The Jacket – Part 1

By Rubrpig

When I was in my teens, I spent a lot of time cruising the web and one night I discovered a website devoted to men wearing straitjackets. My cock got rock hard as I clicked from one image to another of men tightly strapped into heavy straitjackets.

One image really got to me and that was a very muscular man tightly strapped into a gleaming black leather straitjacket. The jacket was heavily padded and featured straps to make sure he could not raise his arms or shift his biceps. The jacket also had straps that passed between his legs highlighting the bulge in the tight jeans he wore. I copied that image and spent many hours jacketing off staring at that image.

I finished up my college years by being a star lineman on the football team. I had shot up during my teen years and filled out my frame in the gym getting worked over by the strength coaches for the team. By the time they were done with me I was a 6’4” slab of hard muscle. My abs were heavily defined and my pecs jutting out from my torso. The heads of the sorority girls turned when my buds and I walked past them but I did not party as I was focused on my studies and the team.

I missed out on being drafted by the NFL so I managed to get a job with an investment firm in San Francisco as I came out with an MBA. I found a great loft in the South of Market area and moved in. I deliberately chose the area as it was known to be the home of the fetish scene in San Francisco and I knew that is what I wanted to explore and experience.

After settling into my new job and apartment, I decided to explore the area around where my loft was located. I wandered down Eighth Street and as I passed Folsom I spotted my goal, Mr. S Leathers. I had wanted to visit this store since I came across their website a few years before and spent hours jacking off to the images of men trussed up in leather harnesses, bondage gear and full leathers.

Walking up to the entrance of the store, I found myself getting very nervous as I had never done anything about my fetish desires before and now that I had finally come to terms with my realization that I was gay. I had put on a pair of worn levis, an old white t-shirt which fit me like a second skin and a pair of black police boots. The boots had arrived only several days prior as I had ordered them on-line. I walked up to the doors and opened them and entered the store.

Entering the store I walked by the cash desk and the smell of the leather overwhelmed me and I staggered a bit. The guy behind the desk asked me if I was okay and I nodded. I looked at him and he was smiling. He walked over to me and quietly asked if it was my first time at the store. I nodded and he told me to take it easy and I would be ok. Just his touch aroused me and my cock grew hard and forced itself down my right leg. He smiled and told me that it was obvious that I was ready. I nodded and tried to smile. He motioned me over to the chairs opposite the cash desk and told me to sit down. I obeyed and he sat down beside me.

He was obviously very well muscled and the leathers he wore fit like a skin. The short sleeve leather uniform shirt, the motorcycle cop breeches with a grey stripe smoothly tucked into tall heavy black leather boots with lugged soles. His head was shaved and he had a dark beard. I nodded at him and for some reason I blurted out that I knew I wanted to be in leather and that I had never been able to do as well as that I was a virgin. I sat there red faced after blurting that out and thought that he must think that I am a total idiot.

He reached over and put his hand on my knee and told me to look at him. I obeyed and looked at him. He told me that everyone who was into leather had to start the same way so it was nothing to be ashamed of. I nodded and felt relief wash over me.

He stood up, his leathers creaking softly and told me to stand up. I did and he smiled. He stuck out his hand and told me that his name was John but I was to call him Sir John. I nodded and told him that I was pleased to meet him and that my name was Will. He smiled and told me that I was to answer to boy.   I nodded and said, Yes Sir John. He smiled and told me that I had good instincts and would make a good boy for a Sir. I smiled and told him that I hoped I would Sir.

He turned and walked into the store and told me to follow him. I obeyed and entered the store and looked around. I stopped beside him and he looked at me and asked what I had come in to buy. I nodded and told him that I wanted a leather jock, chaps, and a vest as it seemed appropriate for me as I knew instinctively that I was a submissive. He nodded and agreed that it was a good place to start building up my leather collection.

We walked over to a rack of leather jocks and he looked at my build and then selected one from the rack. He unsnapped the pouch and showed me how to put my cock and balls through the hole in the backplate of the jock. He pointed to the changing rooms and told me to strip and put my boots back on and then put on the jock. I nodded and took the jock and walked to the changing room he indicated. I went to pull the leather drape closed and he barked out an order to leave the drape alone. I stopped and nodded. I put the jock down and removed my boots by unzipping the side zips and pulling them off. I then peeled my t-shirt off and then removed my jeans. I stepped out of my jeans and pulled my boots back on. I felt my face turn bright red as I stood there in the store naked except for my socks and boots. I put on the jock and worked my cock and balls through the hole and then snapped the pouch up. I walked back over to Sir John and he looked pleased.

We then walked over to the racks with the chaps and he showed me the styles they had and asked me which style interested me. I looked at them and told him, Sir, I like the one with the higher waist belt and the inside zippers Sir. He nodded and said that style would definitely suit me. He grabbed a tape measure and checked my waist, inseam and thigh circumference and sorted through the racks and pulled a pair out and handed them to me. I unzipped the legs and wrapped the chaps around my waist. He had me stand still and walked behind me and adjusted and snugged the lacing after I had fastened the belt buckle. I leaned down and grabbed the right leg and snugged it around my muscled thighs and managed to get the zipper closed. I did the same with the other leg. I stood up and Sir John told me to move over to the mirror and take a look. I obeyed and I smiled at the image of myself in chaps and a leather jock. It felt so right and I knew then I was becoming what I was meant to be.

We then walked over to the racks of vest and I soon picked out a bar vest that showed my pecs and nipples and showed my torso off. I stood proudly in my new leathers. Sir John smiled and then asked what really turned me on. I got red again and told him that I had always fixated on leather straitjackets and just the thought of them got my cock dripping. He laughed and told me that I had definitely come to the right place. I smiled and nodded.

He grabbed me by my left bicep and led me to the side room off the main store. Walking into this space, I saw body harnesses, sleep sacks, and a rack of gleaming black leather straitjackets. I stopped and stared at the jackets. Sir John walked over and unsnapped my jock pouch and saw the pre-cum dripping slowly from my cock head and smiled. He wiped it up with one of his fingers and then shoved that finger into my mouth and told me to lick it clean. I did it fast and licked and sucked on his finger. He pulled it out of my mouth and smiled. He told me to take off my vest. I obeyed as I snapped my pouch closed and watched as he pulled a heavy jacket off the rack and showed it to me. It was the jacket of my dreams, padded on the arms, the additional straps, and fully lined in leather so it was double strength. I nodded as I really could not speak. He smiled and began to open the jacket and then held it open and told me to raise my arms and shrug into the jacket. I obeyed and put my arms into the sleeves of the jacket as Sir John slid the heavy jacket onto my torso.

I stood there in the heavy jacket as he began to strap me into the jacket. He began with the strap at my neck and worked his way down. Soon the back straps were done and he then began to restrap me by telling me to exhale as he tugged on the straps so they were absolutely tight. Soon the grip of the jacket on me was so tight it was a struggle to breathe. I had to take shallow breaths as I could no longer expand my chest to let my lungs swell to full capacity. He then told me to wrap my arms around me and I again obeyed. He adjusted my arms and then tugged hard on the strap and buck and soon my arms were tightly wrapped around my torso. He worked the pinion strap on my abdomen into the slots on the jacket and snugged my arms down in the front so I could no longer lift them. He then did the pinion straps on both of my biceps. He told me to spread my legs and I quickly obeyed and he reached between them and grabbed the crotch straps and pulled the back and quickly snugged them in their buckles and made sure there was no slack.

He moved around and stood in front of me and smiled. I grunted and shrugged the heavy jacket and struggled but there was absolutely no give in the heavy leather. I looked at him and he asked how I was doing and was it what I expected. I smiled and nodded. I stood quietly and he told me to move over to the mirror and take a look. I obeyed and looked in the mirror and saw a heavily muscled leather boy tightly restrained in a heavy straitjacket, leather jock, chaps and boots. I was now the leather boy I had jacked off to for all those years. I smiled and turned to Sir John and thanked him for putting me into the jacket. He nodded and said, we should talk.

This puzzled me and I followed him as we walked through the store to the front by the cash desk and I struggled to sit down in the heavy jacket. I finally got comfortable and he looked at me. He told me that he had recently broken up with his boy. I nodded and told him I was sorry to hear that. He smiled and then looked at me hard and asked me if I wanted to become his boy. He went on to explain that he would take it easy on me and slowly train me to service his needs. In exchange He would keep me in bondage when not at work. I looked at him and realized that I trusted this Leather Sir. I looked at him and told him that I would be his boy. He smiled and told me to stand up.

He told me to follow and we went back into the store. He grabbed a set of padlocks from the shelf and quickly locked all of the buckles of the jacket sealing me in. He put the keys in the pocket of his tight leather breeches. He walked over and selected a wide heavy leather collar and buckled and locked it around my throat. He then took a steel chain and locked it around my neck. He told me that the leather collar was for use when not at my job. The steel collar would remain on at all times and I would wear it under my suit and tie when at work. I nodded and told him Yes Sir.

Just then another man entered the store and walked up to us. He smiled at us and asked my new Sir what was happening. Sir John smiled and told him that this was his new boy and was just getting him ready for later with some new gear. Both men laughed and the new guy clapped Sir John on his back and told him that I looked like I would make him a good boy.

He turned and told Sir John to take his break as he would watch the store. Sir replied and told him thanks. Sir John grabbed a leash and hooked it to my leather collar and led me over to the cash desk and hooked the leash to a hook by the door. He told me to wait and I watched as he walked back into the store and soon came back carrying my jeans, t-shirt and my new vest. He put them behind the desk and told the new guy that we were going up the street to Wicked Grounds. I had heard that this was a fetish based coffee shop but had not been there. I stood expectlng Sir to remove the heavy locked jacket but he grabbed my leash and tugged telling me that we were going for coffee. I knew I had to obey so I walked out behind my new Sir and onto the street for the first time in leather and heavy bondage in public. We passed people who looked at us and smiled but otherwise said nothing.

We got to Wicked Grounds and entered. I was really hard and dripping now in my leather jock as the creaking of my jacket and leathers along with the sweat building up inside the jacket was getting to me. He led me to the counter and ordered 2 large lattes. He paid for them and the barista smiled and asked if he wanted a straw in one of them. He nodded and the barista asked who I was and Sir told me to answer. I smiled and told the barista that I was boy will and that I was Sir John’s new boy. The barista told us that he was happy for us and hoped things would work out for us. Sir John thanked him and the barista told us to find a seat and he would bring the lattes over.

Sir John led me over to a table and pointed to a chair and told me to sit. I obeyed and sat opposite him. Sir began to tell me my new orders and what was expected. Soon the barista appeared and placed our lattes on the table and put a straw in mine so I could lean forward and drink. I looked up at him and thanked him and noticed he was wearing a locked chain collar as well. He saw I was looking at his collar and he told me that he was a slave and his Master had him working here to earn his keep. I nodded and thanked him for the information.

After we finished up, we headed back to the store. He told me that he got off in 2 hours but then we would head back to his place and start my training. I nodded and asked him where he lived. He looked at me and told me that in future I was to ask before asking a question. I apologized and told him that I was sorry. He nodded and told me the address. I smiled and he asked why I was smiling. I told him that I lived in that building as well. He laughed and told me that this was working out even better.

For the next several hours I remained by his side leashed to him even when he was with customers. It seemed odd to me but the customers did not think it was strange at all and they smiled and checked me out.

After he got off shift, he pulled out my jeans and pulled out my wallet. He asked me which card to use to pay for all the gear I had gotten. I told him to use the VISA and soon the chaps, vest, jock, collars and the straitjacket had been charged to my card. He put my wallet back into my jeans, and then packed my clothing and my vest into a bag. I had thought that he would remove the jacket but again we headed out and walked through the streets and headed for our building and my new future as his boy.


Metal would like to thank Rubrpig for this story!


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  1. Nice story, thanks for sharing it.
    (I’m not sure about the Deus Ex MAchina of them living in the same building, but that’s a really small part of it, so no bother.)

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