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Barefoot Kinksters at a Distance

Here are some pictures of @bft4evr, who is controlled in long-term chastity by his friend and keyholder @2inYVR. Both of these kinksters are on Twitter. Through some well-meaning “instigating” by his keyholder friend, as well as some various online polls, @bft4evr recently marked a full year in chastity, with no quick end in sight!

@bft4evr and @2inyvr barefoot chastity


@bft4evr writes,

“I met my now good friend and keyholder @2inYVR on FetLife around 5 years ago! We are both switches into barefooting, foot torture, bondage, chastity, and so much more! Sadly, he lives in British Columbia, Canada, and I am in the sticks of Southwestern Virginia, USA. But thanks to FetLife, WhatsApp, and Twitter we have formed an incredibly close friendship and kinky way to play! A couple of years ago we were able to meet for a real-life play session. I had already started on my journey to chastity by then, getting a PA piercing. While the weather wasn’t open to much outdoor play, we had a great deal of fun torturing my soles inside! Now, I have a custom made 0-gauge PA-secured chastity cage that is locked on me 24/7, for more than one year, with the keys controlled remotely via a Bluetooth MasterLock lock box He controls.

“The original ‘minimum’ goal was to stay locked 1 year, which happened at 3:04 p.m. EST, 12/28/22. But there is no firm release date planned! The only ways I can hope to unlock is through completing tasks solo or with others to earn @2inYVR’s favor, or to find a local in-person keyholder he might transfer control to….”

You can weigh in with votes and ideas on this Twitter thread by clicking HERE.

barefoot chastity thumbcuffs

@bft4evr continues,

“So unless I find a local guy He approves of to claim my keys, the only hope I have to ever unlock is to earn that privilege from @2inYVR !

“There is a poll running now on Twitter to vote for tasks I will have to complete, or to add comments that if approved by Him, will be added, and all must be done before I can have even the chance of getting unlocked! So yes, distance play may not be perfect, but it really can work! So happy to have met @2inYVR and to be able to share our kinky fun with you all!”

Metal would like to thank @bft4evr and @2inyvr for these pictures and for the information! You can find both of these kinksters — and add to @bft4evr’s ongoing torment — by going to their Twitter feeds.

Be careful about signing up to participate in a medical research project

In a video at Serious Male Bondage, a gullible young man volunteers to be the subject of an unknown experiment for $50 cash. He becomes a little nervous when he’s strapped down to the table. He admits to the researcher that he didn’t actually read the contract word for word, he only “skimmed” it. But it’s too late! There’s no turning back!

male bondage with medical research project

See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title: The Experiment

Dart Tech medical research project

Barefoot in leg irons and chastity

Meet Nathan, aka @bft4evr, who describes himself as a gay kinky switch into chastity, bondage, shackles, forced barefooting, bastinado/falaka, sole roasting, tickling, and generally any safe foot torture:

gay kinky switch into chastity and bondage


You can find this guy on Recon and FetLife as BFT4evr

And on Twitter as @bft4evr

Speaking of Twitter, he has TWO recent threads including videos of his adventures. To see, click here and here.

Mitch gets tied up and tickled on his bare vulnerable feet

At Tickled Hard, Mitch’s deep, rich voice resonates loudly as Franco tickles his thick body and size 10 feet. If you like a loud, manly moaner, Mitch is your guy! His gravelly groans fill the room and his muscular body twitches all over throughout the hardcore tickle session. Franco uses a toothbrush and fingers on Mitch’s bare soles and between his toes, while the big man sweats and moans. The volume turns up even louder when Franco digs into Mitch’s huge thighs and upper ribs. Franco adds some lube to the mix and takes the tickling to another level, causing Mitch’s manly grunts to become even stronger. Franco tickles Mitch’s slippery feet with various brushes and soap savers, driving the stud wild. Then, when Mitch is finally overloaded, Franco sets his buddy up with some porn so he can pleasure himself. The sensation is so surprisingly different after being tickled that Mitch giggles as he strokes his thick cock. When he’s finally ready to cum, he sends out the same loud moans and laughter as he did while being tickled, but this time it ends with an enormous load.

muscle bondage tickle

See the video at Tickled Hard

foot bondage tickling

Hyland Tickled Hard

At Tickled Hard, Hyland is very excited to be tied up and tickled. He even pops a big boner while Franco gets set up. Everything changes radically, though, as soon as Franco starts tickling him. This one’s a howler! Hyland laughs uncontrollably as Franco tickles his long, slender thighs and size 12-and-a-half feet. He chuckles with delight when Franco tickles him in his armpit with a watercolor brush, but laughter quickly turns to wailing when Franco applies more pressure. The whole table shakes and Hyland begs for it to stop, but that just makes Franco guffaw with delight and tickle him harder. Hyland is so reactive that every one of Franco’s approaches is its own tickle extreme. Franco tickles his big bare feet and inner thighs, causing Hyland to scream and cry. The attack continues on his lower ribs, which Franco plays like a piano before returning to those sensitive thighs. With a handful of lube, Franco delivers a final tickling of Hyland’s torso until he’s clearly worn out. At last ecstasy returns as Franco slurps down Hyland’s cock, deep-throating and stroking him until he shoots his load. Talk about exhausted!

Hyland Tickled Hard

See the video at Tickled Hard

male tickle torture