The Fall of a Master – Part 03

By Rubrpig

The slave quietly sighed, and its body relaxed in the cage and restraints.  Strangely enough it felt freer than it had ever felt…

The slave shifted as it tried to work cramps out of its biceps and legs.  It was not used to being forced into tight restrictive positions, so it tried to ease the pain that was beginning.  Its head was held by the stocks of the top of the cage it was still locked in.  It heard thuds of a pair of heavy boots and knew its Master was coming back into the room.  The door opened and Master Gunther walked into the room and over to the cage where his new slave was locked up.  Master Gunther was wearing a full leather uniform with flared breeches.  His tunic was belted with a Sam Browne and there was a set of braided silver shoulder cords.  The brown leather shirt under his tunic gave the uniform a distinct look which aroused the slave as it used to wear one very similar.

Master Gunther looked down at his slave and told it that he was going out and so the slave needed to be put into storage while he was gone.  He then unlocked the cage and removed the stocks around the slave’s neck.  The restraints were unlocked, and the slave slowly stood up easing the cramps in its muscles.  It stood quietly and waited for orders.  It was ordered to go to the bathroom and piss and then drink water.  It ran to obey.  Once it was finished, it ran back to where its Master stood waiting.  Master Gunther pointed to a heavy leather sleep sack that had been laid out on the floor.  The slave got down and inserted its legs into the sack and then worked its arms into the internal sleeves.  Master Gunther zipped up the sack and then before closing the collar of the sack, took a heavy padded isolation hood and worked it onto the slave’s head.  Adjusting it so the grommet was located under the slave’s nose, he began lacing it up tight.  Once done, he fastened the straps on the hood over the eyes and under the chin, so the slave was secured.

Master Gunther stood up, the heavy leather of his uniform creaked as he moved, and he looked down at his encased slave and smiled.  He turned and left his flat heading for the bar where he was scheduled to meet up with other members of the local BLUF group.  He got there and as he met the dress code for the evening, there was no cover charge.  He walked and greeted the others.  The men were all in similar uniforms as they all had an interest in the German style uniforms. The group of 15 men occupied the space and other entered and stared at the men in the uniforms.

Master Gunther was quietly talking with a close friend who asked where his American friend was.  Master Gunther smiled and told his friend that he had a new slave and that it was currently in storage at the flat.  His friend looked surprised as he realized that the new slave was the American Master that Master Gunther had been with during the leather weekend.  He asked Master Gunther if the American was his new slave and Gunther nodded and smiled.  Master Gunther suggested that they have some fun with the slave and the two men left the bar.

The two men walked into the room where the slave was securely encased in the heavy leather sleep sack and hood.  They stood and watched as the leather object jerked and moved indicating that the slave inside was deep into a hallucination caused by the lack of sensory input.  Master Gunther knelt and began the process of removing his slave from the sleep sack.  The slave jerked as it was touched as the rope lacing on the sack was loosened realizing that its owner had returned.  He lay quietly as the sack was opened and then its head was raised to allow for the removal of the heavy thick depravation hood.  It laid quietly with its eyes closed to allow for it to adjust to the light in the room and it slowly opened its eyes and was startled to see its Master and another Master in the same heavy leather uniform and boots standing over him.  The slave scrambled to get up onto its knees bowing its head and putting its arms behind its back.

Master Gunther nodded and told the slave that it was to obey Master Walter in the same way it obeyed him.  The slave nodded and remained silent.  Master Walter told it to stand up so he could examine the slave and see what there was to work and abuse.  The slave scrambled to its feet and spread its legs keeping its hands behind its back and its head bowed.  Master Walter grasped the slave by its right bicep, his tight leather glove creaked as he led the slave over to the fuck bench.

After the slave was strapped down to the bench, the two masters unzipped their breeches and pulled out their cocks and began to slowly stroke them to get them even harder than they already were.  Master Walter moved behind the slave, spit on his cock and then rammed his cock deep into the slave in one thrust.  The slave grunted as the pain of the dry fuck and its tight hole as it was stretched wide to take the cock that was deep in its ass.  Master Gunther smiled and walked to the slave’s head and forced his cock into the slave’s mouth and began to fuck the slave’s mouth and forcing his cock deep into the slave’s throat which cut off the slave’s air supply but the slave gasped for air each time the cock was slid out of its throat.  The two masters looked at each other and nodded as they continued to spit roast the slave.

Finally, both masters began to cum deep in the holes they were fucking.  The slave gasped for air as its mouth was filled with its owner’s cum and it swallowed as fast as it could to prevent any cum from being wasted.  It felt its hole being pumped full of hot cum from Master Gunther’s cock buried deep in its ass.  The men finally pulled out of the slave and put their cocks back into their breeches and zipped up their breeches.  Master Gunther pulled a riding crop out of his left boot and began whipping the slave’s ass and its inner thighs causing the slave to grunt and moan as the crop bit into the tender flesh.  The masters laughed as the slave groaned as they knew that the slave just had to endure the pain that was being inflicted.

Master Gunther finally stopped whipping the slave and unbuckled the slave from the bench.  The two masters pulled the slave to its feet and dragged it over to the cross and quickly locked it to the cross.  They walked over and each picked up a flogger and moved back over behind the slave and then began to flog the back of the slave working in tandem, so it was a steady beat of the leather tails of the floggers on the slaves back.  The slave groaned and moaned as the flogging continued.  The skin on it back turned red and then darkened as the bruising began from the beating the slave was taking.  The slave began to slump, and the men stopped the flogging and held up the slave and unlocked it from the cross.  The slave slowly dropped to its knees and slowly began to recover.

The masters walked over to a pair of chairs and sat down watching the slave.  They pulled out cigars from their breast pocket of their uniform tunics and lit them.  Blowing the smoke toward the slave, they watched as the slave recovered.  Finally, Master Gunther ordered the slave to crawl over and kneel between them.  The slave slowly obeyed and knelt in position waiting for another order.  Master Walter nodded and looked at the tip of his cigar and told the slave to open its mouth and stick out its tongue.  The slave obeyed and Master Walter tapped the ash from the tip of his cigar onto the slave’s tongue.  He then told the slave to swallow it and stick its tongue back out.  The slave slowly swallowed the warm ash, and its stomach began to rebel, and it struggled to keep from vomiting but it managed to keep it down and stuck its tongue out again.  Master Gunther tapped his cigar ash onto its tongue and the slave swallowed it and stuck its tongue out.

The masters sat quietly smoking and enjoying the site of the former master kneeling, bruised and exhausted but still obeying orders.  They decided that the slave had potential and it did make a good ashtray.  Master Walter looked down at his boots and noticed that they were dusty, so he told the slave to clean his boots.  The slave moved and began to lick and suck the smooth leather of the tall riding boots clean.  It even licked the soles of the boots clean without prompting which pleased both men.  The slave finished with Master Walter’s boots and knelt quietly as he inspected his boots.  Master Walther nodded and indicated that the slave should clean its master’s boots and the slave crawled over and began cleaning Master Gunter’s boots.  The two leather officers sat quietly watching as the slave obeyed and cleaned the tall riding boots worn by its new Master and owner.

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