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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 11

By felon

Once again I was left alone in the apartment, no cell phone, and a bunch of work orders to process for my job in my e mail. So I put TV on and sat down to do some work. About 10:30 pm I received an e mail from the PO, checking on the status of my ankle device.

All seemed to be in working order on this end, and I was informed that I was confined to the apartment for the next four days. Instantly I reached for the bowl on my desk and realized my car keys had been removed from the bowl. However the car was parked out in the lot right where I had left it.

I went to bed about 11 pm, and I slept soundly. I was awake at 3 am when there were flashing yellow lights outside my window. With the painted glass, the best I could determine was a tow truck was near my parked car. Later I discover my car had been removed.

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 09

By felon


In Chapter 8 the West Virginia experience was reaching its climax and quickly ground to a halt. The other prisoner for the weekend somehow managed to escape the compound in the dead of night after a severe flogging at camp. I was back in my cell when all hell broke loose as the jailers searched for the escapee.

At first light the decision was made to break camp and call it quits for the weekend. Half of the campers were spread out thru the area searching for the prisoner, the remainder of the men proceeded to break down and store equipment. I was loaded in Wytheville County orange prison jumpsuit, in cuffs and leg irons — a plastic bag on the front seat with my keys and wallet and a file folder.

Not much was said as the men were not too happy with the outcome, and the indication that the escaped prisoner would be punished if caught. Once we were about to return to I-79 for the return, the car stopped along the road and a well-used “humane restraint gag” was taken from the trunk and padlocked on me. Then travel resumed with conversation between the two men in the front.

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Probation – Part 03

By Johnny Utah

Ryan and I were on our fourth day inside. It didn’t take long to settle into our kitchen duty routine. Get up, go to work, go to sleep. We didn’t have a lot of contact with the other inmate volunteers.

At that morning’s headcount things changed. After the guards counted us all present, one guard strutted down to me and Ryan.  “Both of you are going up to the Sergeant’s Disciplinary Office. Get up against the wall,” he ordered. We were frisked right there in the pod, the other inmates looking on. We had a leather belt with a metal loop tied around our waists. Handcuffs went through the loop.

“Click,” the handcuffs went on. “Down on yer knees!” Leg shackles with a connector chain to our handcuffs. We shuffled out the pod door to the Sergean’’s office across the hallway. We were just outside the closed door to the office when the guard said in a whisper, “Just go along and deny everything, you’ll like it.”

The guard gave one loud knock on the door and bellowed, “Two inmates for a disciplinary hearing!”

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 01

By felon

Most of this story is true, and if there is interest it can be continued.

It all started out with my interest in bondage of all kinds, especially Law Enforcement, Military and Prison settings. For years I traveled all over the country to participate in heavy metal bondage actions.

I had made several trips to The Academy, and its later brother – The Training Center. Several trips to west coast areas and Washington State, and as we all know some of these trips work out great and others not so great.

So keeping that in mind I wanted to relay my most recent experience — a different kind of bondage experience in this Covid situation.

I had responded and had a conversation with a man into prisoner control. In fact we eventually determined that we were in the same general area. Although we have exchanged emails we never actually met in person. Finally it was decided that we should meet. Now his idea was different, he wanted to try something non-traditional. Being starved for any kind of action I was of course interested in pursuing a meeting.

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