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Bound to a pole and edged with a Fleshjack

Chris_Pryce_gay_bondage_01 Chris_Pryce_gay_bondage_02 Chris_Pryce_gay_bondage_03 Chris_Pryce_gay_bondage_04 Chris_Pryce_gay_bondage_05 Chris_Pryce_gay_bondage_06

In this shoot from Men On Edge:

He’s straight, tall and gorgeous: Chris Pryce comes to Men on Edge to explore the world of bondage. Meeting Van and Sebastian on the top floor of the Armory, Chris can barely contain his raging boner as the men disrobe him and caress his muscles. Sebastian cuts away Chris’ briefs to reveal a thick cock just throbbing for a mouth to suck it. Bound tight against a pillar, Chris endures edge after edge as the pressure builds in his balls. His eyes roll back in ecstasy as his cock plunges in an out of a tight, wet Fleshjack. They bind him spread eagle to a bed, where Sebastian has ample access to worship and tickle his size 13 feet. Chris can barely handle a vibrating dildo deep in his straight hole. After pleading with Van and Sebastian, he finally gets to cum — but not without paying the price. Sebastian torments and polishes his sensitive cockhead.


Model in this shoot: Chris Pryce

Title: Straight stud touched by a guy for the very first time

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Site: Men On Edge

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Tight metal bondage holds this horny man in place

chris_pryce_gay_bondage_01 chris_pryce_gay_bondage_02 chris_pryce_gay_bondage_03

In this shoot from Men On Edge:

Chris Pryce is fucked. Strapped to the wall in a dark, seedy workshop, he can only squirm in place as Sebastian and Branden admire his lean body. More horny than terrified, Chris begs to cum against his restraints, trying to bust a load right into Branden’s mouth. Bolted down in tight metal bondage, Chris has his head wrapped in place with a gag in his mouth. Stuck in a rigid spread eagle, his captors admire and worship his feet before finding his ticklish spot. Begging to cum, Chris finally shoots a hot load all over his torso before enduring post-orgasmic torment.

chris_pryce_gay_bondage_04 chris_pryce_gay_bondage_05 chris_pryce_gay_bondage_06 chris_pryce_gay_bondage_07 chris_pryce_gay_bondage_08

Title of this shoot: Edging the Captive Straight Boy

Model in this shoot: Chris Pryce

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Site: Men On Edge

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