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Video: Alex Gonzalez gets tied, dominated and fucked hard by Sergeant Miles

Alex Gonzalez gets tied and dominated by Sergeant Miles Lucas

Sergeant Miles has a special attraction to young, handsome guys who enjoy submitting to an authority figure. The production team at Lucas Entertainment knew that pairing Sergeant with a handsome young stud like Alex Gonzalez was going to make for an awesome gay bareback sex scene. Sergeant Miles is a veteran among the Lucas Men, and it is important that an experienced man shows his younger counterpart the ropes of fucking on camera. Since Sergeant enjoys domination play, he gets into some bondage action with Alex Gonzalez before letting Alex swallow his cock and take it up the ass!

Here’s a video preview:

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Title of this video: Sergeant Miles, Alex Gonzalez | Rough Bondage Play

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gay bondage porn Alex Gonzalez gets tied and dominated by Sergeant Miles

Office worker gets restrained in the storage room

Tony Orlando is in the office storage room pretending to work, but he’s preoccupied with the thought of dick as he doodles a cartoon cock on his notepad. Tony tries to hide his obsession from his boss, Sergeant Miles, who walks in and finds out what Tony has on his mind. Sergeant is unimpressed with both the drawings and Tony’s choice of underwear and wants to teach him a lesson by throwing the young office worker to the floor and planting his cock in Tony’s mouth. Sergeant is relentless in his degradation and gives the deviant employee a rough face fucking. Sergeant can see that even with the extreme throat fucking and verbal humiliation, Tony isn’t getting the message of what it takes to work in his office. Sergeant takes it a step further and bends Tony over a table, binding him with plastic wrap so that the young stud can’t move. Sergeant is determined to get his point across and slams his thick cock deep into Tony’s tight, smooth ass. Sergeant reams Tony’s hole, treating him like the slut he is until he cuts Tony loose and leads him off to his office like a dog on a leash.

Sergeant Miles and Tony Orlando gay fuck and fisting

Title of this shoot: Sexual His ASSment

Models in this shoot: Sergeant Miles, Tony Orlando

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