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Male BDSM Porn: The Debt Collector


A sadistic thug turns a happy couple into his sex slaves and makes them submit to hard bondage, humiliation, intense flogging, CBT and brutal fucking.

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Blake Daniels and his boyfriend, Adam Russo, regain consciousness in a pitch-black dungeon to find themselves bound and blindfolded. Seems Blake made a big mistake when he didn’t repay his gambling debt to Brenn Wyson, and the sadistic loan shark intends to settle by using the couple as his sex slaves. He fucks with them psychologically by taking turns sucking each of their cocks while the other watches. Next, he fucks with them physically by making Adam submit to a brutal flogging while Blake receives some heavy CBT. Finally he fucks with them literally. First, fucking Blake while his boyfriend is bound below him and helpless, and then pounding the hell out of Adam till he fucks a huge load out of him.


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Connor Maguire orders Mike De Marko

Tibor Wolfe, Spencer Reed, Cullen Cable, Tony Buff and Adam Russo are featured in ‘Bound Flogged Fisted’

Check out this one from the Titan vault. It’s called Bound Flogged Fisted, and it features Tibor Wolfe, Spencer Reed, Cullen Cable, Tony Buff, Adam Russo


This is part of Titan’s groundbreaking Rough series, from the demented minds of co-directors Tony Buff and Paul Wilde. Piss play, punch fisting, skin clamping and mind-altering flogging are just some of the dominating deeds on display.

MetalbondNYC_02_spencer-reed-2 MetalbondNYC_03_spencer-reed MetalbondNYC_04_spencer-reed-s MetalbondNYC_05_spencer-reed-fn


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Cock Worship


Adam Russo gets tied up and worships CJ Madison’s massive cock in this vintage shoot at Bound Gods.


After some good old masturbation to a bondage novel, Adam Russo dozes off and ends up in a dark dungeon. Adam realizes that he’s tied up and rock hard. He can see a giant master stroking his monster cock in the distance. CJ Madison walks slowly toward the whimpering prisoner. He waves his massive cock near the dude’s mouth and hears him begging to worship his cock. With total domination, CJ got Adam in complete control. CJ beats the man for his pleasure and tosses him on the bed for a hard bondage fuck.

Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_03a Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_04 Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_05 Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_06 Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_07 Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_08 Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_09

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