The Chain Won’t Break

By ty dehner

ty dehner male bdsm authorAs I lifted the shaft of the right boot, the leather scent became stronger. That polished scent was challenging the smell of the other leathers I was wearing, but boot leather is very special, especially this pair that I am about to lace on. The rich red color will make these boots stand out against the black of the leather pants I wear. But I think my man wanted that.

Sliding my socked foot into the boot, I feel the leather close snuggly around my foot. This was a moment when I was unsure that I would ever experience this feeling again. My right foot has changed, healing after a long time that made me understand myself and my relationship with my Boss.

As I pulled the shafts around my leathered leg, smoothing out the gusset and covering the white boot sock, my cock started to grow. Well, trying as my manhood is locked up under the leather jeans, so it doesn’t have much space to expand.

Pulling on the laces, I put each into the hook eyelet of brass, crossing back and forth, pulling each taught as I moved up the leg. Coming to the top, I put the lace through the set eyelet, then tied the boot closed. Reaching over, I took the left boot and did the same to lace them up.

With the boot’s tightness, I stood and stomped a bit, feeling the weight of the leather and Vibram soles. Taking my Damascus gloves from the bed, I worked my hands into them, then lowered the sleeves of my denim shirt over them. Looking down the front of my body, I saw the black leather pants slide into the top of the red boots.

Curious, I stepped in front of the full-length mirror. I was stunned by how I looked. There before me was the man I always was. No one could ever know the physical change unless they looked close to see the foot of the boot was custom-made to fit the contours of my changed foot. Otherwise, I was proudly wearing this gear just as I always had.

Closing my eyes, my emotions started to well up in me. Opening my eyes, they were now soaking with tears, for I couldn’t believe I was standing as a Leatherman.

ty dehner authorBoss had been out of town for work for two months on a construction project that he was managing, and I was anxious for his return. I heard his motorcycle rumble into the garage as I was on the divan in the living room. As the garage door rolled shut, I anxiously looked forward to seeing my man, his blue eyes, and his toothy smile. The door into the kitchen from the garage opened with the familiar squeak that I always say I need to lube it and never get around to oiling it.

The sound of Cody’s cowboy boots is the first thing I hear as he comes around the corner. I look over to see my man’s smile then his face turns sour.

“What the fuck is that smell?!”

Disappointed that this is how our reunion starts, I lift my foot that is bandaged up.

Cody, very concerned, drops his small travel bag, rushing over to me on the divan. “What the fuck happened?”

Looking away, I’m ashamed of what has happened to my foot. “I’m thinking it is infected.”

Cody looks at me with a questioning look.

“I got a blister several weeks ago, and it seems to have worsened.”

“That’s what stinks?” Cody asks.

I nod that it is. “I’ve been taking care of it, but I think it is getting away from me.”

That pissed off Cody, “You haven’t seen a doctor?”

I explained that I went to the urgent care, and they looked at it but told me I needed to see a foot doctor. I have an appointment in a week.

Cody listened to my explanation but got angry when he heard nothing was done at the urgent care center. “Fuck, Tyler, what are you thinking?”

“It doesn’t hurt!” which is the truth.

Cody glares at me, “That isn’t the fucking point! You need care, now!”

Standing, Cody puts his arms under me, lifting me into the air, immediately taking me into the garage, and placing me in the Bronco. He slams the door shut, goes to the driver’s seat and gets in. Starting the engine, he waits for the garage door to open. Looking at me, “This could be really bad, you know!”

Nodding my head, I can see that Cody is angry with me. Backing out of the driveway, he drives to the main road. As he waits at the stop light, I feel his gloved hand on top of my naked hand. Cody hadn’t even had time to remove his riding gloves. I take a grip of his touch, glancing at him, noticing how concerned this man is.

After arriving at the emergency room, things happened really quickly. I ended up being admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay. Cody stayed with me as long as he could but had to leave, and I spent the night tossing and turning. I was grateful that the infection wasn’t painful, but all the tubes now attached to my arm made sleeping a challenge.

gay bondage author ty dehnerMorning came very slowly. Before the sun was up, Cody was entering my shared room, wearing his riding gear, and holding his helmet. I was surprised to see him as I raised my body in the bed. Breakfast was an hour away, but the doctors were supposed to talk to me anytime. As Cody sat next to me, I could smell the leathers he was wearing. I was in the hospital, very sick, but my cock was rising under the blanket seeing my man in his Alpinestars black and white leather jacket, with black pants and boots. I was getting horny, and my man was holding my hand in his gloved hand, squeezing to make sure I understood that he was with me no matter what was to come. I looked into Cody’s eyes and could see his concern.

We locked our views, drawing closer. As our lips were about to touch, a couple of doctors entered. Seeing that we were about to kiss, they coughed loudly, pausing at the doorway, then entering as Cody and I sat back in our places.

Lifting the blanket, they both checked out the bad infection on my foot after explaining that one was a podiatrist and the other was a vascular doctor. After being admitted last night, I had an MRI in the middle of the night, and they had the results. They both concurred that I would lose my big toe, but Dr. Lincoln, the podiatrist, was confident he could get all the infection and the rest of my foot would be saved.

As they explained everything, Cody squeezed my hand tightly, and I could see a bit of tear forming in his eyes. Interestingly, this was going to happen to me, but I didn’t have much fear or worry. Not sure if it was the confidence of the physicians that were going to take care of me or the support of Cody, but I felt strong. Sure I was disappointed in all this, but it could have been far worse, so I was grateful for what was planned.

Both doctors sounded confident and confirmed I would have the surgery in the evening. They left. Cody was silent for a moment, looking at my foot, which was once again under the blanket. I looked at Cody, who seemed fine, but when he turned his gaze to me, and our eyes met, my emotions rose, and we reached to hold each other in our arms.

Evening came, as did my appointed time for surgery. Cody held my hand until the last moment as I was wheeled out of my room and to the OR. I was on my own until tomorrow. After all the prep, I was taken into the very cold ER, and slowly the world disappeared as I fell into a deep slumber.

The next time I opened my eyes, I was in the operating room, the bright light shining directly into my eyes. A silhouette of a face came into my view: a man wearing white rubber scrubs with a latex facemask in white with a red cross on the front of it. A rubber skull cap on his head. As he blocked the light, the eyes I saw belonged to Cody. I was confused as I asked, “What are you doing here?”

Behind the mask, I could tell he was smiling as his eyes reflected his joy. “I’m here because you belong to me, fucker.”

Cody held up his iPad to show a photo of me on the operating table in a latex sleepsack in white, with dozens of straps securing my body. As I saw the photo, I felt confinement. I was sweating. Zooming in on the photo, there was my hard cock, covered in the white latex, with a stainless sound inserted into my slit. As I saw that, I felt the slick, cold steel in the sensitive shaft of my manhood. I could feel the weight of the steel rod slowly sinking deeper. Looking back at Cody, “Time for you to go under, boy.”

With that, he removed the iPad and placed the breathing apparatus on my face, and I could feel my head get lighter. I kept my eyes open a little longer.

“I hope the doctor doesn’t see your hard dick giving you away as a fucking horny faggot!” There is an evil laugh, and my mind is blank once again.

The next time I awoke, Cody was looking down on me. I was a bit confused as I wondered if that hazy memory of him having me secured in latex was something that actually happened. Cody noticed I was slightly confused, “Don’t worry, you’re back in your room, safe and sound.”

Cody kissed me on my forehead as the reality started to drift back into my mind. I was having my toe removed, that’s it. I looked anxiously at Cody for some sign of how things went. My lover smiled, “It went great; the doctor got all the infection and only removed the toe, nothing else.”

Still groggy, I think that is good news as I tried to build a smile on my face. Surprisingly, Cody gently grabbed my cheek with his gloved hand. “Silly boy, it is great news. You’re going to survive this.”

Cody pauses as he gently strokes my face with his gloved hand. Then his face turns a bit stern. “But you may not survive when I whip your ass for putting me through all this fucking stress!” With that, Cody squeezed my chin a bit. Lowering his head, his lips touched mine, and I lifted my right hand from under the blanket to take hold of the back of his head. Still, under the influence of the drugs from surgery, I felt so safe and warm in my Bossman’s hands.

Having just gone through major surgery, my body was weak. I fell asleep again, but I felt my hand tightly gripped by Cody the entire time I was aware.

When Cody brought me home from the hospital, I was amazed at how he kept the kink in our relationship alive. The fucker helped me to the living room, where he had set up the sofa so I would be comfortable watching television. I asked about if I would be able to use my laptop, but Cody was silent. That was when Cody lifted up the heavy leather straitjacket we had custom-made, and he informed me, sternly, that I was going in it. I was about to say something as I stood, leaning upon him with my one good foot supporting me, but his gloved finger pressed against my lips to silence me.

“If you say anything, I will also lock you in a hood.”

It wasn’t long before Cody had me in the straitjacket, snuggly strapped with locks on the buckles. He settled me on the sofa with my legs up to help with the healing circulation.

After kissing me, Cody looked down at me. “Since you will need my help while you heal, I figured you might as well be the fucking gimp we often talked about. “

With that, Cody patted my face with his gloved hand. “While I can’t totally gimp you out, you can at least sit there secured and be my property for a while.”

Cody smiled and left the room as I remained secured on the sofa. I could smell the leather that wrapped me like a cocoon. Even though I had been in the hospital for nearly a week, my cock was getting hard under my pajamas.

The room was quiet, except for the constant pumping of the wound vac attached to my foot. This was an amazing machine developed during the first Gulf War to speed up the healing of open wounds. Eventually, I would have a skin graft to get my foot back to normal.

When Cody returned, he was in his full leather uniform. I looked at him, “I thought you would take it easy today.”

Coming to me, Cody towered over me in the powerful black leather. “Fuck no, you’ve been gone for a week, boy. I’m horny as fuck, and you need to make up for your absence.”

Without hesitation, Cody grabbed my head and pushed my face into the crotch of his thick leather breeches. I knew exactly what he needed, so I started to chew on that leather, trying to get the taste of his hard cock trapped behind that black cowhide. Over the drone of the wound vac, I could hear a slight moaning from my Boss.

After the stress and boredom of my hospital stay, I enjoyed the taste of Cody’s leather on my tongue. The security of his gloved hands kept my head close, and the scent of that well-worn leather filled my mind with a joy I hadn’t felt in a while. By allowing me to worship my man’s crotch, Cody was allowing me great pleasure while receiving comfort for the stress he must have gone through during the surgery and my challenges.

As I worked my man’s hard cock, I felt the security of the leather that encased my arms as I held myself tightly wrapped in the straitjacket. Pushing me back onto the sofa, Cody straddled my face, setting his booted legs on my sides as he was humping my face, soaking that thick leather with my spit as I chewed more and more.

Thought I was blind by the way my Boss sat on me; I could feel my cock tenting my flannel jammies as it was at full attention. Thankfully, I was only under antibiotics and no other meds, which might hinder my erotic emotions. My mind was wandering, forgetting all that I had been through and the machine that was part of me for the next few weeks. I could only think of how important this uniformed leather man was in my life. How he showed his strength by making sure I was safe and totally at my side through all this.

My dream state was interrupted when Cody abruptly pulled back, leaving my jaw to chew air as he said, “Whoa, whoa, I gotta stop you, boy.”

Opening my eyes, I watched as Cody returned to his feet, gazing down at me, a bit of sweat on his forehead, his breathing labored, “I was fucking getting too close, and well, I want you to have my seed. No sense in wasting it inside my breeches.”

Reaching down, the Boss smiled as he took my chin in his hand, squeezing it. “You need my seed to get healed, don’t you fucker?”

Feeling sheepish, I nodded as I whispered, “Oh yes, Sir.”

Teasing me, Cody moved to the zipper of his breeches, working his beautiful long manhood out from the cavern of leather it was trapped in. There was a sheen of pre-cum on the rounded head as the Boss held it firmly. I looked into his eyes, the strength of his desire showing in his eyes. Taking a step forward, I lifted my head to take in that hard piece of man flesh into my lips. As I was getting close, Cody pulled away, turning as my lips kissed his ass.

We both laughed at my embarrassment as Cody disappeared down the hall again. Struggling, I repositioned myself on the couch like a worm in moist dirt. I heard the boots on the tile floor as Cody returned, one hand behind his back. I was instructed to close my eyes, to which I complied.

That is when I felt the cool leather of his favorite hood slide over my head. I was not clean-shaven, so the suede lining pulled on my whiskers as the hood was settled onto my head. As the hood slid under my chin, the mouth hole aligned to my lips. The rest of the leather of the hood prevented any sight. There was a tug here and there as Cody is always rough as he hoods me. He has said it reminds me that I am becoming an object for him to use and enjoy.

The leather started to tighten against my skin as the Bossman pulled the laces together on the back of the hood. As the laces were tied off, the collar buckled, and the heavy lock was installed to keep the hood on for as long as Cody wanted.

Cody’s hands positioned my head to where he wanted, and it wasn’t long before that pre-cum covered cock was sliding between my lips. The first insertion was as deep as it could go, as when Cody was horny, he was an animal.

As my Boss was pistoning my throat, I so wanted to grab him, holding Cody tightly in my hands. The friction of the flannel on my dick head would make me shoot my load in a matter of moments. The thing is that Cody doesn’t like it when I shoot before him. Bad for me, for Cody has been known to fuck me for very long times. This guy has learned to temper his sexual desire and be pleased by them for over an hour or more.

During my time in the hospital, I hadn’t had any sexual release in over a week and even before that, as Cody was traveling. I started to moan around the thick flesh that filled my throat, which only brought a happy response from the Boss as he enjoyed the vibration on his manhood.

“I know why you’re moaning, fucker. You’re going to shoot your load, aren’t you?”

I nodded my head to let Cody know that I was getting close.

“You know, I don’t care, Shoot as much as you want; you’re here with my cock down your throat until I shoot mine. That, my boy, is going to be a while.”

With that statement, Cody shoved his cock deeply, nearly choking me. That brought forth a laugh from Cody as he enjoyed the suffering I was displaying under him. Pulling back slightly, Cody shoved his cock down my gullet again, enjoying my tight throat and my struggle to handle his manhood. He left it a little longer, hindering my breathing as I wrestled myself in the leather straitjacket.

“You’re quickly remembering who is in charge here, aren’t you, boy?”

Nodding my head slightly, I hope Cody will allow me some air by agreeing with him. But he only pushed his cock head deeper, his gloved hands forcefully holding my head still as I worked against the thick leather that held me captive.

“You need to appreciate how I sacrificed for you as you laid in that hospital bed, and I was here alone without you in my arms.” Cody briefly pulled his flesh up to allow air, but only a fraction of what I needed. As I took in what I could take, Boss inserted his manhood once again, cutting off the air I so needed.

Wrestling, I found myself begging for mercy from the Bossman, but it only came out as a mumbled voice coming from my filled lips. Enjoying how I was taking care of his sexual needs, Cody lightly covered my nose with his gloved hand. The rare moment I could inhale, the leather scent filled my desires, causing me to reach my climax as I creamed my pajama bottoms, taking a huge breath and shuttering in one of the best explosions I’ve ever experienced.

It took a second before Cody realized I had reached my ecstasy, and he laughed, making his cock harder. He pushed a bit deeper as I truly was struggling between the pleasure that was draining from inside me and the pain in my lungs trying to find air, sweet air. Taking me a few seconds beyond, making my life flash before me, Cody pulled his manhood from my throat as I gasped for oxygen to fill my lungs fully.

“You’re a mess, boy.” Cody states as he looks me over, with me laying back on the sofa, feeling the leather keeping me tightly bound, while that warmed leather scent has filled the room, along with all the leather that Boss wears.

Boss works the light leather hood off my head, and I open my eyes to see my fully leathered Boss standing over me, his arms crossed before his body, the creaking as he moves slightly. I connected with Cody’s eyes, “Thank you, Sir, thank you so much.”

Reaching forward, Boss lightly tapped my cheek, then stroked my face. “Oh boy, you deserved that so much. I hope you can release all the tension you’ve been through and realize that life is going to move forward, and we’ll get you healthy again.”

That touch and comment reached down to my heart, pulling on the emotions I had kept behind the walls for the week. Tears filled my eyes which Cody saw.

“Oh boy, let it out.”

I had missed my man’s touch so much, fearing what all this trouble with my toe would cause in the end. But my doctor was outstanding, and after this moment of lovemaking between Cody and me, my mind realized that I was going to survive all this crap, and I had a man that was going to make sure nothing was going to stop the life we want to live.

Lowering to his knees, the leather creaking around him, Cody wrapped his arms around me. Bring his lips to mine, I knew I was safe again. I was home, home where I was meant to be. My emotions were draining in my tears. The tears started as pain and fear, but now they were for the love and trust I had put into being with this man. As I cried, Boss held me, rubbing my back.

“You want me to release you, boy? You want out of this jacket?” Boss inquired.

Pausing my tears for a moment, catching my breath, I knew that as much as I wanted to hold Cody as he was holding me, I felt safe and secure, locked in this leather. It is where I am meant to be. It was this security that I was missing so much in the hospital.

“No, Sir, please allow me to stay like this as long as you require.”

“Really?” I think my response surprised my man.

“You might not understand, but I know you show me love, when I am locked up like this. You like your little gimp boy, and after all that we’ve been through, I want to be as much of a gimp as you need to know that I will always be yours.”

Our eyes connected; I could tell that Cody truly understood what I was saying as it was what he had always thought. His lips once again touched mine, our passion and love once again lighting the spark that keeps us together.

Bossman released his embrace without a word, standing and disappearing down the hall.

As I lay on the sofa, feeling the leather wrapping my body, I could hear the continuous motor of the wound vac working on the slow healing of the open wound on my foot. I wouldn’t have imagined that after getting out of the hospital that Cody would quickly put my mind back into the submissive state it is meant to be in. Knowing that he was at home waiting for me gave me the courage and strength to get through the hours and hours of being in the hospital.

I wonder what the nurses would think seeing me now, locked in this heavy leather straitjacket, having just had my skull fucked. Honestly, I often thought of Cody’s manhood, salivating to taste it again. Imagining his eyes and smile, I reflected back to the times I would be in the darkness of a hood, alone, in seclusion, feeling his presence. I had to do whatever I could to make sure that I returned home, and now here, with the scent of this fine leather filling the room, I know I am home.

As Cody returned to the living room, I heard his boots on the tile before stepping onto the area rug. As Boss got closer, he paused, looking at me. I didn’t want to look at him immediately, so I kept my gaze down.

“Boy, look at me.”

Hesitantly, I lifted my head and saw his smile drop a bit as he noticed the tears in my eyes. “Oh my, what is wrong?”

Kneeling, Cody started to stroke my torso with his gloved hand as I bucked up and pulled in my emotions.

“Sir, I am so happy right now. I worried how this ordeal with my foot could ruin what we had. Would I still be able to serve you as you deserve? Would you still love me without being perfect, now a guy without a toe? A guy with a gaping hole on my foot.” Speaking this only caused me to return to the darkness I felt many times while lying helpless in the hospital bed.

Without a word, Cody moved closer, kissing me on the lips. They were so tender, and I felt a bit of my tears mix as our lips touched. His hand rested on my crossed arms and spoke to me firmly, never allowing me to break his eyesight. “You lost a toe, my boy. Big fucking deal. Things could’ve been much worse, but you have made me proud of how you’ve handled all this. I know it wasn’t easy being in that bed in that strange place alone for so long. You must have had so many questions as this was all happening to you. I was there to hold your hand and let you know I was there for you.”

“My boy, you’ve taken this unexpected challenge and faced it with great determination. Bringing you home today was one of the greatest pleasures in my life. We are a team, you and I. Sure, I’m the Boss here, but fuck, I need you in my world.”

I calm as I am praised beyond anything I could ever have expected. I kiss Cody on the lips.

“You know why you’re in this leather right now?”

I shake my head in the negative.”

“Because I want you to know that the amputation and healing don’t change our relationship. You still belong to me, and you always will. I will not be easier on you just because you don’t have a toe. We will adapt to you, you’ll challenge how I exert my power over you, but it won’t be any lighter than it has been in the past.”

I see a slight grin growing on Cody’s face, “In fact, you might end up facing tougher assignments and sessions in the future for the grief and pain you put me through. I was worried, my boy, you fucked up by allowing that infection to grow, and that might have caused me to lose you.”

Lifting his gloved hand, Cody takes his fingers, gripping my chin. “You are never to cause me such grief ever again; you get it fucker.”

As I nod my head, yes, my eyes fill with tears. I have never been so loved and wanted by another man. Cody continues to show me that we are meant to be together forever.

Lifting his other hand, Cody brings forward the heavy isolation leather hood.

“You’re going into the hood now, boy. I’m not asking; I’m telling you. You need to feel the power of my love for you. You need to think about how you mistreated my property and ended up in the hospital, and you need to think about how strong of boy you truly are and take in that I worship the love you give me every day.”

Shyly I ask, “Sir, may I kiss you before I am locked away?”

Cody nods, and our lips touch once again, passionately. Then he slides the hood over my shaved head. The cool leather lining slides down my skin as it is snug and padded. Cody tightens it as my hearing consists of just my own blood pumping through my ears. After securing the hood, locks and all, Cody settles my head on the pillow, and I lay in silence and darkness. So, grateful to be loved, cared for, and feel at home once again.

The knock on the door brought me back to today and my checking myself in the mirror. I truly was so happy to be in full leather again, wearing the special boots that Cody had ordered for me.

“You ready, boy?”

I turned to the door, opening it with Cody seeing me for the first time in full boots.

“Fuck, you look amazing. Those boots are perfect on you.”

“Thank you, Sir!”

We hug each other tightly, our lives taking another step back to normal. As we part slightly, we look into each other’s eyes, seeing that we are both tearing up. We both laugh at our emotional state.

“Fuck this, let’s go!” with that, Cody takes a leather collar placing it on my neck, locking it into place. He tugs on the chain attached to the front ring, and we head to the garage.

As I am led forward, I feel so proud that I take a deep breath into my lungs; the sensation of walking in boots seemed so far away after the surgery and the long healing. But here I am doing in these boots that my Boss had specially designed for my right foot that is not as it once was. As I walk on the tile floor, the heavy lug soles are clearly pronounced.

Once in the garage, we put on our helmets, riding to the event on Cody’s Harley.

Arriving at the hotel, this night is one of the dinners at the large annual leather gathering. We go yearly, but after the events so far, we wanted to make sure we could attend this year. Sliding down into the parking garage, the roar of Cody’s bike filled the concrete space. Parking, we lock up our helmets on the side of the bike. With the chain in his gloved hand, Cody leads me to the escalator and the ballroom.

At the top of the metal moving stairs, we can see the expansive lobby filling with leathermen. After a few steps, I hesitate as Cody feels the tension on the chain as I stop walking. He turns, looking back at me. “What is it, boy?”

I look down at the boot that holds the foot with the missing toe. Seeing my reluctance to move forward, Cody steps toward me. “No one is going to know.”

“I know, but I feel different.”

A smile comes upon the face of my Bossman, “Oh boy, you are different! You are my boy; no one else has that privilege.”

I look up at Cody; he sure knows how to make me feel better. Taking my face in his hand, he winks at me, comforting me with his touch.

Knowing that no one will know I am missing my toe, I nod at Cody, wanting to proceed. Tugging on the chain, we make our way into the lobby.

We are met by one of our friends, Master Alex, and his boy. As he spots us, a beaming smile appears on his face. “Cody! So good to see you!”

Then Alex turns his attention to me, “Your boy looks amazing in those boots! Glad to see you’re out and about again!”

Thanking the Sir, I appreciate his kind words as they move on. Cody turns to me, smiling. “Feeling better?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Leading me to the center of the lobby, Cody stops and turns to me, lowering the chain from the collar. “You have made me so proud of how you have handled the adversity you have faced, my boy. It’s been a terribly long time, and you need to know how important you are to me.”

Standing tall in front of these leathermen and their submissiveness, Cody grabs my neck and brings me closer, kissing me with his tongue snaking through my lips. Though I can’t see, I can feel that all the men stop what they are doing as the lobby goes quiet. They can see this handsome man in a full leather uniform loving the man at the end of his chain. The red boots displayed quite boldly.

With his gloved hands keeping me close, we turn slowly, the passion filling our hearts as I begin to hear a man clapping, then another, and soon the entire lobby is applauding and cheering us on.

Through my tears of pure love, I open to see my man before me, releasing the kiss, his smile beaming. A bit humbled, I lower my head, starting to laugh as Cody and I look out to see that we are the objects of attention.

Leaning into my ear, Cody whispers, “See, you are different; you are loved.”

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