The Collective

By Steellock and Slavebladeboi

He woke as the morning warm up exercise session started. As usual the strong grip of the rubber sleepsack was His first feeling, how His feet were tight up against the padded end of His Storage Box with the strap holing them firmly in place; the rubber sack, tight and restrictive up His legs gripping them together; He felt his hands in their custom mitts in the end of the arm sleeve, how last night He had pushed them through the narrow rubber wrist gap and each finger had slipped into its own little sleeve, His hand splayed out gripping His upper legs; the straps round him, one over His forearms tight enough to stop movement but not too tight to be intrusive; the top strap round His chest that just stopped any deep breathing so it’s effect on His body was always there.

He loved that strap. He opened his eyes but, of course, couldn’t see anything except the dark, black inside of the thick, padded hood that was padlocked round His neck. It’s three straps round His head also padlocked, two around his head at eye and mouth level and the third holding His jaw firmly shut. Just knowing the locks were there was such a thrill, He never grew tired of it! Hearing them click shut each night relaxed His mind. As He did every morning He tried to move his head and felt the tight grip of the ‘U’ shaped rubber ‘pillow’ that gripped him, holding His head still. He gave a quick heave of his body and – as always – got no movement.

The straps were doing their job holding him firmly onto the padded leather base of his Box. His cock jerked – getting hard but unable to rise but He felt a little juice seep from the end! The air was fresh and cool to breath, so the Collective’s automated racking system with its maintenance systems for the hundreds of Storage Boxes was running well as it always did. Each one with it’s wrapped, restrained man just waiting for the day to begin.

He felt his muscles begin their daily round of balanced contractions as the system logged into his motor functions warming Him up for the day, His biceps balling balanced by the triceps pulling in resistance. Never too strong to tear any ligaments but strong enough to make Him grunt into His hood. The impulses ran around His body, His forearms, neck, chest, thighs, calves. It ran up and down His abdomen making His six-pack ripple. He felt His fingers tensing as the Collective system worked the muscles in His hands.

He loved the result of this, His grip was firmer than it had ever been before as His hands grew daily! Today the system had decided He needed a good workout as it did a second round of exercises at a much higher level – perhaps He was going to be getting a tough day today and the system wanted Him ready? He broke sweat as his body jumped and jerked.

Then there was a slight jerk as his Storage Box was moved out of the overnight nook into the morning flow. He snoozed in the warm embrace of his sack, relaxing His body after its workout while He felt the box moving along, stopping every few seconds until it reached the end of the queue.

Then he felt the click as the lid was unlatched and opened. He felt the restraint of the straps loosen; chest, arms, legs and feet giving just a little slack in order down His body. Then the unmistakable vibration of rope being pulled through the D rings down the front of His sack and the remaining tightness left Him. This was followed by the zip running down from His neck to His feet and the influx of cool fresh air. A firm hand held Him down in His sack and then He felt strong fingers gripping His nipples, tweaking and massaging them and then squeezing them, harder and harder until his cock strained upwards and the juice poured out!

As He did every morning He pulled his head from the grip of his rubber restraint head support and sat up. He felt the firm, strong hands helping Him to drag His arms out of their sleeves, His hands slipping through the narrow grip of the wrist sphincter released for the day. He knew those hands!

He felt the slight click of the padlocks – too quiet to actually hear through His hood – and then the straps loosened. The zip up the back of the hood was raised and the laces that held it firmly to His head pulled loose. He reached up and pulled the hood from his head and looked into the deep grey / green eyes of ‘Grinning Lad’!

The boy looked to be in his early 20s with the smooth skin and curving firm muscles of youth. Dragging his eyes from the startling eyes he saw the padlock of the gag, locked at the front as it always was with a small brass padlock, the wide mouth cover curving under the boy’s nose. Despite this He could see that the boy was grinning from the way his face muscles were held. It always made His heart jump. The boy’s fit chest, with it’s strong, firm muscles was framed by the thick black leather straps of an upper body harness. His eyes dropped to the narrow waist, framed by the wide belt of the boy’s locked leather shorts, the twin zips framing a bulky package with their tags looped round the belt held firm by another brass padlock.

Firm legs with chunky thighs led to a brightly polished pair of tall red, high laced, thick soled heavy boots; the yellow laces carefully tightened so they showed a neat ladder of yellow with the tops neatly covered by roll over socks, also in yellow with red highlights in the same shade as the boots. ‘Grinning Lad’ looked as sexy as ever. It was a good day when it started with this boy as His first sight. Not that the other helpers in the Collective were not all fit, great looking guys but He felt a real link to ‘Grinner’.

He swung himself out of the warm embrace of His sack and stretched; displaying His tough muscular body. Watching ‘Grinning Lad’s’ eyes widen was always fun! It was good to stretch, twisting His body, doing some knee bends and touching His toes, getting the kinks out as well as displaying Himself.

He could feel the glow in His muscles that he always felt on those mornings after his sack’s integrated exercise system had been active, toning and building his body.

He stepped over to the sanitation line where the next pod was waiting for Him. He lay on the black heavy rubber sling, His legs and arms following the straps upwards as they led to the pod top. The lad tightened the restraints that held him firmly in place. His hand moved to the crack between His buttocks, massaging them and pulling them apart. He felt a firm finger being inserted into his ass pushing some lube into it and running around the sphincter. Then a cheeky extra push and the finger was massaging His prostate! More juice seeped from his cock.

How He loved mornings!

How he felt as grateful as ever that He and the other guys had pooled their resources and set up the Collective, designing it to meet their needs and desires….

The lad then pushed a steel spigot into His ass and He felt it widen, opening Him up. Encouraged by the gentle suction He released his daily bowel movement and felt warm water flush him clean. His first indication of the day ahead came when the system followed up with a deep cleanse with repeated flushings that cleaned His bowel right out – obviously this might be a day for ass play! The lad’s hand moved to His cock, gently stroking it and playing with the wet crack at the end. He felt His body shiver as the finger circled his glans and a then ran down the shaft. Then a jerk as the lad flicked his cock end with his finger, hard! This was followed by the usual suction cup slipping down and gripping the now solidly engorged member. He ground his teeth and mustered as he now had to pee. He needed a pee! But it was difficult. He looked again into the dreamy eyes of the lad and saw the hidden grin get wider… The finger moved down to his balls.

They were hanging down. A thick tube of stainless steel with smooth rounded ends was clamped around his ball sack holding his large balls away from his body. It was about 60mm long and weighed in at 750g. He could feel the skin of his butt rubbing on his balls as they had fallen into his ass crack… The finger nail ran over the tight skin and he felt them being massaged. The lad then grabbed the weight and pulled, stretching his balls out. As He felt the skin tighten over His balls and the pressure on them rose He leaked a bit more into the suction cup on His cock and He wondered if this was to be a special day for His stretch? One of His targets, when He shared His deepest feelings with the Collective, was to have His balls stretched as far as possible.

He always remembered seeing a young punk in a cage in a club with a steel stretcher that must have been 200ml long with twin hex nuts holding it closed. The boy’s balls had been shiny with the skin stretched and taut over the twin globes as they hung low down his thighs…

The work to stretch his ball sack had been going on for a while, slowly and steadily lengthening the skin in his ball sack, every few days an additional small weight of perhaps 10 or 15mm would be added for the day or for two days and then removed to allow the skin to relax and recover. His main weight would remain, only being taken off every week for a cleaning session. Each time the temporary addition got easier to stand and needed removal less often his main weight would be switched for a longer one, gradually building up both the weight and the length swinging between his legs. He loved the feeling of the constant tug on his balls whatever he was doing. It kept the mind distracted and he was in a constant state of slight erection.

‘Grinning lad’ was His usual attendant for cleaning and fitting new weights, it was one of his specialities it seemed. Releasing the pull the boy took out a hex key and removed the 60mm weight. He then gave the loose sack a good clean and massaged in softening shea butter leaving it relaxed and loose. It is no easy job to get a new long weight on without pinching. Grinning boy first bolted on two narrow 10mm rings and then pulled them apart leaving a stretched area of ball sack. He slipped the bottom half of the new weight between them and closed it with the top half sliding it slightly to be sure there was no skin trapped. Then he screwed in the bolts getting them good and tight. The overall stretch with the new 70mm weight and the two ‘stretchers’ now was 90mm and at the upper end of His tolerance and He gritted his teeth as the skin around His balls was stretched, compressing them painfully. Again, the lad ran his finger over the rigid skin and taunted Him!

Then two ‘stretcher’ rings were removed, and the pressure disappeared. It was a great feeling, one to get used to as there was no going back…

The final part of the morning sanitation process was fitting the mouthpiece. He bit hard onto it and the fine brushes got to work cleaning and freshening his mouth. A rinse with mouthwash and the system gently sucked him back dry.

As he concentrated on getting his pee flowing the sanitation pod closed up and the station started it’s wash and rinse cycle – rotating nozzles sprayed him with hot soapy water, working their way up and down his body leaving it feeling fresh and the skin glowing. Then He shut his eyes and the rinse bar moved down alternating between hot and cold leaving His skin glowing. He was dried by a wand of warm air that travelled from head to toes. As the wand of air passed over His cock it triggered His erection again and the curses got louder, still no pee!

Finally, the flow started and He breathed a sigh of relief as his urine was sucked away by the sleeve on His cock! The pod opened, and he was released; clean, serviced and ready for the day!

He loved this next moment; He was about to see what the day had in store, what would His daily task be? What would He be wearing?

The Collective earned its revenue from operating a dungeon gallery with exhibits of guys in various forms of bondage. These were carefully designed to show the carefully developed physiques of its members in the best positions. Some were easy, but many were physically challenging to a greater or lesser extent. But it was bondage and He loved every minute of it.

During the day with most of the exhibits this was a visual feast, but in a special ‘added charge’ section with special exhibits there was the option to interact. Visitors were offered the chance to pay for extras. Sometimes this was to simply feel the body of the exhibit, sometimes to massage their muscles, or their cocks! Other exhibits offered the chance to use tools, like adding nipple clamps, whips or paddles and crops; though this ‘extra’ was both at a higher price and well monitored. Good performance by the exhibit was often rewarded!

He did not know from day to day what was His task would be, but this became clearer as He opened His locker and looked in at what He would be wearing that day. The neatly folded pair of bleachers, the thick wide black leather belt, the black Lonsdale polo shirt, long white socks and his boots. His boots! He looked at the tall, black heavy boots, ready and newly polished with their white laces done army fashion, loosely laced all the way up. He felt the flush of excitement in his veins as he readied himself. Next to this pile was a gag, just like the one ‘Grinning Lad’ was wearing. That set Him thinking, this was a new combination; something new perhaps? On the top was a sealed envelope.

He pulled on the bleachers feeling the rough denim slip up round his butt, the stiff line of the back zip slightly pushing his butt cheeks apart. He wondered if that would get used much today? The material was tight on his thighs. Then He noticed something new. There was a slot in the seam over the crotch of the bleachers. His balls, swinging low with their new 70mm weight were inserted through it so they hung down outside the bleachers between his thighs. Neat!!

By now his cock had stiffened and he pushed it down his left leg and did up the steel Levi buttons. He then slipped the heavy belt through the loops. Cinching it tight round His narrow waist He felt his firm, hard abs with His hand. Fuck this regime was keeping Him in shape! He engaged the twin tongues in the buckle. The polo shirt was tight, showing clearly the definition in his toned body. Sitting on the stool next to the locker He reached down and pulled the tall socks up His legs.

Then he picked up the first boot and pushed his foot into it. It was tall, with 20 pairs of grommet holes it reached to a couple of inches below his knee. Working from the bottom He pulled the lace taut, hole by hole. The boot was a perfect custom fit to his foot and legs and the lace pulled the sides of the boot together all the way up so He was showing an exact tight bar of white lace at each pair of holes. At the top He wound the spare lace around his calf 5 times and tied it off. Then He rolled the sock down neatly over the lace. After repeating with the right boot, He stood and settled His bleachers. The short turnup fell just below the sock. Perfect.

At this point His erection was getting very strong and pushed its way down His thigh showing a good 8 inches of bulge! He loved the Skinhead gear; just about his favourite. It made Him think; there was one particular guest who loved the Skinhead look too and often He was the one chosen to be the key exhibit on these days. The guy also liked to use the tools provided too so it might be a tough day indeed!

The final touch came from the lad. He had been standing respectfully watching as He had dressed but now stepped forward and held out the gag. Slipping it into His mouth he looped the strap round the back of His head and through the loops. It then buckled at the front. The mouthpiece was a flat solid rubber gag that lay over his tongue and went about 4 inches into His mouth. Enough to make Him swallow and breathe deeply for a minute or two until He got used to it. The little padlock clicked. He reached out and pinched the lad’s tits, giving them a thorough twisting. Then he rubbed the short fair hair. The best he could do as a farewell greeting. “Grinning lad’ had been selected for him more often recently and he enjoyed it thoroughly!

He moved off through a doorway, His boots swinging and His cock dribbling, makig a wet patch in his bleachers as He opened the envelope. ‘Station 1’ was all it said.

He stepped through a leather covered door onto the main gallery floor and walked to where He knew station 1 would be – at the front by the entrance – and saw the exhibit! Awww shit, His exhibit for the day; this was going to be a hard day indeed. He had been the exhibit in this piece of shit before!

He looked at the station. It was a wooden dais raised about 6 inches above the gallery floor, sideways on to the entrance door. At one end was a steel T shaped post with a steel restraint on each end. Next to this was a slot in the base with a leather pad on each side. Then there was a pair of leather pads and at the end of the base was another pair of wider steel restraints. The Lad had followed him through into the gallery floor.

He knelt down on the twin pads facing the T bar and His boots went into the steel restraints. The Lad closed them and applied a padlock. Then He leaned forwards and put his head into the slot in the base. His back was against the steel post. His head went into a box, in front of him was a screen. The lad slid a piece of the deck forwards and the leather covered edges formed a ring around his neck. Already the blood was settling into his head but He knew that this would clear as His heart got busy! Inversion was something He was very good at and the Collective knew this. He felt his arms being gripped and pulled up and back. Then each wrist was locked into the steel restraint holding him in a semi strappado position. He took a deep breath past the long gag and tried to settle his mind. This was going to take all his stamina to keep the position until the end of the evening!

Then the screen in front of him lit up and He could see that it was showing the feed from a camera several feet away. He could see His body held tightly by the exhibit with his butt high in the air in the tight bleachers. His balls with their new steel stretcher hung down between his legs. His boots were clamped tightly by the steel restraints and he could see his forearms with their corded muscles clamped each side of the T bar. His cock jerked rigid in his bleachers and he felt another small squirt of precum soak into the jeans.

Then He saw the Lad wheeling in a stand and gulped. It had a row of tools hanging next to a printed price list. He could not make out the details but he could clearly see a riding crop, an evil looking rubber paddle, a thick wooden paddle and a thin cane.

The Lad turned to the camera and He could see the grin get even wider under the gag as he looked into the lens!

There was a clock in the corner of the screen and He watched the numbers click to Noon – the doors opened outside and He new the first visitors would be coming in. He really wanted to know what was on the menu list!

He found out as the first guy came in. He was dressed in full biker leathers, white with coloured flashing down the sides and White boots. The suit showed off his figure with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He walked over to the stand and laughed, clapping his hands. Then he stooped and read the list on the iPad; chuckling he touched the screen next to the top entry and held his credit card to the screen opening an account. Immediately he then reached out and felt His balls. He stroked them, he twisted them, he grasped the steel weight and pulled, non to gently either! Then he leant over and took them into his mouth and sucked them hard! In His box the exhibit was breathing hard and thinking – fuck this is only the first guy!!! The stain in His bleachers got bigger.

The bikers hands then moved up and felt His butt, kneading the muscles, testing the strength of them, then he slid the back zip down and He felt a finger being inserted into His butt crack, feeling its way towards his asshole. Then the finger moved away and slid back down to His balls. He jerked and felt His wrists pull against the wrist restraints. Biker had flicked each of his balls. He did it again, and again. Breath was coming hard to maintain for Him in his box! Being able to see what the Biker was doing on the screen was very odd, it seemed very remote from the feelings He was then having as his body was used!

Biker looked at the screen, checking the amount on his account and reached for the crop. In his box He held his breath. Where was he going with this? It did not take long for Him to find out. The end of the crop flicked out and contacted with His left ball. He jerked and shouted into His gag but the box was a tight fit to His neck and no noise escaped through the thick walls. This was one of the main features of this exhibit station. Seeing the effects of your actions but not hearing any feedback. Some guys loved this. The crop flicked out again and again, touching each ball in turn until He was jerking at His wrists and his boots were pulling at their shackles!

Then the Biker stood back, checked his balance, tapped and touched his card again, before moving off round the gallery towards the next exhibit.

In His screen He saw the Grinning Lad move from his position to one side and reach out. He applied some soothing cream to the angry red balls and gently massaged it in. He also massaged His back and ran his hands up His arms feeling the biceps and the still taut and corded forearms. He began to relax a little, He was being watched over. He was safe, well as safe as any guy locked into a bondage frame ready to please the paying customers!!!

More customers came and went, some just looked, and some wanted to feel the strong Skinhead body displayed for their pleasure and gladly paid the charge..

Then he saw the guy he was expecting, the regular, he walked in through the doorway. The camera allowed Him to watch as the visitor walked towards Him in his bondage. Tall, over 6ft, must weigh 120 kilo and it was all muscle. The leather jacket and tight leather jeans fitting his body like a glove.

He tapped his card to the reader…

He looked at the camera, straight into His eyes. Without averting his gaze he smiled and reached out to grasp the dangling ball sack in his gloved hands, his fingers reached round the ball weight. He felt the tension in His thighs as His body reacted to the gloved touch. Gradually he pulled down on the weighted balls, the dull warm pain started spreading through His gut as the pressure increased. Then Smack. He slapped them hard with his other hand, palm upwards. Tensed, eyes shut He waiting for the next, not wanting to see his grinning face still looking straight into the camera. Slap. Harder this time. The hot, sickly pain forced its way through His gut, He gritted His teeth and exhaled sharply. The third and fourth slaps made Him howl and tears formed in the corners of His eyes. His insides felt like a red hot hand was pushing upwards, the bile rose in His throat.

Then nothing, just a finger playing round the stretched skin of the tight, red ball sack. He breathed again, not feeling the zip down the back of the bleachers being slowly pulled back revealing the unprotected valley between the ass cheeks. He again watched as he reached towards the rack of implements provided for his session.

The crop!

He took aim and started to gently slap the dangling balls, a pattern emerged. Slap slap slap SLAP. Slap slap slap SLAP. This continued for five or six repetitions none of which were as bad as those He had just taken. He wasn’t sure if this was a lead in to more pain or a final leaving present. The leather guy held the crop vertically in his right hand while pulling back on the end with his left, in the manner of a catapult. Then He knew. Aiming carefully he let go and the crop sank its fire into His tight hole. He pulled in the bondage, wrenching His shoulders. His legs were on fire, thighs sinking into a bowl of molten lead and with no time to recover he repeated the same. THWACK. Nothing ever felt quite so painful. His eyes saw lightning bolts as the pain travelled up His spine. A third and His legs shook slightly. The burning in His ass crack spread swiftly round His gut. A fourth, His head swam, and He heard the blood pounding in His ears. His mouth gripped the gag but there was no sound apart from a muted whimper.

Then He remembered that this guy was a superuser. He had approval to push the exhibit onto new territory, with supervision. The Collective was watching but letting him go on.

He didn’t bother to look at His screen any more. He simply breathed. So He didn’t see the rubber paddle get selected. It was wide, heavy and, well, simply painful. Thankfully His bleachers covered the majority of His ass but it still gave a stinging thud when it impacted under the stud’s guidance. He was good. There was no doubt about his aim with this or any of the other items he’d used. SLAP, across both cheeks equally, pulses of deep seated pain rippled in waves up through Him as each stroke followed the last. Six in all. It doesn’t sound like much but with his powerful stroke and covering exactly the same area He was throbbing in pain from His waist to His knees.

He felt him rub his hand over the exhibit’s back in a sort of “thank you and goodnight” and He was alone in the room once more with the throbbing pain from His balls and butt to keep Him company…

What will tomorrow bring?


Steellock and Slavebladeboi

Aug 2020

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