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Kaden Alexander visits pro-dom Colby Jansen

At KinkMen, Kayden Alexander goes to see the studly Colby Jensen for his pro dom services.

When Kayden shows up at Mr. Jensen’s house for a professional date, he gets bound and flogged. Kayden gets his helpless balls tormented, stretched and played with in a variety of ways by Colby and his toys. But that isn’t all that gets stretched by Colby Jensen — he takes his fat cock and stuffs Kayden’s mouth and ass.

Models in this shoot: Kaden Alexander, Colby Jansen

Title: The Arrangement

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Colby Jansen gets tied up in the locker room

At Men On Edge, it’s a muscular rugby player who gets tied up and edged in the locker room shower!

Colby Jansen - Straight Rugby Player

Colby Jansen is a big guy who’s taking some time away from married life to be tied up and edged. In the locker room he’s tied tight as they manhandle him and get his cock hard. The vibrator makes him horny and he tastes his own precum. With his nipples clamped and tied to the walls, they jack him off, making him pull his nipples as he squirms.

He gets the hell flogged out of him as he stands on one leg and begs to cum through the gag. In the shower Colby is anxious to cum but first they tie him in full body bondage and let the water tighten the ropes around him. He finally blows his load and endures the post orgasm torment.

This is a vintage shoot from Men On Edge

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Bondage Revenge

Trent Diesel beats Colby Jansen with the flogger but ends up getting fucked by Colby in Bondage Revenge:


Colby Jansen finds himself tied up tight in the dungeon of Trent Diesel. Trent wastes no time ripping his clothes off and beating him. He then feeds him his cock and clamps Colby’s nipples to the floor. Trent gets overconfident in his bondage, however, and Colby is able to break free while being flogged. With Trent tied up Colby gets in a revenge flog before stretching him out and arching him off the stock table by his balls. Colby throws Trent on the ground and fucks a load out of the exhausted former Dom.

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Fetish Findr

Nate Grimes, Gabriel Dalessandro, Colby Jansen

When Nate Grimes gets home he finds a note from his master, Colby Jansen, instructing him to come over with his buddy, Gabriel Dalessandro. Colby has planned his session for the two guys and readies his dungeon by carefully laying out his various leather toys. The guys show up hard and ready for Colby in their jocks and collars and give themselves up for anything that Colby desires. The Master starts off slowly by securing Gabriel’s hands and having Nate rim his asshole. Nate is told to come around to Gabriel’s front side and when he sucks Gabriel’s cock without permission, he gets a spanking. When Colby is satisfied Nate has learned his lesson, he relents on the punishment and lets Nate suck all the cock he wants. Colby is ready to dole out some pleasure and sits down behind Gabriel to give him the flogging of his life. Gabriel’s experience is pure sensory overload as he gets flogged while having his dick sucked. As a reward for their good behavior, Colby allows the two slaves to suck his dick. Happy to be giving their master some attention, the cocksuckers work their magic and bring Colby to the brink of blowing a giant load.

The Master starts off slowly by securing Gabriel’s hands and having Nate rim his asshole

Models in this shoot: Nate Grimes, Gabriel Dalessandro, Colby Jansen

Title of this shoot: Fetish Findr — scene video preview here

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When Nate Grimes gets home he finds a note from his master, Colby Jansen