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A rubber dude gets bolted down with chains and padlocks

This is from the Serious Male Bondage website:

Rubber dude bolted downIf you ask me, this is fucking hot.  A bondage website that GETS IT.

By “gets it” I mean these guys know how to use real PADLOCKS to restrain a prisoner ….  and this video would actually be 10 times HOTTER if they also used locks on the ankles and neck.  But at least they got it right on the stud’s wrists.

Don’t get me wrong, I love other bondage sites because they have models with killer bodies.  But let’s face it: a lot of that kind of bondage is FAKE because they “restrain” the guys using metal clips and not locks.

When I see bondage porn I want to know that the dude is REALLY locked down, not in “pretend” bondage with metal clips that the guy just has to unsnap to be free.  It’s like drinking nonalcoholic beer — what’s the point?

Here are some more images from Serious Male Bondage:

Rubber dude bolted downRubber dude bolted downRubber dude bolted downbolted down

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