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Helpless and caged like an animal

At Bound Gods, Adam Herst cages Colt Rivers as his captive and fucks him like an animal.


Colt Rivers is helplessly bound in a confined cage, his mouth duct taped shut as twisted pervert Adam Herst approaches. He pulls out Colt’s cock and sucks it till it’s nice and hard before shoving his hard cock in his mouth. In his cage, Colt is flipped over face down, ass up for Mr. Herst to have his way with him. After a rough ass fucking, the helpless stud is strung up while struggling on electrified balance blocks. Colt endures a relentless flogging while his feet are tormented by the electricity. Adam has his captive bound in metal bondage for a final fuck before covering the helpless prisoner in cum.

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Colt Rivers worships Christian Wilde’s feet and cock before getting beaten, fucked and his face covered in hot cum

Here’s another one from Bound Gods:

!34781_19Christian Wilde orders his Colt Rivers to remove his boots and worship his toes. Mr Wilde shoves his feet in the his mouth before covering his torso in clothespins and cropping each one off at a time. Christian shoves his giant cock down Colt’s throat before stringing his arms up for a flogging. Colt endures every blow as his cock stands raging hard. Suspended in the air, Colt swallows his master’s cock as he’s tormented with the electric zapper. Mr Wilde gives his new sub a rigorous fuck before giving him a face full of cum and ordering Colt to his knees to worship his master’s feet once more.

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Colt Rivers is working out at the gym when he gets taken down, tied up and edged


Sebastian is working out at the gym when he notices hunk Colt Rivers lifting some weights. Quickly, Sebastian finds Van cruising in the locker room and tells him about the hot hunk waiting for them outside. They pounce on Colt from behind and tie him down to the machines with duct tape covering his mouth. The two pervs tear away Colt’s clothes and get his cock hard, despite his efforts to resist. His balls are tied down to the dumbbell as they tease him with vibrators on his cock, edging him just until he’s ready to blow. Standing with his hands behind his back, Colt is edged once more before he’s suspended in mid-air and made to suck Sebastian’s cock as Van milks him from behind.

Here are more pictures:

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