The Ride With My Sir

By Rubrpig

My phone went off and I groaned and rolled over.  It was Sunday and it was the only day I could count on sleeping in.  I grabbed the phone from the table beside my men and cracked one eye open and looked at the screen to see who was calling.  I quickly answered when I saw it was my buddy and part-time Sir.  I answered, Yes Sir and sat up in bed.

My Sir growled at me for keeping him waiting and then when I began to stammer excuses, he laughed and told me to relax.  I immediately began to wonder what was up as he never allowed me to get away with anything.

He laughed and called me by my name at that point so I knew it was a friendly call between close friends instead of Sir and his wayward boy.  He told me that it looked like a great day to go for a ride on our bikes and get out of the city for a while.  I stood up and opened the drapes covering the window and saw that it was a clear sunny day.  I readily agreed and we made plans to meet up at his place in about an hour.  I knew that would give me time to get into my riding gear and zip over to his place on my Ducati.  I got up and walked to the closet and grabbed my riding gear.

I pulled on the under suit which would wick away any sweat and keep me comfortable in my leathers.  I knew it was going to be warm so this would help.  I pulled on socks then grabbed my back protector and shrugged it on and strapped it tight. Then I grabbed my riding suit.  I unzipped the main zippers on the Dainese suit and sat down and worked my legs into the suit and then stood up and pulled the suit up over my hips.

The next part was the hardest part.  I dropped to my knees and crouched as much as I could and worked my arms into the sleeves of the suit.  I struggled and worked my upper body into the suit and finally the suit slid onto my body.  The front flap of the suit hung down as I stood up and stretched and settled the suit properly.  I sat down and zipped the leg zippers and then picked up my Sidi race boots and put them on and snapped the closers and stood up.  I zipped up the two zippers on the front of the suit and I grabbed my thigh pack and strapped it on so I had a place to put my wallet, money and keys when we were not riding.

Locking the door of my condo, I walked to the elevator carrying my heavy helmet and riding gloves.  I called the elevator and when it arrived, there were several people on it and they smiled as I clumped on.  Walking in race gear is interesting as the suit is designed to force your body into a specific position.  Your legs are slightly bent at the knees as the knee armour digs into your legs if you try to straighten them and your arms are bent at the elbow so when you are on the bike your arms are in the right position for riding.

I got down to the garage and walked over to my parking spot.  I set my helmet and gloves on the back of my Audi while I walked around the car and uncovered my Ducati which was kept in the parking spot in front of my car.  I pulled the cover off, unlocked the security lock and walked the bike out of the spot.  I put it back on its stand and picked up my helmet.  I pulled on the heavy AGV helmet and snugged the chin strap.  I pulled on the heavy armoured gloves and snugged the velcro straps snug around my wrists.

I swung my leg over the bike and took the key and fired the endive up.  I revved it a little and it settled into a smooth idle.  I waited a couple of minutes to let it warm up and I put it in gear.  I knew I was going to get some stares riding this bright red Ducati and my leathers were primarily red, white and black to go with the bike.

I had about a 20 minute ride to my Sir’s place and the Sunday morning traffic was light so I made good time on the expressway.  I pulled off the expressway and slowed down on the surface streets as I rode to his place.  I pulled up to his house and parked the bike on his driveway.  I turned the bike off and flipped the stand down and swung off the bike.  I clumped up to the door and rang the bell.  Soon, the door opened and my buddy/Sir was standing there in his race gear.  The blue, white and black Alpinestars suit just made his body even hotter.  He already had his helmet and gloves on.  He told me to wait by my bike and he would get his bike out of the garage.  I nodded and went back to my bike and he closed and locked the door.

Shortly the garage door went up and he walked his Aprilia bike out, and I saw that he was wearing a backpack low on his back so it did not interfere with the hump on his suit’s back and put it on the stand.  He triggered the door closed and armed his alarm system.  He got on his bike and started it.  I did the same and he rode off leading the way.  I followed and we got on the northbound expressway and after about 45 minutes we were in the mountains north of the city.  We pulled off the expressway and picked up a scenic route and rode through the forests.  He indicated that we were pulling off the highway and onto a side roady.

The dirt road went through the dense forests and we slowed and pulled up in a shaded area where the trees opened up and created a small grassy area.  I pulled up beside him and raised my mirrored visor and looked over at him.  He looked over and I saw my image reflected in his visor.  I turned off my bike and when he did the same we could hear only the muffled silence of the forest.  I put the bike on the stand and swung off the bike and stretched.  Riding for over an hour in a crouched position on the bike made it feel good to stand and stretch.

We walked over to a couple of large rocks and sat and just relaxed.  Sir stood up and shrugged off his backpack and unzipped one of the pouches and pulled out a couple bottles of water.  He tossed one to me and I grabbed it.  I took my helmet off and the cool forest air felt good on my sweaty head.  The heavy race helmet was great but it did get hot after a while.  He finally took off his helmet and we both relaxed and drank the water.

After a few minutes, Sir stood up and opened the main section of his backpack and pulled out a couple of bundles of rope and some heavy restraints.  He told me to stand up and I was to put my helmet back on.  I nodded and pulled the heavy helmet back on and snugged the chin strap.  He grabbed my left bicep and we walked over to a tree and he told me to kneel.  I obeyed and he told me to shuffle back so my legs were on either side of the tree.  I got into position and he went behind me and fastened heavy restraints over my boots and then told me to put my arms behind my back.  I obeyed and he put restraints on my wrists over my gloves.

Once he finished strapping and locking the heavy restraints, he took a length of rope and quickly put the rope through the rings on the ankle restraints and pulling hard on the rope pulled my boots together or at least as close as they would move considering a tree separated my legs.  The pressure from the rope soon had my leg muscles quivering as they fought against the pressure the restraint was putting on them.

He grabbed my right wrist and he quickly pulled another rope through the ring on it and then I felt him tugging my arm down and to the left as he tied off the rope on the restraint on my left boot.  He did the same with my left arm and it was soon tied tightly to my right boot.  I groaned from the pressure on my arms and legs caused by the restraints.  I tried shifting back a little in an attempt to ease the pressure but it did not help.  My chest was thrust forward as my arms were pulled back so hard.  I ended up trying to stay as still as possible as my body adjusted to the pressures of the restraints.

Sir knelt in front of me and I could see my reflection in his visor as he watched my eyes.  He could tell I was under strain and the pain was building.  He reached down and grabbed my cock through my leathers and found that it was rock hard.  My eyes were pleading for release but my cock as usual betrayed me.  He knew I was a pain pig and I was really getting off on the pain he had caused by his restraints.

He reached over and unbuckled my helmet and pulled it off my sweating head.  The cool air of the forest chilled me and I shivered a little.  Sir laughed and he stood up and unzipped his suit and then reached in and pulled his cock and balls out and I saw his cock was rock hard and a bead of pre-cum slowly dripped from the piss slit in the head of his dark purple cock head.  He moved forward and grabbed my head with his gloved hands and pulled me forward and I groaned as that just increased the pain in my shoulders and legs.

I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in and then locked my head in position and pressed his gloved hands tightly against the sides of my head and the heavy gloves blocked most of my hearing.  He began to fuck my mouth and throat with hard deep thrusts.  I grunted, drooled and tried to breathe as he fucked my face with hard deep thrusts.  I could feel myself getting even harder as he kept pounding my throat with his cock.

Finally he almost pulled out but kept the head of his cock in my mouth.  I wrapped my tongue around it and held it softly as it began to spasm and his heavy load of cum began to fill my mouth.  I swallowed hard and kept swallowing so none of his cum leaked out of my mouth.  Finally as he stopped cumming I felt my cock exploding inside my leathers.  My undersuit soaked up most of my cum and I could feel some dripping down my right leg.  I slowly licked and sucked his cock clean and he slowly backed away standing in front of me.  He grabbed his wet cock with his right hand still gloved and began to slowly stroke his cock.  I watched and moaned as the pain was really getting intense in my shoulders.

He stopped stroking and slowly tucked his cock and balls back inside his suit and zipped it back up.  I groaned watching his cock disappearing inside his leathers.  He laughed and told me I would get a chance to get used by his cock later.  He picked up his backpack and pulled out a heavy leather hood.  He walked over to me and pulled the thick leather hood over my head and adjusted it.  The hood had eye holes, grommets to breathe through and an open mouth.  There were buckles on either side of the mouth hole.  He laced the hood tightly and then buckled the attached collar and padlocked it.  He grabbed a leather plug gag and shoved it into my mouth and buckled it tight to the hood.

He walked behind me and I felt the ropes on my arms being loosened and removed.  Then he untied my ankles and I slumped forward trying to shift the stress and strain in my shoulders.  He leaned down and grabbed me under my right arm and helped me to stand.  I groaned as my tense muscles moved and I was able to stand and move around so I could loosen them up.  He watched as I moved around.

After about 10 minutes or so I finally worked the strain and tension out of my body.  Sir walked over to me carrying a thin stainless steel cable in his hand.  He looped it around my neck and I took two padlocks and locked the loops on the end of the cable to the two main zipper tabs on my suit.  I knew I was locked into my race gear for certain.  He knelt and he used black zip ties on the latches on my boots locking the latches so my boots were now locked on.

He stood up and told me to get my helmet and put it on.  I quickly walked over to it and picked it up.  I pulled down hard on it to get it to slide over the heavy leather of the hood.  I fumbled with the chin strap but I got it strapped on snug.  With the helmet on I could not hear anything.  Sir walked over and unlocked the remaining restraints on my wrists.  He had removed the ones on my boots when he locked them.  He picked up the backpack and handed it to me.  I shrugged into it and settled it low on my back so the hump on the suit was not interfered with.  We walked over to our bikes and we got on them.  We rode out of the forest and this time took the coastal road back to the city.

The ride back to his house took nearly 2 hours and by then I could feel the sweat trickling down my head and face under the heavy leather hood and helmet.  My mouth was dry from the leather gag but I was still rock hard.

We reached Sir’s house and we parked on the driveway.  He got off his bike and walked over and opened the garage and we walked our bikes into it.  He closed the door and He moved over to the door to the house and pointed to it and I walked over.  We entered the house and he motioned me to take off my helmet.  I fumbled and got it off and finally could hear again.  He walked over and told me that I was going to stay in my race gear for the rest of the weekend.  I grunted and nodded.  He smiled and unbuckled the gag and pulled it out of my very dry mouth.  He told me to grab a couple of bottles of water from the fridge.

We walked over to the table and he pointed to a chair and I sat down.  The hump on the back of my suit forcing me forward but it was still good to sit and drink water.  I could feel the sweat under the hood begin to dry slowly.

We sat quietly and he clued me in as to what was going to happen for the rest of the weekend.

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  1. I loved this story ! Bikers and bondage (in forest), we don’t need more, do we ?

    (And furthermore, this story fits the definition of porn by Umberto Eco, which is remarkable.)

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