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Fisted in fist mitts

Fisted in fist mitts

Hairy daddy Wolfie Braden Shaw is dragging around Tony Orlando by the collar and getting ready to absolutely destroy his hole. After being gifted with a mouthful of the dom’s cock, Tony bends over as Wolfie pulls down his shorts, rim his ass, and covers both of his manly fists in lube. The bearded daddy breathes deeply as he slowly inserts his entire hand into his captive and stretches out his hairless hole. Now on his back, completely stretched out with his legs thrown in the air, Tony shows off his exposed rosebud before Wolfie shoves his furry arm back inside of him. A few strokes later and Tony is nutting all over his own leg with his daddy diving in shortly after to eat up any loose seed that’s spilling out of his cock.

Fisted in fist mitts


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Title: Daddy Stretch My Hole

Site: Fisting Inferno

Fisted in fist mitts

Scenes from FFPD: The Fist Fuck Police Department

Detective Tony Orlando is back in the precinct to interrogate Sherman Maus, who’s found himself in the crooked cop’s jurisdiction once again. The two strike up a deal to ‘take care of each other’ and Tony sinks to his knees to suck off the fugitive in cuffs. The deputy makes sure not to miss an inch of Sherman’s cock and balls before bending him over his desk to open his law-breaking hole with his tongue. With Sherman still bent over the detective’s desk, Tony begins to work his fingers into Sherman’s tight ass until his entire fist is gaping the criminal’s hole. Sherman spreads his ass cheeks apart to let Tony work his trigger finger in and out of his hole. Switching it up, Tony tells Sherman to lie back on his desk so he can fist punch his hole. Tony relentlessly drills his ‘long arm of the law’ deep into Sherman’s crack until Sherman pops out a thick rosebud for Tony to taste. Sherman needs to cum and gets up to squat down on Tony’s gloved fist. He rides the cop’s hand while jerking his thick cock until he spills his load out onto Tony’s hand. With Sherman’s hot cum in his hand, Tony bends him over one last time to shove the freshly shot load straight back into Sherman’s busted hole.

gay fisting handcuffs

Site: Club Inferno Dungeon

Actors: Tony Orlando, Sherman Maus

Title: FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department

Fist Fuck Polce Department

Jack Hunter gets tied up in the Nevada desert

Completely nude and tied to the hood of a white SUV, Jack Hunter gets driven through the Nevada desert. He’s suspended from concrete ruins, and his big cock is edged by Tony Orlando and Sebastian Keys.

Jack Hunter male bdsm

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male bdsm gay bondage

Master Keys and Tony Orlando dominate Dante Colle over the edge

At Men on Edge, Dante Colle is stripped naked, bound and put in a full-body rubber sack by Master Keys and Tony Orlando. This newcomer is unable to resist a deep throat blowjob, sex toys, corporal punishment and foot worship.

male bdsm

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Pierce Paris male bdsm

Sebastian Keys and Tony Orlando edge Kip Johnson

At Men On Edge, Kip Johnson is a pig at heart, and loves to be tied up, dominated and edged. He is ready to let Sebastian Keys and Tony Orlando go to town on his thick, hard cock. They tie him up, blindfold him, gag him, wrap him in a straightjacket, face fuck him and even machine fuck him, all while edging him repeatedly. He’s completely vulnerable when Sebastian and Tony move in on him.

Kip Johnson is a pig at heart

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male bondage

Office worker gets restrained in the storage room

Tony Orlando is in the office storage room pretending to work, but he’s preoccupied with the thought of dick as he doodles a cartoon cock on his notepad. Tony tries to hide his obsession from his boss, Sergeant Miles, who walks in and finds out what Tony has on his mind. Sergeant is unimpressed with both the drawings and Tony’s choice of underwear and wants to teach him a lesson by throwing the young office worker to the floor and planting his cock in Tony’s mouth. Sergeant is relentless in his degradation and gives the deviant employee a rough face fucking. Sergeant can see that even with the extreme throat fucking and verbal humiliation, Tony isn’t getting the message of what it takes to work in his office. Sergeant takes it a step further and bends Tony over a table, binding him with plastic wrap so that the young stud can’t move. Sergeant is determined to get his point across and slams his thick cock deep into Tony’s tight, smooth ass. Sergeant reams Tony’s hole, treating him like the slut he is until he cuts Tony loose and leads him off to his office like a dog on a leash.

Sergeant Miles and Tony Orlando gay fuck and fisting

Title of this shoot: Sexual His ASSment

Models in this shoot: Sergeant Miles, Tony Orlando

Site: Fisting Central