Surviving the Cut – Special Forces Diver

I saw this last night for the first time, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

There’s a new series on The Military Channel called Surviving The Cut, and one episode in particular is the hottest thing I have seen on TV in a LONG time!

It’s about a group of elite military men who are in training to become special forces rescue divers. These men are all in peak physical condition to begin with, and they are subjecting themselves to eight weeks of grueling training.

In one phase of the course, called “Drownproofing,” the men must demonstrate that they can control their fear. For the exercise, their hand are bound behind their backs and their feet are bound, and they must bob in the water for 5 minutes, float on the surface for 2 minutes, swim the circumference of the pool while still tied, then perform front and back flips underwater, then retrieve a mask from the bottom of the pool using just the mouth, then bob up and down five more times. They do this while wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy shorts.


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