The Speed Trap – Part 06

By Rubrpig

I sat back in the chair in my part-time boy’s living room and breathed in slowly to calm my anger with my pair of boys. I still cannot believe the risks that pair took but they did and in a way I have to be proud of them. They reacted to their specialized Marine Corp Recon training and did what they know best but it landed them in jail alongside of me, sentenced to a year in jail and riveted into heavy 5 point chains. I rubbed my wrists where the shackles had rubbed the skin and sighed.

The boys were in the kitchen seeing what they could find for dinner but my full-time boy came back in and reported that there wasn’t much. They were suggesting that we order out for Chinese food or pizza. I nodded and told them Chinese food.

After the food came and we finished eating, I found myself nodding off and I looked over at my boys and saw they were as well. I told them to leave the dishes and it would get cleaned up in the morning as we all needed to get to bed. They nodded and put the left-over food in the fridge and we headed upstairs. As usual I went to the master bedroom and the boys headed to the guest room. When staying with my part-time boy he sleeps in the guest room unless ordered to sleep with me.

The next morning I woke up and felt much better. I decided I needed coffee and got up. I pulled on a pair of sweat pants and headed downstairs after checking on the boys. They were sound asleep so I left them that way. I made coffee and sat in the kitchen deciding what to do with that pair.

About an hour later the boys woke up and walked downstairs as they smelled the coffee and knew I was up. They did not even attempt to put on clothes as they knew it would just piss me off as the standing rule was they remained naked at all times at home unless we were expecting someone then depending on who was coming they were told what they were allowed to wear.

They walked into the kitchen and greeted me and I nodded. They knew I was still pissed at them so they politely asked if they were permitted coffee and I nodded. They got themselves coffee and quietly moved out of my line of sight and drank quietly. I finished and stood up. I told them to finish their coffee and piss then get their asses down to the dungeon as it was time. They nodded and replied Sir, Yes Sir. I left the kitchen and headed up stairs. I took off the sweats and pulled on a leather jock then my Langlitz breeches. I zipped up the legs and then pulled on my Wesco’s. I pulled on a pair of short tight leather gloves.

I walked downstairs and went to the dungeon in the basement. I walked in and found my two wayward boys kneeling, hands clasped behind their backs, heads bowed. I sighed and looked at them telling them that punishment was not meant to be pleasurable but to instruct and teach. They remained silent. I told my full-time boy to stand up and I proceeded to buckle on heavy wrist and ankles restraints.

Once that was done, I hooked him to chains hanging from the ceiling spreading his arms out wide. I knelt and put on a spreader bar so his legs were spread about 3 feet apart so he had to struggle for balance. I then turned and looked at my part time boy. I told him to get up and I put restraints on his wrists and ankles as well. I then added a leather plug gag and tightened it and buckled it. I told him to get over to the whipping horse. I knelt and clipped his wrists and ankles to the base of the horse so he was bent over with his ass in the air.

When we first connected, both had told me things which they hated and feared in heavy play so I knew what could be used as punishment. Both knew that I would perform these things to them if they ever needed to be heavily punished. I walked over and picked up a tub and walked over to my full time boy and began to removed clothes pin zippers from the bin. His eyes widen and fear came over him. I knew he was scared of these but it was pleasurable to me to see fear in the eyes of a 6”4” Marine Corp Sergeant.

I nodded and began clipping the pins to the underside of his right arm, through his arm pit and down his right side and onto his thigh. I did another one on his left side, then I began to clip pins across his chest, and nipples. These I went back and forth so his stomach was soon covered in pins. Then I knelt and put two more zippers down the inside of both legs. I stood and walked away leaving him to feel the pain from the pins beginning.

I then walked over to the rack and picked up a heavy rubber strap and walked over to my part-time boy and grabbed his head and pulled it up to show him the strap. He began to struggle in the restraints and grunting but I did not say anything but I walked behind him and told him that he was getting 25 strokes. I heard him grunt and moan but all I did was swing the paddle up and bring it down on his left ass cheek. I grunted and keep a steady pace alternating the strokes on his left then right ass cheeks.

At 15 strokes, I paused and moved up and rubbed my gloved hands over his dark red and bruised ass. His skin was raised in broad welts and it felt like his ass was on fire. I stepped back and applied the final 10 strokes. I set the paddle down and walked around and checked on him. He was hanging limp in his bonds, drool running out of his mouth but he was conscious and moaning. I removed the gag and he whispered, Sir, Thank you Sir. Sir, I deserved this punishment Sir. I told him that I was proud of him and I unclipped him from the horse. I helped him to his feet and then helped him walk over to a cot and let him lay down on the cot to rest.

I turned around and looked at my other boy standing there struggling in the chains trying to keep silent despite the pain from all of the clips on his body. I picked up a ball gag and walked over and told him to open his mouth. I shoved the ball in behind his teeth and strapped it tight. I then moved in front of him and told him to watch where my hand went. He watched as my right hand reached up and too the top of the zipper on his left arm and I smiled as I pulled back sharply pulling the zipper loose and the clips flew off his body. The blood rushed back in and the pain hit and he screamed but the gag muffled it. I reached up and grabbed the zipper on his right arm and pulled. By now, he was struggling and trying to pull away from me but I just kept pulling the zippers off of his upper body. Finally, only the two on his legs remained. I knelt and grabbed both at the same time and pulled. The zippers came free and he howled as the blood rushed back into the very sensitive tissue.

I watched him as he struggled with the pain and moved closer and held him till he calmed down. I removed the ball gag and he also thanked me for the punishment. I nodded and I removed the restraints and held him as we walked over to a chair and I sat him down. I grabbed blankets and covered both of them and told them to come back upstairs when they felt better. They nodded and shivered as they began to come down from the endorphin high.

I walked back upstairs and went to the master bedroom. I pulled off my boots and then slid the tight heavy breeches down my legs and stepped out of them. I stripped off my leather jock and pulled off my socks. I headed into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Once it was hot, I got in and had a good hot shower and scrubbed myself almost raw. I wanted the smell of the jail off of my skin.

I toweled off and went into the bedroom and pulled got a pair of 501s, short tactical boots and a black t-shirt from the closet and got dressed. I shoved my cock down the left leg of my jeans and adjusted my balls. I finished dressing and went downstairs and made a fresh pot of coffee.

I sat in the living room and rested. I felt better now that I had gotten the punishment over with. I hated disciplining those 2 men as they were strong and disciplined Marines like myself. But I knew it had to be done to insure they understood they made a mistake which could have had very serious consequences.

After an hour I heard them both come up from the dungeon and they walked into the kitchen looking sheepish. I asked them if they were ok and they nodded. I told the part-time boy to turn around and let me see his ass. He obeyed and I got up and moved over rubbing my hand over his now heavily bruised ass but the welts had gone down.

I told them to get their asses upstairs and have showers then get dressed in the same gear I was wearing as we were going out for breakfast. They ran upstairs, and soon I heard the shower going. After a while they came down and we pulled on our Langlitz jackets and headed out to the local diner for a big breakfast.

While on the way I asked my full-time boy how his ass was as he like me had been gang-raped at the dungeon party. He said it was still tender and sore and I nodded telling them mine was as well. I decided to call a Dr. we knew in the city who was a leather man as well and see if we could get in and see him.

When we got to the diner, we managed to get a booth and we all ordered big breakfasts as we were still hungry from the lack of food we had suffered during the time in the jail. I pulled out my phone and called our friend. I explained the situation and he told me to meet him along with the boys at his office in 2 hours. I told him that I appreciated him making time for us and hung up.

After we finished breakfast and took our time over coffee, it was time to leave for the appointment with the Dr. We got to his office just as he arrived so we walked in with him. As it was Saturday, the office was closed so there were no other staff around. We went into his office where we sat down. Our friend asked what was up and why the urgent need for medical treatment. I told him the situation and what had happened to us. His eyes went wide and he sat back simply stunned. I told him that most likely it would be in the media soon considering the number of arrests etc. He nodded and said that we would all need blood work done to screen for STD’s and HIV. Also he told me that I and my full-time boy would need anal exams to see what damage had been done during the rape.

We went into the exam room. I was told to get undressed and sit on the table. I stripped and got up on the exam table naked. The Dr. first drew blood for all the blood work and for me a drug screen as I told him that I had been drugged several times. He wanted to make sure there was nothing in my system and if there was what had been used on me. Then he had me lay down on my side facing the wall. He pulled on latex gloves and lubed up a finger and slowly began probing at my hole. I groaned as it stung. He asked if I was feeling pain and I told him I was.

He pulled out and said that he was going to have to use a speculum and open my hole up so he could examine it. I nodded and the cold speculum was slide in and my hole slowly opened up. He asked me to tell him when it began to hurt and he would stop. I did and he stopped and did a close up exam. He removed the speculum and told me that there was some minor tearing but no signs of infection so far. He was going to prescribe a strong antibiotic for 3 weeks and that should help. If the pain got worse then I was to call him immediately.   I nodded and he told me that I could get dressed. I climbed down of the table.

He motioned for my full-time boy who like my part-time boy had already stripped. He did the same work and exam and again found tearing in the anal tissue but no infection. He would also be given antibiotics for 3 weeks. Then my part time boy was examined. As he had not been gang-raped, he was given a general exam just to make sure there was nothing wrong. The Dr. asked what happened to his ass and he sheepishly told the Dr. that he had been punished along with his brother for getting arrested instead of just going to the authorities when they had found out what was happening to me. The Dr. nodded and told him that they deserved that and more. That made them look even more sheepish.

After we all got dressed, we got the prescription forms and I had the boys properly thank the Dr. by the full-time boy giving him a blowjob and the part-time one by licking his boots clean. We finished up and took off. We stopped at a drugstore and got the prescriptions filled then headed home.

We had been home for about 10 minutes when the doorbell rang. The boys were in the kitchen arguing about whether or not to grill the steaks they had found in the freezer. I opened the door and stepped back. My part-time boy’s father was standing there with a wrath of god look on his face. I saw the black SUV with his security team waiting by the SUV and one on the porch with him. I smiled and asked him in. He walked in and I called for the boys to come as someone was here. The boys came running and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw him.

Although my part-time boy was a Marine Corporal and a decorated war hero and I was a Marine Lieutenant and my other boy a sergeant, we were all intimidated by this man. He knew what his son was and that did not matter to his as he was his son. One of the reasons, my part-time boy had decided to not reup with the marines the last time was due to the fact that his mother had been killed in an accident. He did not want to put any further stress on his father. His parents had been extremely supportive and caring when he came out to them and when he joined the marines. As we decided our relationship was very important to us, we all left the marines as active duty and went to reserve status.

We formed our poly relationship while on active duty, but we made sure to tell him so that he was aware of the relationship. We did not tell anyone else due to the fact that I was an officer and the boys were NCO’s so fraternization was not allowed. But he supported us and told us that we were part of his family. But we were still afraid of him as he was an extremely intelligent and formidable person. He was currently in his third term of Governor of the state. He is also as protective of us as an angry Grizzly. In the last election, his opponent, a right wing Christian fundamentalist decided that my part-time boy would make a great election issue and targeted him.

The news broke several days prior to their last debate. At that debate, the three of us were sitting in the front row and when his opponent brought up so called issue of his homosexual son, he went on the attack. He told his son to stand up. He obeyed and stood, all 6’4” and 220 pounds in full Marine dress blues, with his medals on. He pointed to him and told the viewers that this was his son, a true American hero who was recognized for his bravery. Like me and my full-time boy, he had been awarded the Navy Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal and several purple hearts.   He then turned to his opponent and asked if he had served his country. He stared at his opponent and he told the audience that his opponent had not served in the military but that did not matter but insulting his son and belittling him because he was gay did.

After a long visit he finally decided that we were all good and that he could leave us. He told us that the media had the story and that it would most likely break on the evening news that night so be prepared. We thanked him for letting us know and visiting. He told us that if we need anything like security for the house etc. we were to let him know immediately otherwise he would have to come back here and read the riot act to us. We all stood sheepishly and told him that we would call him if we needed anything. He finally took off and we all collapsed in the living room as dealing with him always was exhausting.

I got up and wandered to the kitchen as I needed to stretch. When I came back into the living room, the boys were huddled together and looked up guiltily when I asked what was going on. They said they were just talking. Somehow I did not believe them but decided that enough was going on and I would just give it a pass. In hindsight I should have questioned them more.

To be continued …

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