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New James Franco movie is homage to 1980 Al Pacino movie ‘Cruising’

Apparently there is a new movie coming out starring James Franco, called ‘Interior. Leather Bar.’ They say the movie is inspired by the 1980 crime thriller ‘Cruising’ starring the great Al Pacino.

It features Master Avery of Bound Gods and Bound In Public.

There’s no word yet on whether Mr. Franco will next appear in a Bound Gods movie (we can only hope). You can read more about the new movie on Ruff’s Stuff blog and Mr Kristofer.

Also check out this posting here on Metalbond about the original movie.


Cruising Al PacinoDid anyone ever see the movie Cruising with Al Pacino? Apparently this movie was quite controversial when it came out — according to the Back in the Gays website, some of the interior shots were made to look like the legendary Mineshaft sex club.

Anyway, a local friend of mine told me this true story of his PARENTS taking him and his brother (both of whom turned out to be gay) to see Cruising when they were kids:

My father, with the misguided idea that the movie was about “cars cruising” took my gay brother, my mom and me to see this movie. My brother and I had boners the entire film, and my parents sat there in utter shock. A great childhood memory!