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Male BDSM porn: Dom in Training


In this video from Bound Gods, Drew Cutler gets tied up and flogged for the first time. The title of this video is “Dom in Training – Drew


In this vintage shoot from Bound Gods, Drew Cutler wants to dom. With a scruffy look and a raspy voice, he’s a diamond in the rough. To test his sincerity, Van ties him up and gives him a work-over. A good dom should know what he’s dishing out. Being new to all of this, Drew takes it like a champ. Gianni Luca is standing by as part of Drew’s training. He’s a pain slut and hungry for his dom’s cock. Drew takes what he learned from the flogging and goes to town on Gianni. He stretches and abuses the prisoner on the wooden rack until the he begs to get fucked by his dom’s big fat cock.

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