The Cage – Part 02

By Steellock

I walked into the bar the following weekend. I had dressed more suitably, and I had been working out in the week, too. Showing were my loose camo trousers and the bottoms of a pair of black boots with white laces. On top there was a white T and my Bleacher jacket. The guy at the top of the stairs had just let me straight through! Nice to be expected!

My cock has been locked in a silicon cage for a week by a chuckling and very sexy barman, and I’m very horny.

My barman was there again. Still in leather bondage shorts, boots and harness and still absolutely fucking gorgeous! Did he even own anything else? He looked up and grinned at me – ‘Hey ready for round 2?’ he called. ‘How close can you judge it this weekend? You want a third session in another week?’ So he had rumbled me. I was hooked and ready for a good night of kink, and he knew it.

The three cages were still there. The standing one with the restraints, the head cage and the large supply of titclamps – that one was intense. The puppy cage with the piss hood and butt fucking machine and then the heavy duty one with the stocks, ankle/wrist bar and estim box.

‘You want more of the same or a change?’ he said, the grin getting wider. ‘We got a new cage, and you will love it. You get to have the cock cage removed too. Got to be good eh?’ He waved at a cloth hanging on the wall. ‘Its behind there — you have to choose without seeing it too!’

I was speechless. What the fuck to do, did I really trust these guys? What might they be planning? He looked at me and saw the confusion and indecision. ‘Get out back and lose the trousers, then you can decide,’ he added. A strong hand was applied to my shoulders and he pushed me through the door behind the bar into a storage / changing room.

I slipped of the jacket and T, revealing a tight titflasher leather singlet. I modestly admit it shows my body off well, and the week’s work had brought back the definition to my chest and shoulders. The Barman’s grin got wider.

The zips down the side of the trousers released them and revealed a knee length pair of padded leather trousers with sailor zips on the front and a padded jock front. They met a pair of 20-hole boots from Grinders, tight laced with white and rolled white socks. The Barman actually laughed now!

‘The boots will fit the new cage! And the front of the trousers is perfect.’ What could they be planning! My cock tried to stir in its cage, but it was a fucking small one that had been getting to me all week.

‘How long can you stay hard?’ he asked. I was taken aback. ‘As long as I need to! Bet I can keep the Todger up longer than you.’

‘The Todger! That’s not difficult,’ he answered. ‘Mine’s been locked for over a year now; it only gets out once a week for ‘maintenance and cleaning’ if I behave myself. So not that often even!’

He was still grinning, so I don’t think he was put out by it. He took my arm and thrust my hand against the front of the shorts, and I could feel a hard metal tube. ‘You had better take this though, and drink all the water as you will be there till midnight.’ He handed me a glass of water and a pair of little Blue Pills. I hesitated. ‘Fuck,’ he said, ‘now I get to be hard in this cock cage’ and took one of them. I took the other.

Then he picked up a leather muzzle and held it out. ‘Right, decision time over, you’re going into the new one.’ He pulled the muzzle on, and I found it had a gag built into the front that went well into my mouth, holding the tongue down. He cinched it up tight, and I heard the click of padlocks.

As his hands came down they ran over my shoulders and front, pausing at my nipples and tweaking them. ‘Shame these will not see action today, but this one has another focus.’

I felt the strong hand on my back again and was steered out into the bar. A few guys were in now, and I got a round of applause! It’s always good for the ego.

We went over to the curtain, and he pulled it back. There was a solid steel door.

My eyes ran down from the top. There was a small round window at head height; a round brass lined hole at crotch height and the door stopped about 18 inches from the ground. Two large bolts on the right – and also two lock holes. Bit over the top!

On the wall above was a sign – ‘The Shed – Inmates must keep cock and boots out as far as possible’ next to a chalkboard.

What the fuck!

He pulled the door open and turned me round, pushing me back into a shallow slot in the wall. Just wide enough for my shoulders, and it was going to be very tight for depth. In fact, the bit behind my butt came forward, pushing my front out. He pushed my right arm down and clamped it into a steel restraint embedded into the wall. The left followed.

‘Right,’ he said, ‘that’s settled. Now we can get you ready.’

He pushed my boots apart a bit and locked thick steel manacles onto my ankles. They were on heavy steel chains. Thinking of the short door, I was glad I had made an effort with the polished and laced Grinders. Then another thick chain went to the ring on the top of the muzzle.

He bent and opened the zips on the front of my leather jeans and was obviously pleased to find the panel comes off with a third zip. ‘I’ll keep it safe,’ he said and winked at me. Then he pulled out a key ring. Each key had a tag on it, and he checked them, selecting a small padlock key. It opened the lock on my cock cage. Gently he pulled the front out and stretched the cockring and took it off too. I immediately went hard as stone, curving up in a smooth, hard arc. Then he pulled a pen from a pouch on his waist and wrote ‘Todger’ onto the key label. Well, guess I had a new nickname!

Now he actually laughed again. ‘I knew I chose you right,’ he chuckled. ‘The chalkboard is for the guys to keep a record of how often they get you to cum tonight.’

As he closed the door he whispered, ‘There’s a panic button by your right hand, if you push it before the end of the night the cage goes back on for another week and you have to cum back again! Trouble is, I made it so you can’t see the clock, so you will have to be bloody good at judging time!’

He slipped his hand through the hole at cock height and pulled the Todger through as the door went to. Damn, it was tight on my chest, and the pad behind my tight butt pushed me forward as far as I could go. I could feel my cock spring back up. Then I heard the bolts go and then the locks click.

Since then I have been able to watch guys’ faces through the window as they have worked, sucked and teased me to cumming so many times I am now dry and my balls ache like never before. They are so tender. Which makes the next part of the evening even worse, as the guys have hung weights on my balls, on the head of my cock and one guy even added small, fucking tight little pegs.

Every so often my Barman has walked over and once held a sign up saying ‘PEE?’

I nodded as much as possible, and he held up a glass and then gave a thumbs-up. It took forever to come but was a huge relief. I never got to see where the glass went, but cage 2 was not too far away.

Then I saw my barman checking his watch and reaching for a bell as if to ring time. So I pressed mine – I want my cage back! Got to protect the Todger somehow for the next week!


To be continued …




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  1. Very good 2nd part.. Hmm now where will this go..? Who is locking up the barman’s dick ? who is really pulling the strings…. ? :ob…….

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