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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 14

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 14: A Brief Introduction to Our Personnel Policies

And fuck!  There I was!  The total package!  Brown boots, brown shorts, brown shirt, brown cap—an SLP servant from head to foot!  I’d like to say, “I didn’t even recognize myself,” but too bad, I’d need to change that to “almost didn’t”!  Still—HUGE change, even from the way I was, back at my brief visit to Patrick’s browns.  I’d been putting on some weight, I mean muscle, but most of it was attitude.  That  SLP on my chest was yelling “watch out for this dude!”  And of course the collar—“this bad boy needs to be collared!”  SO cool!  I couldn’t stop repeating: I’ll be in SLP gear for the rest of my life!  It wasn’t one of those remakes that happen when you visit the mall and decide to get with the trends.  What I saw in the mirror was me–the permanent me.

I put my hands on my hips and turned this way and that way, raising my arms and flexing my muscles like you see dudes doin on Mashbook or whatever, just likin what I saw.  I grabbed the brim of my cap and pulled it off, wondering what I’d look like without it.  Still good!  I mean, who is this tough guy with the bald bald skull?  Can it be Slappie Number 24250, the former Joel Barlow?  Wow!  It definitely changes you!  But I think I liked it better when I was wearing my cap.  I liked the all-brown look.

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 19

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 19: Headgear that Says It All

Twenty slaps can make a huge racket when they’re reluctantly waking up, and that’s what was happening next morning, when my shift was getting ready to start.  They were rushing around in their undershorts, pissing and shitting, washing their faces and pits, and taking the hair off their faces with the little electric razors attached to the wall next to the john.  A quick jump into uniform, and at 5 am sharp (!) one of the security slaps unlocked the door of the barracks.  Everybody piled out.  Oatmeal and sausage and coffee were hitting the table.  The oatmeal was sticky and cold, and the sausage was mainly grease, but the coffee had such a kick that right away you were completely awake.  Then a door opened, stools scrunched back, and we lined up for Boss Derek’s inspection.  “Lace up those boots.”  “Yes boss.”  “Use the comb.”  “Yes boss.”  “Button that shirt, all the way up–where do you think you’re working?”  “Yes boss, ver’ sorry boss.”  “Lose that attitude.”  “Yes boss, ver’ ver’ sorry boss.”  Having readied us for the rest of our day, he sat down at his desk, and a security slap unlocked the big barred door at the end of the room.

“Follow me,” Dave said. “I’m you trainer.”

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Male BDSM: The Battle of the Pain Sluts

Bound Gods Master Avery

Bound Gods Master Avery

In this Bound Gods video, it’s a battle of the pain pigs as Master Avery and Van put Chad Rock, Scratch and Chad Brock through the paces. The title of this video is “The Battle of the Pain Sluts – Live Shoot

Bound Gods Master AveryBound Gods Master Avery

The competition begins with the sub’s ass hooks tied to weighted buckets that they must hold out right. Drop the buckets and the ass hooks slide even deeper into their holes as Master Avery tests them with the flogger. Electricity is a well-known adversary of Chad Rock, and the taser causes him to lose the challenge, earning all three prisoners a hard paddling. Next tied to wooden posts each captive is flogged, belted and single tailed. Chad’s torment is furthered by use of the cattle prod. The members make the call and decide that Scratch earns the victory fuck for taking Avery’s belt so well and Van and Avery both cum all over him.

Bound Gods Master Avery

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Master Avery ties up, tortures and fucks Troy Daniels

Master Avery ties up, torments, zips, zaps, flogs and fucks Troy Daniels

Master Avery walks into the session and finds Troy Daniels naked and tied up to the bondage ladder. Avery slaps the captive’s hard cock and works him into submission. Troy endures the zipper and the flogger. Avery straps the stud to the suspended metal grate. Zapped in the thighs with electricity, Troy moans as Avery shoves the electric butt plug up his tight hole. After a hard fucking, the master sprays his load all over the fag’s face.

Master Avery Troy Daniels Bound Gods

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Master Avery and the new muscle slave

In this bondage video, called “Master Avery and the new muscle slave,” Ethan Hudson offers himself to Master Avery with hopes of being his new slave. Ethan proves his worthiness by worshiping the Dom. He licks his boots clean before working his way up to his hairy pits and then uses his tongue and mouth on the Master’s big, hard cock. The leather master ties Ethan up and gives him a brutal flogging before locking him in a metal cage and fucking his face through the bars.

Master_Avery_gay_bondage_01 Master_Avery_gay_bondage_02 Master_Avery_gay_bondage_03 Master_Avery_gay_bondage_04

Master Avery chains Ethan to the top of the cage with his freshly flogged, bubble butt high in the air and makes some fresh, red marks on it with his cane. With his ass still stinging, Ethan gets the Master’s hard cock shoved deep inside him and endures a hard bondage fuck. Master Avery finishes the sub off by shooting a huge load of cum all over his face. The slave is rewarded by being allowed to cum on his new Master’s boots and then licking them clean.

Master_Avery_gay_bondage_06 Master_Avery_gay_bondage_07

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A sacrificial fuck on Halloween night

Here’s another  shoot from the archives at Bound Gods. In this one, Master Avery ties up Alessio Romero and gives him a sacrificial fuck on Halloween night in “My Master’s Master – Halloween Update.”

MetalbondNYC_01_10457_p_09 MetalbondNYC_02_10457_p_15 MetalbondNYC_03_sm_10457_p_04 MetalbondNYC_04_sm_10457_p_06 MetalbondNYC_05_10457_p_08

Master Avery’s favorite day of the year is Halloween. The day he performs a ritual in which he ties up his victim on the satanic pentagram. Hoping to wake up his master, the infamous Baphomet, Master Avery sacrifices Alessio Romero’s body with hot wax, a double flogging, and the single tail. As the final offering to the master’s master, Alessio is fucked hard in tight bondage and made to cum on the satanic symbol. Fuck yeah!

MetalbondNYC_06_10457_p_11 MetalbondNYC_07_10457_p_12 MetalbondNYC_08_sm_10457_p_00 MetalbondNYC_09_sm_10457_p_01 MetalbondNYC_10_10457_p_13

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Connor Maguire male bdsm

TWO men get the BOUND GODS treatment at the hands of Master Avery

This is an archived live shoot from Bound Gods. Watching this live at the time, Bound Gods members were able to make requests via chat.


Jason Miller and Jeof Pierson get tied to metal bars. Master Avery rips off their clothes. The men look great covered with clothespins. They scream as Master Avery whips them off their bodies. He fucks them on the metal pipes. Both men endure the single tail whip while tied up in the metal bondage chair. Jason and Jeof scream and beg for mercy as their cocks are tormented long after they blow their loads.

14734_p_00 14734_p_01 14734_p_03 14734_p_04 14734_p_06 14734_p_07 14734_p_11 14734_p_13

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Connor Maguire male bdsm

Male bondage on the streets of San Francisco

At Bound In Public, The streets are filled with thousands of people. Master Avery ties up Derek Pain in the middle of the street and a huge crowd gathers.


They plant Noah Brooks as an innocent bystander in the crowd. Master Avery calls to the crowd for volunteers to get tied up, and he happens to pick Noah. Everybody is shocked when they cut off his clothes, beat his ass and then piss on him. Avery drags him through the streets completely naked throughout the day. Someone invites them to a private party, and they make Noah service everyone there. They fuck him in front of the windows, and the people in the streets go wild.

01_14733_9 14733_4 14733_11

Models in this shoot: Master Avery, Noah Brooks, Derek Pain

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