Life in the padded cell is so eventful

MetalbondNYCPadded_Cell_Bondage_01 Padded_Cell_Bondage_02 Padded_Cell_Bondage_03 Padded_Cell_Bondage_04

The pictures above of the Padded Cell Inmate are courtesy of The Warden. Here is what The Warden has to say about this batch:

VERY vulnerable and the blue ring in the last shot is a battery vibrator cock and ball ring that lasted 5 hours on him. He was — errr — rather spent by the time the batteries ran out in the middle of the night!


Bandanajack writes:

that hood looks absolutely amazing. i am trying to imagine it on.



what is the blue harness?



fantastic … i believe that he can’t sleep all that night … lucky …



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