The Speed Trap – Part 03

By Rubrpig

My brother and I stood in our cells watching as the leather troopers dragged our Sir from his cell. He shuffled along at the end of the heavy leash they hooked to his collar. He was still locked in the steel bondage helmet so he had very little vision so shuffled slowly depending on the leash to guide him. They took him through the back door of the cells which appeared to be the one I saw them use that morning.

We shuffled over to the cots and sat down taking the pressure off of our necks and backs as the chains we wore forced us to stoop a little to take the pressure off of our bodies. We looked at each other and I asked him what should we do next. We really had no options available to us as we were both padlocked into heavy 5 point chains and locked in a jail cell.

Really no way to escape unless we could figure out a way to overpower the troopers and get the keys to our chains. We both looked at each other and discounted that option as the wrist shackles had short chains so we did not have much movement for our hands and arms so that seemed like a faint hope.

We sat there wondering what was happening to our Sir but we knew we had to simply wait until he was returned to his cell from the dungeon he had been taken to. Just then the cell block door opened and a trooper walked in and stopped at our cell. He smiled at the sight of 2 heavily muscled shaved head ex-marines seated on the cots in the cell heavily chained and locked.

It was known that we were both locked up in chastity devices as the leather troopers had made a point of telling the other troopers and the civilian staff we had been chastised by the other prisoner in the cells and now it was a family reunion of sorts. Just then another trooper entered the cells carrying food trays. The door to our cell was opened and one trooper entered and told us to get down on our knees and we obeyed.

The other trooper walked in and dropped the food trays on the floor in front of us and told us to eat. They left the cell and locked the door while standing as we leant forward and shoved our faces into the trays filled with warm beef stew. We suck the stew up and chewed on the stringy meat and then we licked the trays clean. The troopers came back into the cell and wiped our faces and then picked us up and helped us to move to our cots. We were told to lay down and they began to fasten webs of heavy chains onto us padlocking the web to the sides of the cots. Once the webs were locked down, one of them went to a closet and came back with two steel bondage helmets like the one our Sir had been wearing. These were put on us and padlocked.

We laid there struggling under the weight of the heavy chain webs and the little light that penetrated the vision holes on the helmets. The troopers laughed as they walked away. The leather troopers had told them to restrain us and paid them to do it.

We both fell asleep but we both woke up when the leather trooper came into the cells dragging our Sir back to his cell. They opened his cell and dropped him onto his cot and put on the heavy chain web to lock him to his cot. The troopers told him to remember that he had better not piss as he would be laying in it for a day. Sir grunted and they left.

They then entered our cell and shook us to make sure we were awake and told us that if we pissed we would be laying in it until they decided to let us up so we could clean up the mess and they turned and left the cell locking the door after them. The rest of the night was quiet and we all managed to get some sleep.

The next day was much the same. We were all unlocked from the cots and the heavy chain webs, our helmets removed and allowed to shuffle to the toilets and relieve our selve. We were returned to the cells and left. They did not chain us up further and did not replace the helmets so we were able to talk quietly.

Sir told us that yesterday morning he had been taken to a metal shop and the padlocks on his chains had been removed one at a time and steel rivets inserted and fixed into place so the shackles could only be removed by cutting them off. He moved over to the common wall of bars between our cells and so we could see what he meant. He told us that our upcoming trial was already rigged and that our so-called defense council would plead us guilty and the judge would sentence us. If we tried to speak the judge would have us gagged in the court. We nodded and between the three of us decided our best option was to wait and see if anyone found the materials we left at my house. We just had to wait.

I asked Sir how he was handling being locked in a chastity belt. He smiled and said so far it was ok but he was sure it would start bothering him more in the coming days. I looked at my brother and we both smiled and assured our Sir that was the case. We both had been locked up for nearly a year now and were used to it but the first couple of months were awful as we adjusted to not having the ability to touch our cocks and balls.

That day passed slowly and that evening Sir was again taken to the dungeon by the leather troopers and after a few hours returned. The next day he told us that it was getting rough as the 4 men who controlled us were determined to break him so they were really piling on the abuse. He was being whipped and flogged constantly and last night they had begun using canes on him especially on his feet. He as we both knew was an intense sadist but really did not enjoy pain when it was inflicted on him. However, we just tried to calm him and reassure him that we knew he could handle what was happening. We told him to lay down and rest. The rest of the day passed slowly.

The next day, the troopers came into our cell in their regulation uniforms and told us that we were going to be taken for trial. They attached heavy leashes to our heavy steel collars and dragged us from our cell. We were lead through the station and into the courthouse which Sir told us was attached. We were lead to the prisoners dock and told to remain standing. We stood them hunched over in our heavy chains and the lawyers and the judge entered.

The trial began and as our Sir predicted, our lawyer pled us guilty and the judge smiled as he sentenced us to one year in jail in permanent chains. We were lead out and back to our cell. After being locked up in the cell, they left us and our Sir asked what happened. By brother told him that as he predicted we had been sentenced to a year in jail in in permanent chains.

Just then the troopers came back into the cells but this time they were in their heavy leather uniforms. They unlocked our cell and dragged us out on leashes and led to the back door. We figured we were going to have our chains made permanent so we really just had to obey. We were led over to a prisoner transport van and we stepped up and into the back of the van. We were told to sit in seats and once we were seated heavy shoulder belts and a waist belt were put on us and snugged tight holding us tight in our seats. They left the prisoner’s area and slammed the door.

Soon the van started moving and we drove for a while. The van stopped and the back door opened. The troopers stepped up into the van and unlocked me from the seat. I was dragged out leaving my brother locked in his seat. I was dragged into a heavy machine shop where 2 men were waiting. I was told to sit on a stool. I obeyed and the padlock on my collar was removed and a heavy rivit inserted. One of the men held a heavy hammer again one end of the rivit and the other picked up aheavy riviting gun and applied it to the other end of the rivit. The riviting tool flattened the end of the rivit sealing my collar closed. They then proceeded through the rest of the shackles and once all 5 had been done I was yanked to my feet and dragged out. I was returned to the van and belted me into my seat. My brother was removed and dragged out.

Once he had been taken care of, he was returned to the van and locked into his seat. We left the machine shop and we headed back to the jail and returned to our cell. Our Sir stood when we were dragged back in and put in our cell. The leather troopers locked the cell and looked at the three of us in the cells. They told us that tonight all of us would be taken to the dungeon and begin our service to our new owners. We stood and said nothing and they turned and left.

The hours passed and suddenly the door to the cell area crashed open and both leather troopers entered and our cells unlocked. Leashes were put on all of us and we were lead out through the back door and back into the prisoner transport van. After we were locked into our seats, they got out and we left the jail area.

We drove a for while down a rough road and the van stopped. The leather troopers opened the back of the van and they were joined by two other leather troopers who we recognized as the prosecutor and the judge from our trial. We were unlocked from our seats and we shuffled out of the van and were lead into a old house surrounded by woods.

Sir had told us that the dungeon was located off the road in a old house. We entered the house and the corporal began to remove our jail uniforms as they were designed to tear apart with velcro seams. Soon we were just in our chains and chastity devices. The four leather troopers lead us to the main room of the house and we saw that it had been fitted out as a complete dungeon. The three of us were lead over to the wall and chained face to the wall with short chains locked to the vertical chain of our permanent chains.

The troopers began with whips and floggers on our back paying attention to my brother and I so they could guage our reactions to pain. We stood and took the beating as it was very similar to the ones our Sir routinely inflicted on us. Once we had been worked over, they unlocked us and took us over to the other side of the room and chained us to the wall facing the room so we could watch as the four of them worked over our Sir.

The troopers picked out rattan canes that had been soaking in a tube of water and flexed them. My brother and I looked at each other as we knew those canes would be like knives on Sir’s flesh. The troopers began to swing the canes across our Sir’s ass cheeks leaving bright red welts on his muscular ass. The continued up and down his back, ass and upper thighs leaving red welts oozing blood.

They left him chained to the wall and came back over to us. They unlocked us and dragged us over to a pair of fuck benches and we were soon mounted and strapped down on the benches. They split into pairs and we were soon spit roasted by them as they used our holes. The pumped load after load into us and finally pulled out and had us lick and suck their cocks clean so they could tuck them back into their tight heavy motorcyle cop breeches. They left us where we were and left the room.

We could smell steaks cooking and they sounded like they were enjoying a good meal. They walked back in later smoking cigars. The judge walked over to me and told me to stick out my tonge and I obeyed. He knocked his ash onto my tongue and told me to swallow. Sir had trained me and my brother to be ashtrays for his cigars so I obeyed. The judge seemed surprised by my reaction and told the other troopers that it appears that they had a new ashtray. The prosecutor came over and did the same with my brother and that pleased them as they had ashtrays for their use.

The troopers decided that it was enough for the night so we were released from were we had been bound and dragged back out to the transport van. After being locked into our seats the troopers got into the van and drove us back to the jail. We were dragged back to our cells and for a change not chained down to the cots with the heavy steel chain webs. We were able to relax and finally fall into an exhausted sleep.

To be continued…

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4 thoughts on “The Speed Trap – Part 03”

  1. Damn hot so far! Would love to see the cops wear the top guys langlitz leather and make him worship it on them!

  2. Great story but sounded better from the Sir’s point of view. you changed the narrator’s perspective to his boys. I wish you had stuck to the first one’s perspective. Please go back to that.

  3. What a great first three installments! Thanks for the ideal amount of detail in describing what they are wearing at any given time.

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