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Some of the latest cuffs to come out of China

Mikeintightpants sent these pictures, along with some information:

Mikeintightpants writes,

“Four hands are better than two. SuperPTC high security handcuffs — from China. These beauties have a very complicated unlocking procedure. My sincere thanks to a friend in Hong Kong who sent them to me for my collection.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_handcuffs_01 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_handcuffs_02

“The key is in two parts, connected by a short spiralled “lanyard.” Each part of the double-ended key has to be inserted at each side of the cuff at the same time AND both ends of the key have to be inserted the correct way round in the respective sides of the cuff as the pins are of different lengths — they have to fit into those small holes that you can see along the cuffs — then, to complete the unlocking, that small knurled slider has to be operated. Not easy to do, even with two people doing the uncuffing!

“Definitely not suitable for self-cuffing!”




Thanks, Mikeintightpants, for the pictures and the information!


Mikeintightpants checks in

Handcuff expert Mikeintightpants sent these pictures.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_handcuffs_01 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_handcuffs_02


The first picture shows Mikeintightpants wearing 15 pairs of S&W model 100 cuffs.


The second picture is a trio of cuffs from his collection by Bonowi of Germany: hinged, 2-link chain, and 4-link chain models. Mikeintightpants says he would be particularly interested to hear from anybody else who has the 4-link chain model.


Thanks, Mikeintightpants, for checking in!


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Gotcha handcuffs

Mikeintightpants sent in the picture here and this information:


Yep it’s a strange name for a pair of handcuffs, but GOTCHA it is. Those of you who know your cuffs will probably be aware that these cuffs never went into commercial production – it’s only a few pre-production pairs that were issued – nobody seems to know exactly how many were manufactured but it certainly wasn’t many.



Thanks, Mikeintightpants, for showing off these cuffs!