey boys, glad you could make it to our monthly fetish night poker game. We are up to 5, last one in makes stud. Mike, the host for the evening said. The dress code of leather or rubber was strictly enforced, and tonight was no different. A leather cop or two, as well as rubber men gathered in Mike’s garage, turned playroom. Not long after, Kurby, came in, out of breath. Tonight he was in his motorcycle leathers, chaps and a jacket, and what looked like something rubber underneath tightly plastered to his skin.

“I’m not late am I fellas, my cycle broke down and I had to push it 4 blocks.” Kurby was an ass, really just a young kid, on his own, always late, and usually hitchin’ a ride. Most times he was pretty broke, and thought he could win some extra money at the games. The guys had met him at the local bar and if it wasn’t for his great body, no one would have bothered. Most of his ability to think centered around his dick, and not much else. Tonight he was the betting stud, and the opportunity to dish out some needed training.

“Well Kurby boy, I’d say you’re just in time. You’re the designated betting stud tonight.”

“Shit, guys, not again, last time it took me a month to grow my hair back.” Kurby moaned.

“Hey, you know the rules, last one in is the betting stud. Anyone needing a marker during the game gets to bet with you. Anything goes. You refuse, you loose your invite to the game, permanently.”

“Ya, ya, I know. What do you want me to do?” Kurby asked.

“Well for starters, take off the leather, we want to see what you’re hiding.” Mike commanded as the others gathered around. Kurby pulled off the jacket, chaps and lineman boots to reveal his well muscled body encased in a very heavy latex one piece, with a crotch flap and an ass zip.

“Hey boy, you’re lookin’ good, seems like we have a good start on tonight’s fun!” Mike leered as he slapped Kurby’s ass.

“Well men, gather around the table, Kurby boy, fetch us some drinks.” As the game started, Kurby was kept busy serving food and drinks to his buddies around the table. After he dragged out the chest of toys the guys were ready to start using him.

“Hey Kurby, I’m a little low on chips, come on over here.” Sam spoke up. “I think I’ll bet a nice rubber hood for our boy.”

“I’ll see your hood and raise you a shaved head Sam.” Ed smiled.

“No! Guys, why do you always want me to lose my hair? Come on, go easy.” Kurby pleaded.

“Kurby, I could win this hand and you’d be off the hook! You would only end up with the hood! Why don’t you come over here and see this hand.” Ed grinned.

Kurby walked over to Ed and looked over his shoulder. His face fell as he saw a pair of 2s. Everyone else knew too, and immediately called the bet. A pair of jacks, won the deal.

“Sorry boy, I thought they were bluffing,” Ed laughed. “Bring the clippers over to big Ed now and be quick.” Obediently Kurby plugged in the clippers and handed them to Ed.

“Please Ed, don’t take it all off, just trim it a bit.” he whined.

“Oh boy, I was just going to give it a quick buzz, but you whined, now it all has to come off. Kneel next to me boy and shut up.” Locks of jet black hair fell to the ground as Ed clipped away until he left Kurby with a head of fuzz.

“There, that’s much better. Now where is that hood Sam?”

“Right here Ed, ready to go.”

Kurby was soon covered with a heavy, black latex hood, with open eyes, nose and mouth.

Kurby was sent to fetch more beer and food, while the game continued. Soon Mark was short of chips and called for the stud.

“Boys, I’m going to make this interesting, Let me see, I bet an ass full of rubber.” Mark offered.

“I see your plug and raise it a size!” said Ed.

“I see your plug, and raise it two sizes.” Carl offered.

“Shit guys, my ass won’t stretch that far! You’ll rip the hell out of me!” Kurby stammered.

“I see your bets gentlemen, show up!” Brian called. “I’ve got three Kings.”

“Kurby, I think you lose! I’ve only got a pair of Queens.” Mark laughed as he flipped his cards down. “Go get that great big plug boy and get it up your ass. You’ve got 10 minutes, or I’ll push it in myself,” Mark said as he set a timer.

Kurby went to the trunk and pulled out the biggest plug in there. He lubed it, unfastened his ass zip and began working the huge intrusion into his butt. Kurby moaned and cried as he tried to force the monster piece of rubber to stretch and assault his hole enough to accept it. He hadn’t quite been able to force it in when the timer went off. Mark got up from his chair and moved to Kurby.

“Bend over boy, Daddy has got to give you a hand.”

“I’ll get it Mark, just give me a minute.” pleaded Kurby.

Mark pushed Kurby over and reached behind him. With a few quick pushes, Kurby’s well worked ass opened up and accepted the plug as Kurby let out a scream.

“You’ve just got to have the right touch boy.” Mark said as he dragged him over to the table and gave him a warm beer. “Chug it down boy, it will make you feel better.”

Kurby swallowed the beer quickly and felt its effects begin to work. His ass throbbed, his dick was as hard as a rock, but the alcohol calmed him down some. “Boys, I think it’s time we take a break. I know I’ve got to piss, and we have us a greedy toilet, but I want to get him ready first.” Mark pulled out the rubber aquala suit and ordered Kurby into it. Rubber squealed against rubber as he was forced into the waterproof suit. He was beyond resisting when the piss gag was fastened to his head over the rubber mask. Kurby was chained to the toilet and each had their turn with him, forcing their beer rich, warm piss into his mouth. Without thinking Kurby, now encased in two layers of rubber, swallowed load after load, and soon found himself so full that he was pissing into his suit, the warm liquid working its way around the rubber cod piece pressing against his cock, and began flowing down his legs. When they were done, the piss gag was removed and a large rubber one was cruelly strapped into place. Kurby was brought to the playroom. As the game continued, Kurby was again ordered to bring refreshments to the players.

“Shit, I’m out of chips boys, guess I need to use you as my marker. Kurby, come over here.” Yelled Carl.

Kurby obediently took his place next to Carl and waited while he played out his hand.

“I bet 30 seconds without air for Kurby boys, that I’ve got a winning hand.” Even under the black latex hood, it was possible to see in the eyes of Kurby that breath control was not something he was into.

“I see your bet of 30 seconds and raise it 30 more.” Ed offered.

“Boys, I see your bet of one minute, and add suspension for the rest of the night.” Mark smiled.

“I’m out!” chorused around the table.

“Looks like I win without even showing my cards Kurby! Funny how a pair of 6s can win a game,” Mark laughed. “Pay up boys!” Kurby was dragged to the heavy beam in the middle of the room. A heavy gas mask was strapped to his head, over the gag. The only air he was now getting was through the small holes in the latex hood over his head. Kurby began struggling to get breath and sought to control his fear. He forced himself to go slow and draw the longest breaths he could as they forced his arms up and fastened them to a chain. They began wrapping large rubber straps around his body, starting from his toes up, carefully binding his cock even tighter to his body, and wrapping his head securely, leaving only the air port exposed. Now he was truly a rubber prisoner. Faintly Kurby could hear conversation as he was hoisted up until he was hanging from the rafter at a height he could only guess at. Suddenly after a long breath, Kurby felt a hand cover his port and surprisingly a vibrator strapped to his mid section.

Faintly he heard the others begin a count down. Kurby fought to control his fear as he exhaled and found he could not draw even a little air. In his excitement, he was releasing more and more air out of his lungs, unable to refill them. The mask pulled tighter and tighter against his face, until he could even feel the eye pieces pressing against his face. He began to struggle as he swung from the chain, swinging wildly in the air, the pain at his wrists searing into his brain, the vibrator demanding a response at his cock. As a dimness began filling his head from a lack of air, his cock erupted into his hard pressed rubber gear. Sparks of energy filled his brain as his orgasm reached its peak , when suddenly air began rushing into his lungs. Kurby was lowered to a point where he could stand, the vibrator removed and yet he was not released from the chain. As he stood there trying to recover from his ordeal, he realized that no one seemed to be attending him. The guys must have resumed their game! Throughout the evening it was obvious to Kurby that they had continued to bet with him. One time he was paddled viciously and often he was hoisted up and down on the chain. Kurby realized that the game was over when he was lowered and carried, his arms still wrapped and above his head, to what must have been the bed in the playroom. Slowly the rubber around his head and arms was being pulled off and he could again see out of the ports. Mark stood above him, now dressed in a complete rubber outfit.

“Hey Kurby boy, guess what, I’m the winner for the night. I get to play with you, all by myself!” As Mark pulled the rubber strapping off, Kurby was surprised to see how gentle he was. He massaged the muscles that he knew would be sore from hanging from the rafters and then cuffed them in front of his body. When Kurby was finally down to just his two suits, Mark pulled off the gas mask and put his head close to Kurby. The large rubber gag was still painfully pushed into his mouth shutting off any sound, and he was drawing ragged breaths through his nose.

“You did real good tonight boy, you took everything we gave you. Granted you whined a bit, but I think you have potential. I’ve been looking for a boy to train for a while, and God only knows you ain’t good for anything else. I think I’m going to keep you! Why tomorrow I’ll clean you up, finish shaving that head to a nice smooth surface. I think I might even feel motivated to shave the rest of you. I’ll train you to accept punishment, and you’ll learn to serve me in many ways. I think you’ll make a good boy.” Let me show you just how serious I am Kurby. Mark reached into his bag and pulled out a wide, hinged metal collar. As he pulled it tight, a large padlock slipped into the matching rings in front and snapped shut. “Now you really are mine Kurby boy.”

As Mark replaced the gas mask, and refastened the vibrator to his mid section, he added, “the most important thing for you to do Kurby boy, is accept rubber as your Master, not me or the other guys, but the rubber. You will be surrounded by it, taste it, breathe it, and wear it constantly. It will caress you and hold you, it will rub you raw, but you will come to love it, and that is when you will truly belong to me! You will forget what it was like to be without rubber. You will desire to be encased in it. You will beg me to wrap you and secure you. You will feel naked without it. Now get some rest, if you can, cause tomorrow your new life begins!” Mark threw a light rubber sheet over him and left.

Kurby tired to relax but found himself aroused and excited as his body reacted to the restricted air and the vibrator. His body was wet with piss and cum that was working its way around him, intensified by the vibrations. Soon, he would be spewing into his suit again, and again as his training began.



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