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Hyland Tickled Hard

At Tickled Hard, Hyland is very excited to be tied up and tickled. He even pops a big boner while Franco gets set up. Everything changes radically, though, as soon as Franco starts tickling him. This one’s a howler! Hyland laughs uncontrollably as Franco tickles his long, slender thighs and size 12-and-a-half feet. He chuckles with delight when Franco tickles him in his armpit with a watercolor brush, but laughter quickly turns to wailing when Franco applies more pressure. The whole table shakes and Hyland begs for it to stop, but that just makes Franco guffaw with delight and tickle him harder. Hyland is so reactive that every one of Franco’s approaches is its own tickle extreme. Franco tickles his big bare feet and inner thighs, causing Hyland to scream and cry. The attack continues on his lower ribs, which Franco plays like a piano before returning to those sensitive thighs. With a handful of lube, Franco delivers a final tickling of Hyland’s torso until he’s clearly worn out. At last ecstasy returns as Franco slurps down Hyland’s cock, deep-throating and stroking him until he shoots his load. Talk about exhausted!

Hyland Tickled Hard

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A bondage stud gets edged and shoots loads of cum

At Men On Edge. Lean and muscular stud Justin Beal is bound to the cross while Sebastian works on the bulging cock protruding from Justin’s underwear.


Throbbing at the slightest touch, and dripping pre-cum, the bound stud’s cock is just aching to blow. Clamps pinch down on Justin’s nipples but he doesn’t mind the pain once they press vibrating hitachis right on his cockhead at full blast. Tied down on the bed, Justin’s toes are too irresistible to pass up.

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Referee Joey gets worshiped

Things have opened back up in town, including the Massage Salon. It’s late in the afternoon, and Joey has been reffing the soccer tournament. His feet are sore and he wants a foot massage. Dylan is on duty and happy to have Joey back in the foot worship chair after so long. The bodybuilder’s socks and big bare feet are given the attention they have been craving.

Referee Joey gets worshiped

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Scene Title: Joey

Scene Short Description: Referee Joey Worshiped

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Caught by the Contractor

By SockgaggedJason

gay athletic men in bondageOwen was bored with his office job at a large design firm. He piddled about, unsatisfied that a newly earned college degree from an Ivy league school wasn’t bearing fruit. Perhaps majoring in Art History was a bad idea. As he came to and from the elevators to work every day, he paid little mind to the chaos in the lobby. A large suite on the first floor adjacent to the lobby was under heavy construction. Noise, dust, and a flurry of dirty laborers going in and out of a large plastic tarp draped over the entrance to the area.

Several days in to the mess, however, one of the construction workers caught Owen’s eye. The blue-collar worker was young, maybe just a few years older than Owen. Lean and handsome. Clean cut. Perhaps a mix of white and Latino. Always in a basic t-shirt that showed off his muscle toned arms, blue jeans, and a baseball cap turned backwards. And, the same pair of beat up large work boots. Size 12 or 13?

Owen took as many smoke breaks as he could to justify trips through the lobby or an outdoor area where he often saw the stud. He barely even smoked and never at work.

He secretly took pictures of the sexy broey man. Pretending to be texting on his phone. Particularly his footwear. The thick, tan work boots were scuffed up and well used. Owen had a “foot fetish.” He dreamed of licking his smelly feet.

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