The New Academy – Part 01

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction loosely based on a fabled facility, The Academy.

The author writes chained into a chair, wearing Wesco’s, a Carrara chastity belt, heavy leather posture collar and nipple clamps as required by his Master and Owner.  It has been locked in the chastity belt for 3 years and has agreed to it being made permanent.

Gary unlocked the door of his condo and walked in.  After several long days at the office trying to salvage a deal and finally getting the deal done and closed.  He dropped his bag by the door and walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cold beer.  Heading to the living room, he collapsed on the couch and relaxed for the first time in days.  He grabbed his laptop from the coffee table and opened it up.  He logged into and opened Chrome and went to one of his favourite sites,  He scrolled through the page and started to get aroused by the photos and couple of new stories that had been posted since he last visited the site a few days ago.  Then an article really grabbed his attention.

The article was about a new business that was just getting ready to open.  The article showed images of the facility and the men who would be working there.  The article went on to describe the facility as a recreation of the legendary Academy.  This new facility was designed to provide a wide range of bondage and discipline experiences from simple jail experiences to heavy and extreme bondage and discipline experiences.  This article really got to Gary as he had become a fan of the Academy and it had been one of his biggest regrets that when he could finally afford to go, the Academy had closed and the equipment and the men who had staffed it had disbanded.

The article included a link to a private website and there was a code provided to followers of MetalbondNYC to access the site.  Gary quickly navigated to the site and entered the code.  The site unlocked and he began to go through the site getting more and more aroused.  His cock was tenting his pants and a large wet spot appeared on the crotch of the light grey pants.  He went to the contact us page and submitted a request for the required enrollment package that the company required.  He sat back and sighed happily.  He looked down and saw his cock tenting his pants and the wet spot and laughed for the first time in days.

He got up and headed to the bedroom and stripped off his clothes.  He hung up the suit he had worn so the pants could dry.  He put it aside with several others that needed to go to the cleaners.  He pulled on a pair of soft black leather jeans, and a black t-shirt.  The t-shirt was stretched tight over his muscular chest and his biceps strained the sleeves.  He walked out of the bedroom and headed for the kitchen to find something for dinner.

The evening passed slowly, and just before he was going to bed, he heard an alert chime on his phone.  He picked it up and saw that he had an email from an email address  He grabbed his laptop and opened his email.  He read the email and then opened the attachment which was the actual application form.  The form was extremely detailed and would require Gary to provide a photo, full body stats, list all his interests, and then submit to a zoom meeting with the Director of Recruitment.

Gary closed the laptop and headed for bed knowing that he had a busy day coming up and he needed to be on top of things.  As tomorrow was Friday, he knew had the weekend to work on the application and get it completed for submission.

Saturday morning came, and Gary woke up and stretched then got up and headed to the bathroom.  He pissed and then rubbed his face feeling the heavy dark stubble of his beard.  He decided not to bother getting dressed as he had to measure his body for the application form.  He remembered that the form instructed his to be naked while doing it so the measurements would be accurate.  He headed for the kitchen, turned on the coffee maker, and began making himself some breakfast.  After he finished breakfast, he headed for the living room and grabbed his laptop.  He put it on the desk and sat down then opened the application form.  He began filling out the form and again he was surprised by the details and information that he had to supply.  After an hour he had gotten most of the form completed except for the physical measurements.  He grabbed the measuring tape he had bought at a local bargain store and began.

He did almost all of the measurements following the chart on the application form.  The last measurements needed was those of his cock.  He had to measure the length of his cock both soft and hard and the girth soft and hard.  He was rock hard and dripping so those measurements were easy, and he felt a little strange as he measured his cock.  Like most men he bragged about his cock and to have the measurements was a little startling.  Finally, he had the forms complete and attached the completed form to the email and returned it to the recruitment address the email had come from.  He stretched and walked into the bedroom and laid down on his bed and began jacking off.  He had been rock hard and horny as fuck as he completed the application forms.  He blew a huge load coating his chest and one glob landed on his chin.  He wiped up the cum with his hand and licked them clean, savouring the taste of his cum.  He headed to have a shower and then got dressed in the same leather jeans and t-shirt he had worn the night before.

He had laid down after getting dressed and had fallen asleep.  He woke up when his phone beeped indicating he had an email.  He looked at the clock beside his bed and realized he had been asleep for 4 hours.  Grabbing his phone, he opened the email.  There was an email from the Director of Recruitment.  He opened it and read through the message.  The Director informed him that he had passed the first stage of the application process.  The next step was a zoom meeting with the Director and 2 of his assistants.  The meeting would assess him and would determine whether he was accepted or rejected by the program.  The meeting was set for 5pm.  The link for the meeting was attached along with the specific instructions that he was to be naked, and he was not to use a chair but kneeling and putting his computer on a table would be acceptable.

Gary felt his cock grow rock hard again and push against the leather of his jeans.  He unbuttoned his fly and began jacking off again.  He quickly blew a load, and he slumped back on the bed.  He finally got up and got cleaned up.  He wandered about his condo getting more and more anxious about the meeting.

Ten minutes before the meeting time, he stripped off his leather and t-shirt.  He went to the bathroom and shaved and brushed his hair.  He brushed his teeth and satisfied that he was ready, he headed for the living room.  Grabbing his laptop, he set it on the coffee table and knelt on the floor and sat back on his heels.  He logged into his email and clicked the link.  The zoom app opened and the message that the meeting had not started yet, and he would be logged in once the moderator had logged in.  He sat there staring at his image on the computer screen.  Finally, the meeting session opened and there were 3 men looking at him.  He sat up and got rock hard as he looked at the men.  The image window labelled Director of Recruitment show a man in his late 40’s, a military high and tight haircut.  He was dressed in what looked like a black police uniform. The other windows show 2 men in similar uniforms, and appearance but they were labelled Assistants to the Director.

He knelt there and the Director nodded.  He began questioning Gary about the information on the completed application.  Gary responded and listened.  Finally, the Director told Gary to stand up and move back so they could examine his body.  Gary nodded and stood up.  His rock-hard cock dripping a long string of pre-cum.  The 3 men smiled, and they watched as Gary moved back so they could see most of his body.  They instructed him to turn and around and bend over and spread his ass cheeks.  Gary obeyed and then after that was done, he was told to approach the laptop and kneel again.

The Director asked the others if they were satisfied, and they told him that they agreed.  The Director looked at Gary and told him that had been accepted and would be moving to the second stage of the application process.  The process was explained in detail to Gary, who nodded and listened to the instructions.  The email alert chimed on his laptop and the Director told him to open the email as the second stage application was attached.  The men watched as Gary opened the email and read through the next application.  Gary closed the email window and told the Director that the application had been received.  He was asked if he had any questions and Gary shook his head, so the Director told him that he had 3 hours to complete the application and email it.  Failure to complete on time meant that the application would be rejected.

The zoom meeting ended, and Gary grabbed the laptop and headed for his desk.  He sat down and began to complete the application.  The application was extremely detailed and required him to list his kinks, fetishes, and answer questions proposing scenes which would arouse him or not.  Gary concentrated and after 2 hours finished the application.  He reread it and then re-attached it to the email and sent it.

Exhausted, Gary walked over to the couch and laid down.  He fell asleep and did not wake up till the next morning.  He got up and headed for his laptop and checked his email.  There was a reply that had come in an hour earlier and he opened it.  The application had been accepted.  The final application was attached along with a series of dates.  The program was for 2 weeks, and he was now required to choose a date for his experience.  The application noted that he had a deadline of 3 days to complete the process which would allow for approval from his employer.  He checked his schedule and found a 2-week period that so far had no major commitments and blocked it out.  He emailed a request through to the HR department and his department head requesting the 2 weeks for a family matter.

Gary got home from work the following day and he was excited as the time off request had been approved and he got home and quickly completed the application with the requested time and sent it off.  Thirty minutes later he got a reply saying that he was now required to report on the specified date and time.  Instruction on how to find the facility were attached.  He was instructed to inform the facility of his travel plans, method of travel and even the clothing he planned on wearing.

The address supplied to him was in a small centre about 150 miles east so he smiled and decided that it would be a good trip to make on the Harley.  He sent the required information, stating that he would be following the supplied route and traveling on a Harley.  He gave the licence plate number and then described that he would be wearing 18” Wesco Big Boss Engineers, Langlitz Competition breeches, a long sleeve black leather uniform shirt, leather tie, sam browne, Langlitz Padded Columbia jacket with sam browne, black leather gauntlets and a matte black carbon fiber full face helmet.  He got a reply stating that the information had been received.

Finally, the day he was to leave arrived.  Gary got up at 5am to get ready.  He had packed the saddle bags on his Harley the night before, so it was already.  He was hoping to be on the road by 6am so he should get to the destination with about an hour to spare.  He showered, shaved and then he began to dress.  He pulled on a leather jock and snapped the pouch closed.  Pulling on the heavy padded breeches, he snugged the waist belt and then closed the leg zips.  He pulled on socks, then pulled on and buckled his boots.  He stood up and pulled on his leather shirt and snapped it closed.  Adjusting his tie, then the cross strap of the sam browne.  He checked his appearance in the mirror and smiled.  He pulled on his heavy jacket and zipped it closed.  He clipped the belt closed and did up the strap of the cross strap.  He picked up his gauntlets and his helmet and left the condo.  He headed for the garage and once he had pulled on his helmet and buckled it then his gauntlets.  He started the Harley and after the engine had settled into a low rumble, he put it in gear and headed out.

The drive went fast as he was going against the rush hour traffic, so he was able to make good time.  He stopped at a truck stop and had breakfast.  He headed back out on the road and soon he was at the exit he had been instructed to turn off on.  He pulled off the interstate and headed onto the secondary highway.  Soon he came to the turn-off and pulled onto the county road.  He had been instructed to head on the road and he would be met.  He had been puzzled by that, but he obeyed the instructions.  After about 10 minutes, a police car pulled out from side road and followed him.  It came up behind him and then turned on the lights and siren.  He pulled over, put down the kickstand and waited on the bike.

Two police officers got out of the car and approached one on each side of him.  The one on his left told him to remove his helmet.  Gary pulled off his gauntlets and unbuckled his helmet.  The officer asked him to identify himself and Gary told him his name and address.  The police looked at each other and nodded.  They ordered him to get off the bike and stand with his hands clasped behind his head.  Gary obeyed.  He was soon handcuffed and walked over to the police car where he was thoroughly patted own and then put in the back of the car.  One of the officers picked up Gary’s helmet and gauntlets and put them in the trunk of the car while the other one radioed in that the package had been claimed and they needed a truck to pick up the package’s bike.  Gary sat in the back of the car, cuffed and cramped because of his heavy leathers and boots.  A truck appeared a few minutes later and the police and the truck driver rolled the Harley up a ramp and chained it down on the back of the truck.  The 2 vehicles left for the facility

The trip took 15 minutes and the vehicles pulled into building that looked like a large warehouse.  The large door that they drove through rolled down.  The police officers opened the door dragging Gary out.  They walked him into an office and within 30 minutes he had been stripped, photographed, fingerprinted, and given a very thorough body cavity search.  After this was done, the Director of recruitment walked in and nodded.  He walked over to Gary and asked if he was was ready.  Gary nodded and the police officers grabbed him and they headed into the facility.  The 3 of them went into a large room filled with gear, both leather and rubber.  The police officer that had been in the room as they entered grabbed a box and opened it.  He was walked over, and the police began putting a heavy steel Carrara chastity belt on Gary.  A few minutes later, the lock clicked shut and the keys handed to the Director.

One of the police officers walked over and picked up a heavy pile of rubber and walked back over to Gary.  He unrolled it and Gary saw that it was a heavy rubber suit with a gas mask hood attached.  The police began working Gary into the suit and after a few minutes, they had adjusted and snugged down the gas mask to Gary’s face.  The suit was zipped closed and that sealed the suit as the zippers were the same as used on diving dry suits.  Gary stood there sweating from the heat now in the suit.  Two of the police grabbed him by the arms and lead him out of the room.  Walking along the hallway, Gary was led to a room, and they entered.  Sitting in the middle of the room was a heavy wooden chair covered with heavy leather straps.

Gary was led over to the chair and turned around.  He sat down in the chair and the men began strapping him into it.  Wide straps were snugged tight across his chest and stomach.  A heavy belt across his waist.  Then straps came down over each shoulder and were buckled to the chest straps.  Then 2 wide straps went on each of his biceps, then 2 on his fore arms.  A wide strap across each of his hand were put on.  Then 3 straps on his thighs, 3 on his lower legs and several across his feet.  Then a wooden clamp was fitted to the chair to hold his head in place.  A wide strap across his forehead to keep his head tight into the clamp.

One of the police officers picked up a hose and screwed it onto the intake fitting of Gary’s gas mask.  The men then brought over a bubbler unit and attached the tube to it.  The two police officers then unzipped their breeches and pulled out their cocks.  One at a time they pissed into the bubbler and then they sealed the unit, so Gary had to breathe in their piss.  They tucked their cocks back into their breeches and just then the Director walked in.  He smiled as he looked at Gary.  He walked over and checked the straps.  He looked at the men and told them that Gary was to be their prisoner for the next 2 weeks and that he was to be always held in heavy and severe bondage.  He turned to Gary and asked if Gary was enjoying himself so far.  Gary tried nodding but there was very little movement, but the Director noticed the slight movement.

The Director looked at the police officers and told them to keep Gary in the chair and suit for the next 10 hours and then what happened next was up to them.  The two men nodded and smiled.  The three of them turned and walked out of the room.  Gary stared through the lenses of his gas mask at the tight asses in the snug breeches and the tall shiny Dehners that the three men wore.  Gary sighed and smiled as he breathed in the piss of the men.  He was excited to learn what would be happening to him over the next 2 weeks.  His cock tried getting hard in the chastity belt, but he moaned in pain as his cock head pushed hard into the spikes in the end of the tube that encased his cock.  He moaned and then pissed, feeling the hot liquid run down his legs.  The hot piss mingled with the sweat that building up in the suit and ran down his lower legs and into the feet of the suit.  He closed his eyes and drifted off.

To be continued …

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7 thoughts on “The New Academy – Part 01”

  1. Nice story because seeing a (real) new Academymen in the market is a dream for me. I hope it really appears for me someday.

    Because I’m younger when I knew them they were already closed.

    Although there are some sites with prison stuff, they aren’t even near Academymen, which had very muscular/ beefy staff with real prison or military experience, incridible bondage stories etc.

    Just a tip: don’t envolve sex at all in your story since Academymen wasn’t about sex (even nudity wasn’t common).

  2. Any time he is moved from one site to another at the academy, it is done with high security handcuffs and leg irons! No escape attempts!

  3. I had been a “guest” of the Academy on 3 occasions, and all were extremely well done scenarios, and yes bondage and control was of great importance, but will say other areas opened up into the 3rd visit, the men were extremely well built, and the place was very well equipped. The most exciting arrest was on a winter night on a state road, where I was pulled over, dragged out of the car and thrown to the ground in the snow and mud. cuffed and put in the cruiser , while we waited for a flat bed truck to take me car away. –Felon

    1. Hey Felon,

      Would love to hear about your 3 visits. I was too young back when it was open. Then when I would be able to go, it was closed :(

      Also, did you ever get to experience being placed in the iron lung? If so, what was it like? What kinds of other things happened there. Unfortunately, I have to live vicariously for the academy center, but I love hearing about it.

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