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Drake Temple and Josh West at Bound Gods

In this vintage shoot from Bound Gods, Drake Temple gives in to Josh West’s humongous cock. Click any of the pictures to see the video:


Drake Temple is bound as a prisoner in Major Josh West’s office after sneaking around the army base. Drake is a smart-ass, so Josh strips him and tortures his balls. He edges Drake as he questions him, but Drake doesn’t give in. Blinded and shoved in a cramped room, Josh invades Drake’s mind. The unwilling prisoner endures relentless mind control. Josh convinces the straight prisoner that he loves cock and makes Drake suck his huge dick. When Drake resists he gets electricity on his cock and thighs. Josh pulls Drake out of the room and ties him to his desk giving him a hard ass caning and an even harder fucking. He fucks Drakes load out of him and cums on the prisoner’s face, finally making him say he loves the cock.

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Drake Temple and Josh West: Mind Control

The Vacation – Part 02

By Rubrpig

Marc was led into the training centre by his four armed guards.  They stopped at a solid steel door and one of the motorcycle officers pressed a button on an intercom.  He stated his name and that they had a prisoner for processing into the facility.  There was a buzzing sound and the officer pulled the heavy door open and they entered the building.  They walked up to a counter with a heavy steel grill covering the opening above the counter.  Behind the counter were 4 men dressed in black swat gear.  One of the swat officers who had control of Marc unlocked the cuffs of Marc’s wrists.

The processing officer told Marc to empty his pockets and turn them out to show that there was nothing in them.  Marc quickly obeyed and placed his keys, wallet and phone on the counter.  The processing officer picked up the phone and turned it off and dropped it along with the keys and his wallet into a heavy brown envelope and then wrote Marc’s name and a 4 digit number on the envelope.  He dropped the envelope in a bin.  He then told Marc to strip and place everything on the counter.  Marc pulled his t-shirt off over his head and put it on the counter.  He leaned down and unzipped his boots and pulled them off along with his socks.

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Long-term bondage sessions: Two switch players discuss their 10-day experience – Part 1

By @yohan555 and @xlrugbysocks

@yohan555 and @xlrugbysocks are both fans of prolonged bondage, and are happy to switch. This summer they set aside time to give each of them a 5-day session of continuous bondage, which was live tweeted on twitter. They were keen to give a debrief to metalbondnyc.

First 5-day period: @xlrugbysocks topped by @yohan555

@xlrugbysocks as captive:

We decided I would have my 5 day session as captive first, to give me the chance to get re-acquainted with @yohan555’s gear and play spaces, even if from the receiving end. We had done a successful 3 day session for each other last year, so we know each other well, our individual turn-ons and no-nos (layers of thick wool, and lots of soccer and seaboot socks being favs for me!) We neither like role-play, but @yohan555 had requested my theme for the session; I said I liked us just to be ourselves, for real, meaning I didn’t have a ‘story’ – and was a bit surprised on my release to find I was outed as an imprisoned and tortured medic!

The time flew by for me; I was a bit sleep-deprived before my arrival, so I slept a lot in the various padded cells and prison cells in the first few days. For me, long bondage sessions are always a mental struggle between letting go/throwing myself into fighting the restriction, and staying calm/keeping some reserves for the trials ahead; on my 4th day, I did reach total capitulation wearing a rubber suit and sj inside the heavy leather suspension bag.

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