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Buying Love – Part 3

male bondage storiesBy Cutieboy90

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The collection room, as Rich had called it, was a simple room. Bare walls, almost clinical in feel, with two bars hanging from post in the ceiling. Brett had been stripped out of his clothes, and was now standing idly with a raging boner while Rich went to get the suit that Brett would spend the next couple days in. Rich wasn’t gone long. He returned with his arms full of leather.

“Here we are!” He chortled. “The one pony suit we have is just about your size! All black too. You can be our Black Beauty!”

Brett managed a polite smile, too transfixed by the lush smell of leather and the softness of the suit as it was held up to him. First, his feet went in. The legs were separate, and they were zipped from the knee up. He watched as the velcro flaps were pressed over the zipper seam, making them almost invisible against the sea of black leather. Next the body portion was pulled up. The front was solid, like a straitjacket. And like with a straitjacket, Brett’s arms were pushed into sleeves. Only these sleeves ended at the wrist, leaving his hands free for now. Before the back was zipped up, though Rich knelt in front of him, eyeing his still-throbbing cock.

“Yup, you’re definitely a stallion,” Rich commented as he handled Brett’s cock and churning balls. “Got some heft. They’re going to love you!”

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Ares and Noah Riley at Chaos Men

When he visited Chaos Men, Ares made it very clear that he liked to be dominated and used. Bondage was his thing, so an Edge video was right up his back alley! Noah turns out to be quite the bossy guy too. He himself has always been very passive, and you will see that he now clearly loves being the one in charge!


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A Novice’s Wish

By Rubrpig

It was looking to be a boring day, hot and humid, so Trevor was just hanging out at home as it was air-conditioned. The heat wave was getting everyone down as the heat and humidity was making it feel like it was 40c outside. Trevor sat on the couch surfing on the net passing the time. He was looking at what had become some of his favourite sites as he had found himself attracted more and more to sites that featured images and stories about men in leather and heavy bondage. He was surfing through the images of men in leather dominating other men who had been locked into various forms of bondage and restraints. His cock was hard and dripping, his pre-cum forming a wet spot on the pouch of his jock strap.

He had been curious about a site that seemed to be the prime site for men into leather and bondage but he had been hesitant about joining the site, but today he decided that he was going to sign up and see what happened. He logged into RECON and clicked the link to sign up. He completed the profile and uploaded an image of himself in a tight white t-shirt and blue jeans. In his profile he indicated that he was a novice looking to learn and experience his first bondage. He wrote that images of men in leather straitjackets, hoods and in sleepsacks got his dick hard and he was willing to experience it at the hand of someone experienced.

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