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Gianni Luca gets fucked hard in bondage by a giant fucking machine

At Butt Machine Boys, Gianni Luca is being detained until he’s willing to get horny and play with his ass.

After a while, Gianni gives in to the Ass Master. Chained around his neck, he straddles the Mini Mite machine with nice size dildo. It pounds his ass good and makes him scream for mercy. After catching his breath, the Ass Master ties him down and fucks him hard with the Buddy Fucker machine. It fucks Gianni fast and hard until he screams and cums simultaneously.

Model in this shoot: Gianni Luca

Title of this shoot: Tied up and Fucked

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Male BDSM porn: Dom in Training


In this video from Bound Gods, Drew Cutler gets tied up and flogged for the first time. The title of this video is “Dom in Training – Drew


In this vintage shoot from Bound Gods, Drew Cutler wants to dom. With a scruffy look and a raspy voice, he’s a diamond in the rough. To test his sincerity, Van ties him up and gives him a work-over. A good dom should know what he’s dishing out. Being new to all of this, Drew takes it like a champ. Gianni Luca is standing by as part of Drew’s training. He’s a pain slut and hungry for his dom’s cock. Drew takes what he learned from the flogging and goes to town on Gianni. He stretches and abuses the prisoner on the wooden rack until the he begs to get fucked by his dom’s big fat cock.

MetalbondNYC_03_10450_p_04 MetalbondNYC_04_10450_p_06 MetalbondNYC_05_10450_p_09 MetalbondNYC_06_10450_p_11 MetalbondNYC_07_10450_p_12 MetalbondNYC_08_10450_p_14 MetalbondNYC_09_10450_p_15 MetalbondNYC_10_10450_p_17

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Male BDSM porn: Car Whore

In this video from Bound In Public, Spencer Reed and a bunch of car mechanics take turns fucking Gianni Lucca in a public auto garage. The title of this video is Car Whore:


Spencer Reed binds Gianni Luca with duct tape and throws him in the back of the van for a joy ride. He pulls into an auto garage, and not long before the mechanics and customers join in with the fun. They give the captive a hard face fuck and make him crawl around dragging car tires in public. The hungry car whore begs for more, so Spencer strings him up on the car lift for a good, old-fashioned gangbang. With a worn-out, juicy hole and face full of cum, the car whore is used up and spent for the day.

MetalbondNYC_01_10784_p_01 MetalbondNYC_03_10784_p_23 MetalbondNYC_04_10784_p_10 MetalbondNYC_05_10784_p_22 MetalbondNYC_06_10784_p_09 MetalbondNYC_07_10784_p_27

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Gianni Luca gets bound and humiliated at Helios Resort in Palm Springs


In this video from Bound In Public, Gianni Luca is bound and taken to Helios Resort in Palm Springs. People are hanging out by the pool and Gianni is begging to be groped and used by all. Cole Streets humiliates Gianni by shoving his big foot in his mouth. As a reward, Gianni gets a hot load from one of the guests. Still in bondage, Gianni is tossed in the pool. There are guys around for safety purposes of course. Gianni is made to suck cocks underwater. The rowdy guys drag him out of the pool and flog his ass. They take turns fucking him while everyone watches. The title of this video is “Bound and Humiliated at Helios Resort”

MetalbondNYC_01_11404_p_04 MetalbondNYC_02_11404_p_01 MetalbondNYC_03_11404_p_02 MetalbondNYC_06_11404_p_15 MetalbondNYC_07_11404_p_16

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Phenix Saint shocks Gianni Luca and fucks him hard in suspension bondage

Check out this vintage shoot from Bound Gods:


Hanging by his wrists, Gianni Luca is waiting in agony for his dom to arrive. Phenix Saint is a no-nonsense dom, and he gets off on tormenting his sub. He shocks Gianni with electricity to see if this man can take it. To his delight, Phenix hears Gianni’s screams but the man begs for more. Gianni is made to suck Phenix’s electrified cock. With a rope to his head, Gianni takes a hard flogging. For his torment, he is rewarded with an even harder suspension bondage fuck. This though man is used up and spent, but he doesn’t want to leave his subspace.

MetalbondNYC_10143_p_03 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_05 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_09 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_16 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_21 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_22 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_23 MetalbondNYC_10143_p_25

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