The Pit: A Story by CREUSS


stories by CREUSSWhere am I?

What happened?

I have no idea…

I open my eyes, but it only comes to total darkness.

I try to remember what happened before…

I can’t…

Later, may be hours later, some tiny bits come back to my mind.

I am a soldier. I ‘ve been serving for 5 years now…

We were on a night leave, having some fun in a café, drinking much…

There was a battle in the café, and we fought against civilians.

Suddenly, I remember I fell on the table, probably hit and drunk.

Then, nothing…

I try to explore how I am, as I can’t see at all.

I am naked, totally naked…

My hands are shackled, I can feel heavy metal rings at my wrists. They are chained to the wall, but leave me some movement. My legs are bound too, with metal rings too, and chains. So is my neck…

I am bound to this wall, so I can’t move that much, just enough to be slightly more comfortable, if comfort is existing here…

How long have I been here?

No idea…

How long shall I stay?

No idea…

Who put me here?

No idea…

I try to relax and check how I can free me from the chains.

It seems there is no way to open the rings, no keyhole, no lock…

It seems it has been soldered in place.

I try to stand up, but my chains forbid this… At least I can kneel, but no more.

I try to call. My voice seemed to get lost in the darkness. I give up for now…

I fell asleep again.

Later I wake up.

I try to move, but I am more restricted now. It seems they shortened my chains.

I am now back to the wall, my neck fixed rigid to this wall. I can’t really move my head.

My wrists are shortly connected, and so are my legs. I can feel a ring at the base of my cock and balls.

What happened when I was sleeping? What is it all for?

I have no reply, nobody to ask questions.

Hours later, I fall asleep.

How long?

No idea…

Then I wake up.

Things have changed again.

My cock and balls hurt. My tits hurt too.

I can’t touch them as my hands are bound in a way I can’t touch my body.

It is a pain!

I try to shake my body, I feel as if they put rings in my tits, and a PA in my cock.

I wait, try to find a tiny light, but it is total darkness.

I fall asleep again…

I eventually wake up.

Now I am lying on my stomach.

I feel impossible to move. I feel all stuck.

My arms are bound behind my back, and my heels touch my arse. It seems I am hogtied. My neck is fixed rigid to the ground, and it seems my cock and balls too! I am totally fixed to the ground.

My position is hard to my muscle, but I can’t change it.

I fall asleep again.

Hours, probably…

I wake up suddenly, my body ache. I can feel electroshocks around my body. Actually, they give electro to my cock and balls and to my tits. My body jump under the shocks, and I am yelling in the darkness.

I am still hogtied, anchored to the floor. I notice there are many parts of my anatomy anchored to the floor now: my neck, of course, my balls, but also my tits and my PA.

Anytime I have a shock, I pull hard on those points, and it hurt twice. Some shocks are mild, some are harder. They come at random. I can’t anticipate the shocks.

Shocks in my balls are always very hard.

I can’t stand it.

It seems it last for hours. I am exhausted, and all sweating.

It stops once. I am fearing it comes back, but no…

I eventually fall asleep.

May be one hour, may be more…

I wake up suddenly, my body ache. I feel they are kicking me all around my body. As I am still hogtied, anchored to the floor, any kick pulls on my bounded balls, tits, neck, etc…

I am still in total darkness, I can’t see them. But I feel they are here.

I understand for days now I have been blindfolded. Very efficient.

I try to talk to them, to ask what it is all about. No reply. Instead of this, they gag me. The gag fills my mouth, and they expend it. I believe they will stop me breathing. I try to behave and control my respiration. It is OK…

They carry on kicking me, and they sometimes reach my balls. It is probably worse than the electroshocks.

They go.

I try to recover. It is not easy.

I fall asleep.

Period after period, days after day, may be, they give me electroshocks or kicking. My whole body ache, and I am still hogtied. It is a nightmare.

What is it all about?

What have happened?

They gag me almost all day long. My jaw aches.

After what have been probably one month, or perhaps one month and half, I am waken up once with an unusual kick in my face.

Somebody talks to me :

“You have reached half of your penalty. You have 6 more weeks to spend here. You will be either kicks, either electroshocks, every day to come. You will remove hogtied till the end of your penalty.

You’ve been lucky, as you’ve been gazed half a day since the beginning, for us to look after you, clean you, shave you, feed you.

From now, you will have to sleep by yourself. Time will seem longer.

You are in this pit, an old well, quite deep and narrow. It is totally airtight, and lightproof. Nobody can hear you.

Before I leave you, I will screw in some nails that are situated in all rings in your body. They will go into your flesh, for you to remember all rings you have on your body. It is to be painful, as they are sharp.”

I try to protest, but it is impossible to talk.

I feel all those nails digging my skin and my flesh, as they are screwed in.

The position that was harder become like hell. I won’t survive another six weeks…

I can’t sleep long. I wake up everytime I move slightly.

It is a nightmare.

Once a day, someone come and give me some drinks and food, liquid food. They wash me every two days, and shave me all with a cream every four days.

Once a day, they give me a long session of electroshocks or a long session of kicking.

I am unable to calculate the dates. It seems endless.

One day, they open the top of the pit.

Somebody free me from the floor, but I keep hogtied.

With a hoist, they lift me from the bottom of the pit. The lift seems to last very long, but it is a matter of minutes only.

They put me off the pit, and they start to unscrew all the nails that have been digging my skin for six weeks now.

Then, with a electric saw, they cut my rings all around my body.

Eventually, they remove my gag and my blindfolds.

The light is too bright. I can’t open my eyes before quite a long time. And it is late evening!

After a couple of hours, I am able to see. I can see my body. All nails have done some holes in my skin and flesh. My flesh is dreadful, and have melt where the rings were. I am whiter than I have ever been. I am hairless, totally hairless. My body is covered with bruises.

Eventually I notice the rings I had on my cock and tits were heavy padlocks.

I watch the soldiers around me, but I can’t recognise any of them.

I try to stand up, but I am too weak. They gave me food to survive, not to maintain my body.

They force me up, and pull me toward the officer.

He watches me.

He says he hope I have learn a lesson, and will go and spend a few days to recover to the local military hospital, before going back to service.

He also says I will keep the padlocks forever to never forget what I’ve been taught.

I am extracted to the hospital, and the uncomfortable bed, and the tasteless food seems to be a posh hotel and restaurant…

I’ve never been told what I did to be inflicted such a punishment.


Metal would like to thank the author, CREUSS, for this story! To contact him via Recon, click here.

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