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Locked in an isolation box

In a video available at Serious Male Bondage, Thorben is secured in a box with ten inserts, and virtually all his movement is removed. He becomes extremely helpless and vulnerable, which is the experience he’s seeking.

Here’s a video of the isolation bondage


Here’s a video of the isolation bondage:


See the complete video at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: Germany In September – Part 5

Here’s a video of the isolation bondage

Slave Punishment System – Part 02

By Scribe

Earlier we published the brochure for Discipline Technologies’ “Slave Punishment System” — a prison cell designed to discipline extremely disobedient slaves. We have since had the opportunity to interview an individual who experienced the inside of the cell. Here is his story.

I enjoy bondage. Most of my experience has been short term bondage in sleepsacks, hoods, straightjackets, and chastity cages. I also like some pain, flogging, and single-tail whipping. But my go-to fantasy has always been long term imprisonment, solitary confinement, and sensory deprivation with guards subjecting me to new torments. That why I immediately got a hard on when I read the brochure describing the Slave Punishment System offered by Discipline Technologies. Here I could live my fantasy for 7 to 30 days in solitary confinement with various tortures inflicted by automated equipment and software.

I contacted the company and found their location was about 1,000 miles away in the warehouse district of a major city. I’m retired, so I have no scheduling difficulties. They had a cell available the next month. I chose the indeterminate sentence option where I agreed to pay for 10 days and give the company the option to extend my incarceration for up to another 20 days.

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Heavy rubber action with HotHardHat and boy Blake

HotHardHat puts boy Blake into heavy rubber bondage in this shoot at Serious Male Bondage. I was there to watch in person, and it was very cool indeed!

HotHardHat puts boy Blake into heavy rubber bondage

The title of this shoot is “Heavy Rubber From MD Latex” – you can see the VIDEO by joining Serious Male Bondage

rubber gimp suit

You can find HotHardHat on FetLife

boy Blake is on Twitter

The rubber suit shown above is from MD Latex

The video was shot by Bind of Men In Chains

A captive gets pleasured with a milking machine while locked in a bondage box

Drake Jaden uses a flogger on Dirk Caber

At Daddys Bondage Boys, interrogator Drake finds himself in control once more, with the muscled soldier chained up with a gas mask over his head. He might be confused about what’s going on, but he still has a job to do. Using the flogger to demand answers from his captive, he pounds the naked man, now driven by revenge as much as duty.

male bdsm Drake Jaden uses a flogger on Dirk Caber

See the video at Daddys Bondage Boys

Models: Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Title: Tied & Tormented – Part 4

Drake Jaden uses a flogger on Dirk Caber gay porn