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Kyle Kash is at the mercy of the creepy handyman

At Bound Gods. Kyle Kash sits at the bar, waiting for the stud he met on the internet, username “HandyMan69.” HandyMan69 arrives, turning out to be creepy handyman Trenton Ducati.


Kyle takes on a stuck-up attitude and tries to call off the date. Insulted, Trenton decides to teach Kyle some respect for the working man’s cock. Kyle is abducted from behind and finds himself mummified in tight bondage, leaving the snobby stud vulnerable to Trenton’s crop. Helpless, Kyle can only squirm as Trenton makes him worship sweaty feet and hard dick. The creepy handyman then binds his captive to the bar for ball torment and an unrelenting flogging. Trenton delivers a hard fuck as Kyle is suspended in mid-air before finishing him off with a face full of cum.

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