The Speed Trap – Part 01

By Rubrpig

It was a great way to end a weekend of heavy play with my part-time boy. Since the start of the pandemic we had not managed much time together but with the easing of the restrictions it made it easier for me to get out on the bike and travel to where he was stuck working on a remote construction project. The hard physical work had kept him in peak condition so he was able to take the hard abuse I so enjoyed inflicting on him.

This morning after letting him out of the sleep sac, he took care of my morning hard-on and piss. I slapped him on the ass and told him to get breakfast for me as I was going to leave right after eating. While he was busy in the kitchen, I pulled on my leather pouch jock, then pulled on the padded Langlitz breeches and zipped the legs. I pulled on heavy boot socks then my tall Wesco’s and did up the 3 straps on each of my boots. I took my long sleeved leather uniform shirt and tugged it on over my heavily muscled furry torso and snapped it closed. I did up the collar and worked my tie on and snugged it.

Then I pulled the waist belt of my Sam Browne through the wide loops on my breeches, then put on the cross strap over my right shoulder. I walked out of the bedroom, my heavy boots thudding on the floor.

My boy looked up as I entered the kitchen. He smiled as he saw me. We were both of similar builds. We are both 6-foot-4, and I weight about 10 pounds more than he does at 240lbs. We were both still heavily muscled from our time in the Marines. Nothing like heavy construction work to keep you hard and fit for heavy play.

My tight heavy leathers creaked as I sat down at the table as he served me breakfast. He knelt by my boots and waited quietly as I ate. After I finished, I pointed to my boots and he quickly fell forward and licked and sucked them clean. I tugged on his heavy chain collar that he always wore even when we were apart. The heavy thick chain and padlock added to his bulk. The men he worked with had learned not to question him about the collar after several of them made snide comments about it. After their noses healed up from being broke with one punch, the rest learned not to question him.

I told him that I was taking off and heading home. He stood and nodded and followed me to the front hall where I picked up my heavy Langlitz jacket and pulled it on and zipped it up. After hooking up the Sam Browne on the jacket, I picked up my helmet and gauntlets and indicated that he was to pick up my black leather saddle bags. He obeyed and followed me out to the driveway where my Harley was parked. He attached my saddle bags to the mounts and stood there at attention while I swung my leg over the bike and moved it upright off its stand. I started the engine and listened till it settled down into a low rumble. I looked over at him naked except for his collar standing at attention and told him he was dismissed. I pulled on my helmet and put the bike into gear and left him standing there on the driveway.

The interstate route was busy with semis and rather than get stuck in the lineup of the rigs which can be dangerous for anyone on a bike even a Harley, I pulled off the interstate onto the state highway which was a longer less direct route home. I was finally able to relax and enjoy the ride without worrying about getting cut off by a semi. About 2 hour away from home, I was passing through the county seat but really was not paying attention to my speed. Just as I passed through the last of the town’s area, I heard a siren behind me and I checked the mirrors and pulled over to the side of the road thinking the emergency vehicle behind me was trying to get past.

I checked the mirrors again and saw it was a police car and they were flashing their lights to signal me to pull over and stop. I slowed and pulled over to the side of the highway. I put the kickstand down and leaned the bike onto it and turned it off. I pulled off my helmet and set it on the tank. I stood up and swung my leg over the bike and stood up and turned to face the police car. As I turned to face the police car, a deep voice thundered over the PA of the car ordering me to stand still and put my hands behind my head with my fingers interlaced. I did and once I has assumed the ordered position, both doors of the car opened and I watched as two very large and muscular state troopers got out.

They had similar builds and their uniforms were stretched tight over their heavily muscled bodies. Their body armour under their uniform shirts just added to the beefy size of their bodies. They adjusted their peaked Stetsons and walked forward to me with their hands resting on the butts of their semi-automatic weapons.

The trooper who had been the driver asked me for my driver’s licence and insurance for the bike. I nodded and told them that my wallet was in the right rear pocket of my breeches. I asked if I could lower my arms and get my wallet out. He told me to stand still and not move. The other trooper moved over behind me and I felt him as he unzipped the pocket of my breeches and stuck his gloved hand into the pocket and fished out my wallet despite how snug my breeches fit me.

He moved away and handed my wallet to his partner and stood watching me as his partner went through my wallet. As my wallet was being searched, the trooper came across a picture of me with my part-time boy. The picture had been taken at Folsom several years prior and showed me in a full leather motor-cycle uniform and my boy in a leather straitjacket, collared and leashed kneeling beside my boots.

The lead trooper showed the picture to his partner and both men looked over at me. The lead trooper nodded and his partner walked over behind me and grabbed my right wrist and pulled it down and snapped the cuffs on it and then did the same to my left wrist, he set the locks and grabbing me by my left bicep, he walked me over to the police car, opened the rear door and told me to get in. I struggled to get in as my tight heavy leathers made it difficult and the trooper forced my head down and finally I was in and the door slammed shut.

I looked around the car and I was in a cage with plexi-glass shields separating me from the front seat. I watched as the trooper who had cuffed me, took off his Stetson and picked up my helmet and pulled it on. He started my Harley and pulled away on it. The lead trooper walked to the car and got behind the wheel. He put his partners Stetson on the passenger’s seat, started the engine and pulled away.

I yelled at the trooper and asked what the fuck was happening. Why had I been cuffed and what were the charges against me. The trooper did not acknowledge me and just driving, following his partner who was riding my Harley. After about 10 minutes, we turned off the main road and pulled up to the rear of an old building. The sign on the door indicated that it was the prisoner entrance with the warning that all prisoners were to be handcuffed prior to entering.

The rear door of the police car was opened and I was dragged out and told to stand up. I obeyed and watched as the other trooper rode over to another building, stopped the bike and got off. He opened the door and then rode my Harley into the building. After a few minutes, he walked out, closed the door and came over to where I was standing with the lead trooper. He handed the keys to my Harley to his partner who clipped them to his duty belt. The second trooper opened the front door of the police car, retrieved his Stetson and put it on.

The troopers moved over and stood beside me and I was grabbed by my biceps and forced to move. The door was opened and we walked into the building. We stopped and they pulled their side arms out of their holsters and put them in lock boxes. Then we went through another door which clanged shut telling me it was a heavy steel security door. The trooper who had ridden my Harley remained standing beside me while his partner who I realized finally was a Sergeant walked through another door and closed it. The light in that room turned on and I realized that there was a window with a pass-through slot.

The trooper beside me removed my cuffs and told me that they would go back on if I tried anything. The Sergeant spoke through a speaker system and told me to face the pass through and answer his questions. I was asked for my name, address and birthdates. I replied and he looked at my driver’s licence and verified what I had given him. He set my wallet aside and told me that I had been arrested for reckless driving and speeding. I asked what I had done to warrant these charges. He told me that the speed limit in the county seat was 50mph and I had been clocked by radar doing 55mph. I also failed to pull over and stop completely when they had turned on the siren. I stood there and decided just to listen.

The Sergeant went on to tell me that I was now going to be booked into the county jail while waiting for my trial which would be in 3 days when the circuit judge was scheduled to sit at the county courthouse.

I decided that it was best not to say anything. The sergeant ordered me to remove my leathers and strip down completely so I could be processed into the jail. I pulled off my gauntlets and set them on the table in the room. I removed my leathers and boots and put them on the table. I bent over and slid my leather jock down over my thighs causing my cock to bounce as I pulled the pouch of the jock over it and my balls. I finally pulled off my socks and dropped them on top of my leathers. I stood up. The trooper in the room with me moved over and pulled on a pair of latex gloves and began to do a complete body search.

He rubbed his hands over my body and then had me open my mouth as he probed under my tongue. Then I was told to bend over and grab my ankles. He knelt behind me and I heard the creaking of his heavy body armour and his boots as he knelt, examined my balls and cock then a finger was shoved into my hole and he felt around checking for anything I might have hidden in my ass hole. My cock hardened and began to drip pre-cum. He stood and told me to straighten up and I obeyed.

Just then, the Sergeant slid the pass through open and handed through a bundle of clothing. I was told to put the clothing on. I pulled on a pair of orange boxer shorts printed with the word prisoner and the name of the county. Then I put on a pair of orange pants and a pull over shirt both printed with large letters front and back indicating I was a prisoner. A pair of slip on slippers was then handed out and I put them on.

Just as I finished getting dressed, the trooper grabbed me and I felt a prick on my neck and I turned to the trooper and asked what happened. I felt strange and then nothing.

I started to come to and my mind was foggy but it slowly cleared. I wondered why it was so dark and my breathing sounded so strange. As I became more aware, I realized that I could not move my arms or legs and it felt like there was a heavy weight pressing me down into the padded surface beneath my body. There was little light and I finally was able to focus and I realized that the light was coming through a small set of holes over each eye. I tried lifting my head and I was able to but I realized that my head was encased in something heavy. I grunted and then I yelled for help. All that did was make my ears ring as I soon realized my head was in a heavy steel helmet of some sort.

I stopped yelling and laid there wondering what the hell was happening. Just then I realized that there was someone standing beside me and just then the front of the helmet opened. I squinted in the bright light and when my eyes adjusted I opened them and turned and looked around. The Sergeant and the trooper were standing there in gleaming black leather motorcycle police uniforms. Their Dehners gleamed in the light. I began yelling at them demanding to know what they had done to me. They looked at each other and laughed. The Sergeant leaned over me and smiled, I could hear his heavy leathers creaking as he moved. He looked down at me and spoke, “boy, you are not going anywhere so get used to it.

He reached down and with his tightly gloved right hand grabbed my hair and lifted my head up so I could look at my body. I stared as I realized what had been done to me. My body was covered with a mesh of heavy steel chains that covered me like a blanket. The edges of the chains were padlocked to the frame of the cot I was laying on.

Steel restraints were locked on my biceps, wrists, and ankles so they were also padlocked to the frame. He reached down and pulled the helmet from under me to I could see what I had been locked into. I asked what the hell was happening. They leaned over me and rubbed their gloved hands over my head as the helmet was fitted again and locked closing me in again. I could hear them tell me that I was now their prisoner and I was going to remain that way so I had better get used to it. I started to struggle and yell fighting against the heavy steel restraints I was locked in. Just as I was struggling and yelling, I felt another pinprick and I again passed out from the drug I had been injected with.

I slowly came to again and I found myself still chained and helmeted as I had been before. I heard muffled steps and the helmet was opened and the second trooper was standing over me. His leather uniform showed that he was a Corporal. He looked down at me and told me it was time to feed me and give me something to drink. He told me I had a choice, behave or be forced fed by a feeding tube. I told him that I would behave. He quickly removed the helmet from my head and unlocked the top part of the chain mesh and my arm restraints so I could sit up. I struggled up and sat there quietly and he put a tray on my lap with a bowl of stew and a glass of water. I quietly ate the food and drank as he stood there watching. When I was done, I was instructed to lay down and all the restraints were put back on.

This went on for what felt like several days. One morning or at least I thought it was morning, both men came back into my cell wearing their state trooper uniforms. They were both in motorcycle uniforms, their tight breeches stretched snugly over their heavy legs, their gleaming Dehners glowing from the polish that had been applied to them and buffed to a high gloss. I was fully unlocked for the first time and allowed to stand up. I was shaky on my feet but stood.

The Sergeant told me that it was time for my appearance before the judge, so I was going to be taken to the courthouse. I asked if I could contact a lawyer and was told that a lawyer had been assigned to my case. I nodded and asked if I could meet with them prior to the court appearance and was told that was not necessary. The corporal left the cell and returned with a pile of chains and restraints. They began to secure me for transport. I was soon padlocked into a set of heavy 5 point restraints. The chains were heavy and thick and they forced me to stoop somewhat and walk with a shuffle. A wide heavy leather waist belt was put on and the wrist cuffs were locked to the belt so I had no way of moving my hands. A leash was attached to the collar of the chains and the Sergeant tugged on it and I shuffled out of the cell.

The first stop out of the cell was the open toilet area in the cell block. The corporal pulled on a pair of latex gloves and he moved me over to the toilet and stood behind me and worked my cock out of the boxer shorts and the loose pants I wore. He growled in my ear to piss and I stood there feeling him press against my back as he held my cock so I could piss into the toilet. I finished pissing and he put my cock back in my underwear and moved away from me and I heard him pulling off the latex gloves.

The sergeant tugged on the leash and we moved out of the cell block where I had been housed. I shuffled through the offices and the troopers and several civilians were there stared at me surprised by the heavy restraints I had been locked in. I was lead through a doorway and realized that the police station was connected to the courthouse where I was going to be tried. Shuffling along at the end of the leash I was lead through the courthouse and into the courtroom. I was led up to the prisoners dock and told to enter and stand. I obeyed the orders as the leash was removed from the collar.

Just then 2 men entered and each sat at a table and I realized that they were the lawyers. The one at the left table was my lawyer and the other one was the prosecutor. Neither looked at me and kept looking at the files they had opened. Just then the Judge entered and gaveled the trail into order. The charges against me were read out and the Judge asked my lawyer how I plead. He stood and told the court that I pled guilty as charged. I yelled out that I did not plead guilty and what kind of trial was this.

The Judge looked over at me and told me to be silent or he would order me gagged. I told him again that I was innocent and demanded to be released. The judge looked over at the troopers who had arrested me and told them to gag the prisoner. They nodded and moved quickly and one pinched my nose closed and forced me to open my mouth to breathe while the other one shoved a heavy rubber cock into my mouth. The cock was attached to a leather plate and strap which was quickly strapped tight and padlocked. I could only grunt and I struggled but I was held on both sides by the troopers. The judge looked at me and told me that since I had pled guilty to the charges of reckless driving, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer I was hereby sentenced to one year in the custody of the county jail.

I struggled in the chains as the sergeant reattached the leash and I was dragged out of the courtroom and through the courthouse back into the police station. They dragged me in the chains into the cell I had been taken from and released. The door to the cell was slammed and locked and I shuffled over to the cell door and tried to shake the door but my hands were securely locked to the heavy waist belt. I stood there grunting into the gag locked in my mouth, drool running down my chin and dripping onto the loose orange jail uniform shirt I was wearing. The troopers stood there laughing at my struggles.

The sergeant moved to the cell door and told me that there was no use struggling. He told me that as a convicted felon I would be kept in permanent chains as set out in the laws of the county. I grunted as loudly as I could and kept struggling against the heavy chains. I finally wore myself out and fell down onto my knees groaning and drooling. They unlocked the cell and entered and once again felt the pin prick as I was again injected with a drug and I slowly passed out…

To be continued …

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