The Bet – Chapter 07

By lthr_jock

I walk into the murky bar at Backstreet and take a look around. I can see a few regulars and a couple of nervous newcomers. One of them looks at me and immediately drops his gaze. I can’t say I blame him, as I know what I look like. From the toes of my gleaming Dehners to the tight collared shirt clapsed at my neck by a blue leather tie, I am covered in thick heavy leather.

My trousers are stitched and padded down the sides and tailored to accentuate the size of my cock. My leather uniform shirt and tie are mostly obscured by the thick padded leather jacket that has been belted tightly shut to show my narrow waist and the bulk of my chest. The gloom of the room is deepened by the reflective sunglasses I’m wearing and on top of my neatly cropped hair is my leather Muir cap. I raise my gloved hands to remove my sunglasses and tuck them in the top pocket of my jacket, before heading for the bar for a beer.

A bottle in hand, I head into the darkened area at the back. There are sounds of men having sex all around me, forming a soft counterpoint to the loud music. I find a place to stand, leaning against a wall, displaying the length of my body and look around for someone of interest. I spot one almost immediately.

Bare chest, leather trousers and DMs; the guy is clearly nervous. His scruffy blond hair on top of his head adds to his cuteness and even in the gloom I can see he has startling blue eyes. He’s muscular and solid and just my type. I catch his gaze and hold it. He nervously looks away, and when he looks back I meet it again. This time I nod and step back into an alcove, where I take a seat on a concrete shelf.

It’s always a gamble as to whether the sub has read the body language correctly – and whether he has the nerve to follow it up. This one does both and he soon appears in the entrance to the alcove and peers into the darkness. I wait for his eyes to adjust and wave him closer. He steps in, uncertain, nervous and clearly a novice at this. I smile and raise my arm to indicate he should sit beside me. He does and I smell the nervous sweat coming off him. My cock swells at his manly scent. He turns to speak and I raise my gloved hand to his lips. When he starts to lick my leathered fingers I know I have chosen correctly and I soon have two fingers pushed into his mouth while he suckles on the leather. My other hand rubs and kneads his muscles before groping his crotch and confirming his arousal.

He is groaning with pleasure by now and so I remove the stiff leather collar from my belt and wrap it around his neck. The muscles look good framed by the thick black leather and I lock it before attaching a chain leash. I point at my boots and when he pauses, I growl. “ Lick the boots, boi.” He doesn’t need more encouragement and soon he is licking my boots and making noises of appreciation. I can feel my cock getting harder with each lick. Although he is inexperienced, he is certainly keen and I always like that in a sub.

He finishes the boots and I decide to reward him. Unbuttoning my fly, I pull my big cock out and let him look at it as it waves erect in front of me. He needs little urging to lick it and before long he is sucking on my cock, making grunts and gurgles of appreciation. The sounds relax me but at the same time disturb me. I’ve heard them somewhere before. I sense movement beside me and I see Bob. I relax and go to speak to him, but Bob pushes a ball gag into my mouth and laughs. The sub is still working my cock and I look down at him. His head is now shaved bald and as he looks up at me, it’s like looking into a mirror. The sounds get louder and louder and I open my eyes.

In front of me is the laptop and the sounds are those made by me as the dildo works my arse and I suck Toms cock. I realise that I have fallen asleep on the bondage frame, with the dildo still deep inside me and my fantasy was based on the sounds that I was making. I slump in the frame, my muscles aching with inaction.

I wonder how long I’ve been there and my eyes are drawn to the count at the bottom of the screen. The website is displaying the number of views and as I watch it goes over 50,000. That many people have watched my humiliation? I’m shocked – and, at the same time, aroused as my twitching cock betrays. I close my eyes to avoid watching the images, but then I can hear the sounds and I’m appalled that they are exactly those made by the sub in my fantasy. I’m relieved when I hear the door go and Tom walks back into the room. This time he is naked except for a pair of black glossy swimming trunks and he is carrying a bowl of frothy water, a towel and a wash bag.

He sets them down beside me and takes off the ball gag. “So, how are you feeling , slave boy? You want out?” I nod as much as I can. “ Yes please Sir.” “That can be arranged, slave boy. I’ll let you out if you agree to go to a party with me tonight.” There’s clearly a catch to this, but given the information I have I haven’t got much to go on. “What sort of party Sir?” “A birthday party, slave boy.” I desperately try and think what the catch is, but I can’t see it. “I’ll gladly go to the party with you, Sir.” Tim grins. “Oh good, I was rather hoping you would. It’s in a couple of hours, but you’ll need to get dressed now. But before you do that, you’ll need a shave.”

I relax, expecting him to release me but instead he puts the ball gag back inside my mouth and secures it tightly. He then activates the machine, so the dildo starts a slow, rhythmic thrust in and out of my arse. He takes a can of shaving foam out of the washbag and proceeds to cover my back and arms with it. I know there is no point in complaining – especially when the view on the laptop changes to a live feed, so I can watch the shave from multiple angles. Tom has obviously done this before and soon my back is completely clean of hair and matches my head. He then strips my arms of hair, releasing each wrist so that he can clean all the hair off and then re-securing it. He then adds more foam to under each arm, and shaves my armpits clean. He moves to lie on the floor beside me and applies foam to my chest and stomach. He carefully shaves me down, working around my sensitive nipples and then across my washboard abs. He picks up a towel and wipes the remains of the foam and discarded hair off of my now hairless torso.

I think he’s going to finish there, but he picks up the can of shaving foam again and this time smears it over my arse and legs. The dildo is still working its’ way in and out of me and that, combined with the feeling of being shaved, has my cock rockhard underneath me. He doesn’t foam my crotch at all and starts work on cleaning off my butt cheeks and legs. In just a few minutes, virtually all of my hair is removed and I am looking more like a slave than ever. Tom stands up and wipes the residue off me. He then reaches under me to my leaking cock and gives it an experimental stroke with his hand. The result is predictable and I spurt cum over the floor. He chortles in delight. “I told Bob I could make you cum. Now I have to do it once more. Oh, by the way, that’s another day.”

I stare at the shaved person in bondage on the laptop in front of me. I am almost unrecognisable from the Top that took on this bet three days ago – or was it four days? I’m starting to lose track of time. I’m shocked at how quickly I have started to respond to the abuse, and I stare at the laptop as Tom reaches under me and locks my cock and balls into a metal seedpod. He then starts to release me from the bondage. I go to stand up but he pushes down on my shoulder. “Stay on all fours, slave boy.” I do as I’m told and he gets a rubber suit which he lays out on the floor in front of me. It is a rear entry suit, and the rubber is extremely thick. I can see that there are attached feet and hands. “Come on, slave boy. Let’s put on your party clothes.” Tom encourages me forward and, while keeping me on all fours, works my legs into the suit. The suits thickness makes it even harder to get into, but my newly shaved skin helps the operation as it is slicker than when I had hair. I can feel my cock trying to get erect as the suit grips my skin tightly and my toes are worked into the attached feet. After what seems like an age, Tom is satisfied and he pulls the suit up over my waist. The seedpod slips through a grommeted hole in the crotch and is held in place. Tom informs me that there is a hole over my arse to plug me as he pulls it up and covers my torso in gleaming black rubber. He then holds up the sleeves and I push my arms inside them, the rubber making squeaks and slurps as the well-lubed material slides over me. As I get my arms fully inside, my hands pop into the gloves where they are forced into fists. I look down to see that the gloves at the end of the arms are moulded rubber paws and I suspect what the suit is. I confirm this as he zips up the back, the zip climbing a high collar around my neck and I look down to see the white paw-print on my chest. Tom is turning me into a dog.

The next item confirms this – the heavy tail plug that Tom lubes in front of me before pushing it into my arse. He then does something behind me that secures it in place and ensures I cannot push it out. Now, every time I move, the heavy rubber tail moves to and fro behind me. I’m relieved as he brings out a thick rubber hood moulded to look like a dog – at least no-one will recognise me. The hood pulls over my head and he then laces the back tightly shut, before securing the zip. I now look at the world over a long rubber muzzle. The thick rubber dog collar and leash complete my transformation.

I look at the laptop and see the rubbered human dog in all its glory. My cock does its’ best to burst free of the seedpod and I’m relieved that it stops me from getting erect and cumming. Tom then adds kneepads to my outfit. “Right, pup. The party is in a couple of hours, so you can use that time to get used to your costume. Have fun.” With that, Tom left the room and I heard the lock engage. A few seconds after that, the laptop started showing me being shaved and then submitting to the rubber dog gear. And, of course, it was on repeat.


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  1. Omg…. This is so good… Just keeps getting better. I cant wait to see what kinda humiliation is in store for this boy.

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