The Mystery

By Steellock

So Who?

He lay on the bed.

His eyes looked at the inside of a thick leather hood. The thick leather gripped his head all round, tight, but not too tight. He could feel the intrusion of the gag into his mouth. It was a rubber plate that came right in beyond the point where his tongue could get round it and it made him drool. He knew the hood was padlocked on – he had done it earlier. It was one of his favorites, an old Sci Fi hood from Mr S in the US; his first hood in fact bought many years ago and showing it’s age and use. But the reason he had chosen it today was that it resonated inside with the sound of breathing. The sound of the air rushing in and out of your nose and through the two small grommets in the nose of the hood. When strapped in tight you could only really hear yourself. He could make it stop by opening his mouth wide and breathing round the gag. He had to do this occasionally anyway to clear the drool. But the sound would hide any noise made by a visitor…

He kept on lying on the bed; he had no choice. His 20 hole laced black Grinder skinhead boots were padlocked from the D ring on the padded and locked ankle restraints to D rings at each side of the bed frame.

His thick muscular left wrist was gripped by another padded restraint wrapped around and locked to his arm; locked again to the bedframe D ring.

The D ring on the top of the hood was padlocked to a chain across the top of the bed.

His right wrist, similarly restrained with padded leather and padlocks but there was also a long cylinder of steel. An ice-lock. D rings on each end padlocked to bed and wrist. In between the locks was a hollow cylinder filled with water and frozen. When the ice melted his wrist would be free…

This was an extra long and large cylinder. Good for about 4 hours.

He wriggled and pulled enjoying the feeling of the restraints holding him down and knew it was real. He could not move for the next 4 hours.

Would Tony come?

He loved to spend his Friday evening like this when there was no meets or play planned. He ached for the feeling of restraint; it made him so hard; as he was now. This was partly helped by the cock ring, just tight enough around the root of his member. Also another ring was round his balls holding them firmly. They were nice and stretchy but they were also Estim bands and had a pair of wires running from them. He clenched his butt and could feel the large steel butt plug that he had pushed in earlier. It too had a pair of wires running to the Estim control box. The box was set on Throb and running at a wonderful level that was making the pre-cum just pour out of his cock. It sat on the rubber bed sheet just out of reach of his hand.

He wriggled again, pulling hard at the padlocks. No give in the ice-lock yet. Must be a long time to go, about 3 hours but he really was not sure…

He had once mentioned this Friday habit to his play partner Tony. Tony lived about 10 miles away and they met once or twice a month when they would take turns to deliver pleasure and pain with the various toys around the house. In the cellar there was a cage and a strong ceiling chain. Both of them had hung from that as the other flogged the crap out of them.

He pulled hard at the locks.

Occasionally he wondered if Tony had really heard him, it was never mentioned between them. He lay back and looked at the inside of the hood. This was something he loved and he explored the thick leather cocoon seeing the inside in his imagination. This often sounds odd but in a very real way you could see every stitch. The rubber tab going into his mouth felt like an anchor holding the hood in place. He felt the tight enclosing leather, the way it held his ears tight to his head and the way the wide leather collar pulled it in and held it all locked tight. But not too tight. He had being doing this for a while and was wise to limiting the risks. The gag was carefully chosen so he could breathe round it and easily swallow to keep the air passages clear.

He pulled hard at the locks, his cock getting even harder and the juices poured even stronger… He was often the subject of taunting and laughter at a meet for the amount of pre-cum he could pour out and he could feel it now as his cock throbbed and roiled to the program. He was proud of it! One of his favorite programs; it built a slow massage that felt like it was going up his cock, through his balls and deep into his butt massaging his prostate. The level of feeling slowly rising until it was almost unbearable in its pleasure. Then the cycle ended with a jolt. Enough to make him twitch and yank at the locks. It also stopped him getting too relaxed and cuming too early. That had happened once and the remaining time before the lock had melted had been sheer agony!

He drifted, occasionally pulling at the locks and wriggling with pleasure.


A shaft of agony went up his cock and into his butt. The level shot up again and he was shouting into the hood. Had the control box malfunctioned! If so he was in deep shit!


It did stop. He tried to get his breathing back into a regular pattern, gasping around the gag. What had gone wrong? As he thought about it he realized that it was the ‘Pulse’ button on the box.


Then back to normal. Now he was really panicking – the box must be malfunctioning. He really thrashed around, yanking on the padlocks in reality now. Hurling the strength of his muscled and toned body at the thick steel padlocks and realized that he had been too thorough! He could not shift if


Again the power of the box poured through his cock and balls making them feel like they had been dipped in boiling water! The butt plug felt like it had flashed to red hot metal for 10 seconds. He was shouting round the gag and now totally losing control. He had never had shocks at that level before and his mind was focused on what the next 3 hours would be like!

Then he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his left tit. Just like a soldering iron had been touched to the end. A small but savage clamp was gripping it. The right one followed with the same sharp pain. But even as he arched his back to the pain relief flowed through him, it felt like iced water going out to the end of his limbs and he almost relaxed back onto the bed.


But who was there? Tony presumably. No one else had a key. He stiffened again and shouted ‘Tony?’ into the gag. What came out was ‘Agnagy’. He heard a chuckle and froze again. Was that Tony’s chuckle? It sounded odd.

The he felt the pain back in his tits as the guy, he new it was a guy, started to tap the clamps with a crop or whip. The pain kept arcing through each chest muscle rising in level as the impacts got stronger until one gave way and the clamp slipped off.

‘Arrrghh’ he shouted feeling the tight clamp clip the very end of his nib. It was the black ones! He new it from the feeling. One he had often felt before. It had to be Tony; no-one else knew where they were kept in the trunk under the bed. Then the pain repeated on the other side as that clamp too slipped free.

PAIN – both tits were grabbed and twisted; the pain peaking as the blood flowed back in. And immediately the clamps went back on again but in the other direction. Shit – he hated and loved this.

Then he almost left the bed as his body flinched. A line of pain ran across his chest, bridging between the tight hard muscles now straining. A cane he thought. Bloody thin one too. Oh damn this was going to be tough.

But underneath the pain and apprehension he was relaxing – Tony was an old play partner and a true and trusted friend. He was really in safe hands.

But as he went into the next hour he was not so sure. The way the play went – titclamps, crops, canes and floggers was not how they had played before. The pain level was going up and up and he was really quite shaken. And shaking, squirming, hurting, flying. The pain was continually just below unbearable. This was new. An almost calculated program designed to take him to levels he had not known. Can people change that much?

Then it stopped and he tensed even more – if that were even possible – waiting for the next assault on his body. He felt a pat on his now aching and red belly; the muscles lined with red strips from the cane.

What he then felt was a cold wet feeling on his left nipple. It was repeated on his right. Then it hit him – the guy was going to pierce his nipples! He shouted and bellowed into the gag. Begging for this not to happen. Shouting ‘RED RED RED’.

But the cold feeling was repeated. He had faced this once before and had vowed never to do it again. For him the pain had been extreme – the guy at the time had taken his time.

Then he noticed the background level of the Estim – running all this time almost unfelt in the background – going up. And up. And up. Till he was shaking at the peak shaft of pain.

At the highest peak of the cycle as his cock and butt throbbed, feeling like they were being peeled with a rough cheesegrater he felt the shock as the needle went into his right tit. As the power level slowly rose in the next cycle of the program he felt the needle pushed slowly through and the drag of the flesh against the steel. He was now crying with the pain into his hood. Whimpering, gasping and begging for it to stop.

Then the cycle repeated, up and up went the power in his cock and at the peak the needle went into his left nipple. The dragging of the needle into the flesh was exquisite in its intensity.

They were in; he tried to bring his breathing back into line. What would the guy do next? Pull them out? Slide in more. Twist them? He pulled and pulled at the padlocks but still no movement in the ice. He was truly at the mercy of this expert. And not much seemed likely to be coming his way!

Then he felt a surprise. The left hand needle went on right through his nipple and was followed by what felt like another needle into the same hole. He was hurting but confused. The same happened again to his right tit.

Then the hand patted his flat stomach again and he felt the power level drop on the box.

And that was it.

It all stopped, just as if nothing had happened. Except he hurt all over his body. His tits were screaming at him and he could feel the steel needles still in them. His chest and stomach were flaming with the scars of the flogging and caning. His cock, balls and butt were feeling like they had been flogged for hours with a heavy paddle. His legs had been flogged with a heavy paddle and were throbbing even more.

He started to relax a little; always ready to tense if there was any sign of the guy’s return.

He kept pulling at the right hand lock and suddenly; almost unbelievably it gave way and came free. He shuddered. Stretched over and felt for the keys he had left carefully placed earlier. His heart leapt and he almost shouted with joy when he found them! He had been so scared that the guy would have moved them. He rapidly unlocked the restraints on his other arm and both legs and his hands flew to his head. He had to find the other key for the collar. But he had a failure of memory. Had he used a red or green coded lock? He felt for a key and tried to slip it into the lock. It would not go so he changed to the one next to it. Still it would not go in; he could feel the panic rising. So he deliberately stopped. Lay back and breathed. Red. He was sure.

The key slipped in and the lock opened. The straps on the back were undone faster than he had ever undone them before and the laces yanked open. Finally the hood came off and he could see. Is eyes flew down to his nipples and he saw a neat pair of mini steel barbells running though them. Actually they looked great!

Then his eyes roamed over his battered and aching body. Red streaks, inflamed scars, contusions. Damn that had been intense. But who the hell had been in his house!

He reached for his phone and called Tony. No answer. Well he was not surprised. But about 2 minutes later he got a shock when he got a text with an answer and a photo. Tony was in London and the club was too loud but attached was a selfie of Tony, his taut and toned body set off by the familiar old leather harness with a barman in a rubber suit.

So who had it been?

Steellock 2016


Metal would like to thank Steellock for this story. To read more stories by this twisted fuck, click here.




2 thoughts on “The Mystery”

  1. Absolutely HOT!
    *adjusts the big steel collar around its neck* awesome story to start the morning, especially since my cock is exceptionally unlocked.

    Not much into self-bondage, despite the introduction of a top later on, I love having the restraints put on me, whether I submit willingly or by force, but the piercing element is absolutely hot! (Not the needle play, pain, and blood, but as a body mod). Always dreamed about getting pierced while in bondage. I have pierced nipples, septum, and stretched ears. Master said he’s getting me a PA for a more secure chastity, so if we find a kinky piercer, I might get chained and maybe even flogged before the piercing …

    Anyway, very hot story, keep it up ;)

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