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Male BDSM porn: Bondage peril play in underwater tank


Dante is bound in a sleepsack and made to cum underwater by CJ Madison. It’s part of the action at Bound Gods:

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Naked and chained inside the metal cage, Dante dreams of beating his master CJ Madison and fucks the hell out of him. CJ hears the captive talk in his sleep and punishes the prisoner. He beats Dante into submission and dunks him underwater in a sleepsack. CJ fucks Dante, who is out of breath and still in the sleepsack. CJ submerges the stud underwater again and strokes him until he blows his hot load in the water.

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Dante and Micah Andrews get tied up by Spencer Reed

Dante and Micah get tied up at Bound Gods while over a hundred members type in requests via chat. Both captives endure the metal rack and clothespins. They scream as water blasts the clothespins off their bodies. Dante receives nice marks from the single tail whip. Michah screams for mercy when Spencer shoves his fat cock up his ass. Spencer turns on the electricity while both prisoners are wearing the electric ball crushers and electric butt plugs.

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