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Mikeintightpants tries on some rare restraints

Rare Restraints

By Mikeintightpants

On occasions I’ve been very fortunate to handle and to wear some of the rarest restraints around and thought I’d share a few pics with you. Replicas of these restraints exist but the ones shown here are all the real things and I consider myself very fortunate to have been allowed to wear them – and of course some might say I’m even more fortunate to have been released from them!

Mikeintightpants tries on some rare restraints 01McKenzie Mitts – a device that covers the hands and wrists, leaving only the fingers exposed, it also chains the hands together and is attached to a bellychain that locks round the waist. Were used for prisoner transportation.


Mikeintightpants tries on some rare restraints 02Oregon Boot (also known as the Gardner Shackle) – a very heavy metal shackle that locks round one ankle and is supported by a metal brace that fits under the heel of the prisoner’s boot. Was used for prisoner transportation and also for punishment in some prisons.


Mikeintightpants tries on some rare restraints 03Guiteau handcuffs – reckoned to be the rarest handcuffs, only 4 pairs known to exist. This model of cuffs was rumoured to have been used on Charles Guiteau the convicted assassin of President James Garfield (hence their name) but this has not been proved.

Incidentally none of these items are in my own collection, but they are all on my wish-list … dream on, Mike!!

Metal would like to thank Mikeintightpants for the information and pictures above

Mikeintightpants gets Batcuffed !!

pair of replica Batcuffs

Mikeintightpants writes,

Most of you guys will have been handcuffed at some time or another – and some of you might even be handcuffed as you read this (!!) but I doubt whether many of you have ever been Batcuffed?

I’ve recently added to my collection a pair of replica Batcuffs, based on the cuffs that were used in the most recent Batman movie. Those original Batcuffs that were used in the movie subsequently sold on ebay for US$10,000 – and they didn’t even lock!! The difference with my Batcuffs is that they actually work properly – you can Batcuff your prisoner and he won’t get out until you’re ready to release him – it’s not a universal cuff key.

Made of stainless steel by Ian McColl, a manufacturing locksmith in Australia, they are noticeably heavier than, say, standard Smith & Wessons and before you ask – yes they are uncomfortable to wear! But good to have in my collection.

pair of replica Batcuffs

Thanks for the pictures and information, Mikeintightpants!

Mikeintightpants claims a world handcuff record

Hey guys, Mikeintightpants is claiming the world handcuff record for wearing the most pairs of Chubb “Escort” handcuffs. Check this out:

Mikeintightpants claims a world handcuff record Mikeintightpants writes:

Some of you will never even have heard of Chubb’s “Escort” model of handcuffs, made here in the Midlands of England, used by law enforcement agencies in many parts of the world and a favourite with collectors. But let me assure you that they are one of the most secure (and expensive!) cuffs around. Those of you who are aware of them might have seen a pair or even handled a pair – or better still might have worn a pair. But how many guys have worn more than one pair at a time?

Mikeintightpants claims a world handcuff record 02Well, I have worn eight pairs at once – 4 from my own collection (of 6) and 4 from the collection of one of my cuff buddies.

These cuffs contain 10-lever locks and are used principally for the transport of high-risk prisoners and they even come with sets of metal inserts that can be used to restrict the internal circumference of the cuffs when used on prisoners with small wrists. The 10-lever locks make them virtually unpickable, athough I have seen it done, but normally they’re an escapologist’s nightmare! And let’s be honest guys, most of us would prefer to be in these cuffs rather then trying to get out of ’em!

Thanks, Mikeintightpants, for sharing this!  Now we just need to figure out how to get you in the Guinness Book!

Does anyone know how to officially claim a world record? If so, please let us know! Also, is there anybody who might want to challenge Mikeintightpants for this record?