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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 05

By felon

The cell rings, I can’t hear much of the conversation as the radio is blasting country music. We are speeding down I-79 getting deeper into West Virginia. The skinhead prisoner seated next to me starts to struggle in his restraints. From up front: “Do the fags need to take a piss?”

He yells f–k yes. I can only grunt.

We stop about 30 miles down the road at an old fashioned gas station with the outside doors to the restrooms.

The driver says, “I know the guy that owns this place — one at a time gentlemen.” He gets the skin out of the van, and finds he can’t get the restroom door open. So he rips open the jumpsuit and pulls out the guy’s monster dick and says, “Just piss against the wall.” He leads him back to the truck and re-chains his feet to the floor.

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 04

By felon

The Noose Tightens Further – Paranoia Has Set In…

Many thanks for all the comments from kinky readers.

I am still open to meet men of all ages and sizes for prison sessions.

So I was told to make sure I was available Wednesday from 10 am to 8 pm.

I have had very little conversation with this man — more by e mail than in person. He is imposing, a large, mature top — probably ex-military, and in some kind of parole or prison occupation. He is also very up to date in technology and lets technology do much of his work.

I still have the device locked on my ankle, so he knows every move I make. I still try to carry on a normal life-work, which is permitted, and then come directly home unless I have a need to shop, do laundry etc., by request, most of which is granted. He is keeping a tally of infractions, and as he stated punishment sessions will be this week.

So as I leave work I get a message on my cell phone: “Changes of plans – make yourself available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – NO EXCUSES! Check your calendar for more information.”

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 03

By felon

It was a normal work week, work all day, hide at my apartment all night. I made sure I wrote my journal entries, posted my pics on a daily basis. However one busy day (Wednesday) I forgot and left the charger for the ankle device at home. I realized that by about 4 pm when I usually sat down at my desk and plugged the charger in for a fresh charge. It was a good spot to sit as no one would see where the charger cord led to.

When you fail to charge the device it sends a signal to the captor with a low battery alert. Then i get a message on my cell phone — WTF charge your battery!!!!!

I was plenty pissed and also terrified at the same time. I left work a few minutes early-jumped in the car and sped home-not paying any attention to speed limits. I get home, rush to my apartment and plug myself in, had to sit there for over 2 hours for a full charge. Late that night I go to bed around 1130 pm. I live in a large 100-year-old apartment building with big windows facing the street. I am on an upper floor (6) on what is a quiet city street at night. I am laying in bed, watching the ankle device blink (as I do every night).

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 02

By felon

Thanks for all your messages. To continue:

Early on in this experience I requested the time to arrange for a haircut. After a day I received a message approving the haircut, and also telling me where to go for the cut.

Now with the virus, it had been months since I had a decent haircut. I followed his direction and made an appointment at a traditional barbershop. I was told to make sure the barber saw my ankle with the device strapped on, and let others see it as well in the barbershop.

I made the appointment, and he placed the time and date on the calendar.

Was he planning on being there as well? Who knows… So when I arrived exactly on time the barber — a burly, bear-looking guy — was polite and conversational. I made sure he saw the device when I was sitting in the chair, a few minutes later another gentleman came in the shop for his haircut. I made sure he saw the device. I proceeded to have my hair cut very short – a No. 1 buzz on the sides and a No. 2 on the top. Paid my bill and left. Just exactly what I was expected to do.

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 01

By felon

Most of this story is true, and if there is interest it can be continued.

It all started out with my interest in bondage of all kinds, especially Law Enforcement, Military and Prison settings. For years I traveled all over the country to participate in heavy metal bondage actions.

I had made several trips to The Academy, and its later brother – The Training Center. Several trips to west coast areas and Washington State, and as we all know some of these trips work out great and others not so great.

So keeping that in mind I wanted to relay my most recent experience — a different kind of bondage experience in this Covid situation.

I had responded and had a conversation with a man into prisoner control. In fact we eventually determined that we were in the same general area. Although we have exchanged emails we never actually met in person. Finally it was decided that we should meet. Now his idea was different, he wanted to try something non-traditional. Being starved for any kind of action I was of course interested in pursuing a meeting.

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