The New Academy – Part 06

By Rubrpig

Gary slept deeply and was totally unaware that he was being monitored by a camera in his solitary cell.  He stirred a couple of times, as he needed to piss so he had to get up and unclip the catheter tube and let his piss drain into the toilet.  Once the clip was put back on, he staggered back to his cot and fell asleep.  The Officers returned to the cell after the 12-hour rest period was up and banged on the outer door.  Gary stirred and woke up and got to his feet as the inner cell door slid open.  The officers ordered him to stand still and one of the Officers walked over and put on the transport irons and led him from the cell.  The Officers led Gary to the medic’s office.

After entering the office, he was led over to the examination table and helped up on the table still in the heavy irons.  He laid there and heard the squeaking of the medic’s rubber scrubs as he came into the room.  The medic was with the Director of the Academy.  The medic pulled on a pair of latex gloves as Gary watched and after he was done, he began to slowly pull the nasal tube out of Gary’s nose and stomach.  Gary sighed as the tube slowly slid out of his body.  The Director came over and unlocked the cage of the chastity belt and swung it open.  The medic took a syringe and removed the saline from the bulb inside Gary’s bladder and once that was done, he pulled the catheter tube slowly out of Gary’s bladder and cock.  The tube slid out followed by a gush of piss from his bladder.  The medic cleaned up the piss, and then he closed and locked the chastity belt.

The Director looked at the Officers and told them to take Gary to the hospital.  Gary wondered what was going on as he did not need to go to the hospital.  The Officer nodded and helped Gary off the table and led him through the facility to the large common space.  Gary recognized the space from his session hanging from the steel frame.  Just as they arrived in the space, a door opened on the far side of the room.  Two men as heavily muscled as the Officers with Gary walked out wearing white leather scrubs pushing a wheelchair with straps on it.  They walked over to Gary and his escorts.  The Officers removed the heavy irons and told Gary to strip off his prison uniform.  Gary obeyed and stood finally naked between the four men.

The Officers took the irons and turn and left.  The hospital orderlies grabbed Gary and forced him into the wheelchair and quickly began strapping him into the chair.  Straps went across his forearms, his chest, thighs, and calves.  Once he was secured to the chair, one of the orderlies pushed the chair through the open door.  They entered the hallway and standing there was a man in a white coat.  He looked down at Gary and told him that as a result of his recent outbursts he had been committed to the secure mental ward.  Gary struggled against the straps.  The orderlies told him to calm down or they would have to sedate him.  Gary nodded and stopped his struggle.  The Doctor looked at the orderlies and told them to take Gary to the wet room.  The orderlies nodded and they wheeled Gary down the hallway and into the room.

There were four large tubs in the room.  Each tub had multiple sheets of material in them.  Gary was quickly unstrapped and helped to his feet.  He was led over to one of the tubs and helped into the tub.  The orderlies told him to lay down and Gary obeyed.  As soon as he was on his back, the orderlies grabbed a couple layers of the materials and quickly wrapped it tightly around Gary like a cocoon.  As soon as the first layers were wrapped tightly, the orderlies picked up a hose and turned it on.  The water flowed into the tub and soaked the material wrapped around Gary.  They kept up wrapping the remaining material and soaking the layers.  Soon there was about 7 inches of material wrapped tightly around Gary and the wet material held him tightly.  The orderlies poured more water onto the white cocoon that was Gary.  They left the room leaving Gary in the tub to struggle against the wet tightly wrapped material.

As Gary laid there, the wrapping began to slowly warm as the heat from his body was transferred to the wet material.  Gary started shivering as the heat was pulled from his body but after a while he stopped as the material was now beginning to heat up and soon, he was sweating from the confinement.  He laid there and he slowly drifted away and began to moan as he began to hallucinate.  The material slowly dried but that did not ease the confinement as the material felt like it has turned into a heavy plaster.  Gary struggled to breathe as the wrapping was so tight.  He finally fell asleep.

The orderlies walked back into the room and checked on Gary several times and left as he was calm and sleeping.  Finally, after 8 hours, the orderlies and the Doctor walked into the room and one of the orderlies slapped Gary on the face to wake him up.  He woke with a start and stared up at the three men looking down at him.  The Doctor asked if he was prepared to behave, and Gary nodded.  The orderlies began to peel open the wet pack that encased Gary.  Finally, the wet pack had been opened and the orderlies leaned down and pulled Gary to his feet.  The orderlies dragged Gary over to a gurney and laid him out.  Gary laid there quietly as he was physically unable to resist.  The orderlies pushed Gary out of the room and through the hallways.  Finally, they stopped and began to get Gary prepared.  One of the orderlies lifted Gary’s ass up while the other one slide a heavy diaper under him.  They quickly diapered him and then helped him to sit up.  One supported him while the other one picked up a heavy white canvas straitjacket and began to work Gary’s arms into the sleeves of the jacket.  Soon, Gary was tightly wrapped in the jacket.

The orderlies helped Gary to his feet and literally dragged him over to a door and was held upright as the door was opened.  The door swung open, and Gary saw it was a padded cell.  The orderlies dragged him into the cell and laid him on the heavy padded floor.  They then slid and pulled him into a sitting position leaning against the back wall of the cell.  The white leather padding gleamed softly in the harsh white light filling the room.  The orderlies walked back out, their feet sinking into the heavy padding.  The door swung shut sealing Gary in the cell.  He laid there and sighed.  The only sounds he heard was those coming from him, his breathing, even the beating of his heart.  The silence in the room was overwhelming and suffocating.

Gary nodded off and lost track of everything.  His sense of time had gone within several days of his arrival at the Academy.  Gary started as the noise of the door opening and he watched as it was pulled open.  The orderlies entered the cell with a tray, one of the orderlies knelt and began spoon feeding Gary soup.  This was the first hot food he had been fed in days as he had been fed using a feeding pump.  Gary savoured the bland taste of the hot soup.  Finally, the soup was finished and the orderlies, pulled Gary down so he was laying on his back.  They lifted his legs and undid the crotch strap of the jacket and they quickly changed Gary’s diaper.  That task finished, they turned and left Gary laying on his back.

Gary began struggling trying to get back to a seated position against the padding.  Finally, he managed to get back up against the padding and sat there exhausted.  He fell asleep once again.

The control centre monitored Gary with the hidden camera in the padded cell.  The entire facility was monitored from the central command so they could check on the men in custody and the staff controlling them.  The control centre monitored all the men currently in various programs and levels of control and custody.

Gary slept on in the total silence of the room unaware of being watched and under total control.

To be continued…

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