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Twenty-First Century Slavery – Part 04

By convict 975468

One day Ted and Blake were ordered to a large area in the center of the new camp.  They saw other prisoners naked and washing while guards sprayed them with water from hoses.

They were told to strip and throw their clothes in the trash barrels provided.  Again their hair and beard were cut, as they had regularly been.  Soon their turn came they were sprayed with cold water and given soap to wash.  After that they were sprayed with an insecticide and washed again.  It was humiliating being naked in a group being sprayed with water.  The water was very cold – but in the end they were glad to be clean at last.

After they finished washing, they were then led naked over to the paved area, where there were trucks parked and tents erected.  The trucks were backed up to the tents and prisoners were being issued new uniforms.

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