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Probation – Part 03

By Johnny Utah

Ryan and I were on our fourth day inside. It didn’t take long to settle into our kitchen duty routine. Get up, go to work, go to sleep. We didn’t have a lot of contact with the other inmate volunteers.

At that morning’s headcount things changed. After the guards counted us all present, one guard strutted down to me and Ryan.  “Both of you are going up to the Sergeant’s Disciplinary Office. Get up against the wall,” he ordered. We were frisked right there in the pod, the other inmates looking on. We had a leather belt with a metal loop tied around our waists. Handcuffs went through the loop.

“Click,” the handcuffs went on. “Down on yer knees!” Leg shackles with a connector chain to our handcuffs. We shuffled out the pod door to the Sergean’’s office across the hallway. We were just outside the closed door to the office when the guard said in a whisper, “Just go along and deny everything, you’ll like it.”

The guard gave one loud knock on the door and bellowed, “Two inmates for a disciplinary hearing!”

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Parolee Journals

By Parole Officer J

My parolees are required to write a daily journal. Because this is such a physically distant and long-term bondage activity, it’s important to know what is going on in the parolee’s head. Are they happy? Pissed off? Feeling that they are being controlled? I need to know so I can help them avoid a full parole violation.

Having the parolee wearing a physical ankle monitor locked on their ankle is great! That makes part of the experience how to respond when someone discovers they are locked down. It also requires them to spend time “chained” to an outlet while they charge the ankle monitor. They can’t leave it home, their activity around their house is now limited further by the length of “chain” that charges the ankle monitor. There is typically no charge indicator so the parolee must charge without knowing if the device is nearly full or almost drained of power. The lights on the ankle monitor can’t be turned off, at night the blinking and flashing lights may be visible in a dark room. The ankle monitor has an expense for the physical device as well as recurring fees for the tracking and monitoring service.

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 01

By felon

Most of this story is true, and if there is interest it can be continued.

It all started out with my interest in bondage of all kinds, especially Law Enforcement, Military and Prison settings. For years I traveled all over the country to participate in heavy metal bondage actions.

I had made several trips to The Academy, and its later brother – The Training Center. Several trips to west coast areas and Washington State, and as we all know some of these trips work out great and others not so great.

So keeping that in mind I wanted to relay my most recent experience — a different kind of bondage experience in this Covid situation.

I had responded and had a conversation with a man into prisoner control. In fact we eventually determined that we were in the same general area. Although we have exchanged emails we never actually met in person. Finally it was decided that we should meet. Now his idea was different, he wanted to try something non-traditional. Being starved for any kind of action I was of course interested in pursuing a meeting.

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Naughty Boy Stories

A writer named Zac Loughty has an extensive collection of male BDSM themed stories, which are about “naughty boys (over 18) and their Sirs”

Check him out:

male bondage stories on the internet

He just posted a story called “A Writer CONTROLLED,” which is inspired by the recent story called House Arrest here on the Metalbond site.

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NOTE: This site is on the bdsmlr platform (launched after the Tumblr fiasco), and you might need to register but it’s free.

House Arrest

By Parole Officer J

A buddy of mine (Rob) got sentenced to one year of house arrest. I tried to talk him into letting me go to the PO (Parole Officer) as him and get the ankle monitor locked on me instead of him. He thought it was hilarious, and I begged him to let me do it.

Rob had a cheap ankle monitor, in my opinion. It had a base station with a small battery and needed to be hooked up to a phone line and power cord. It created a zone around his house, and if he left the zone it would send an alert. Once he left the zone it didn’t know anything about his location. And the zone was small enough when he mowed the yard he had to call the PO and tell him he was starting to mow and call back when he finished. Otherwise he would show up as leaving his home and he would get violated (parole violation), which could send him back to jail.

Rob had rules to his house arrest. He had to schedule any time away from home in advance. And the requests had to be approved. He was given 3 hours on Saturdays to go shopping. Since his didn’t track locations once he left home, he could go anywhere. But he had to be home by 3 p.m. Have a special family event planned like a birthday? He might get approved to go for an hour or two, including travel time! Or the request might be denied, the PO didn’t need to give reasons for denying a request.

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