The Speed Trap – Part 07

By Rubrpig

The next morning the house was besieged with media crews trying to get statements from us. We refused as we did not want to perpetuate the frenzy but the media had turned this into a major story. The son of the governor illegally convicted along with his friends and turned into sex slaves for a judge, prosecutor and state troopers. All of the details came out and were endlessly exposed on TV etc.

When we left the house we simply got in the truck and left trying to ignore the clamor of the press and after a couple of days, the frenzy began to die down as the media moved on to another story. The morning we woke and saw the house was no longer surrounded by a hoard of media made us feel much more relaxed.

That day I even felt like playing with the boys so we headed down to the dungeon and I soon had the boys trussed up and I began to play with their nipples. After a while I just clamped their nipples and then began to tickle their feet while tugging on the connector chains for the clamps. They squirmed and beg for the tickling to stop as their feet were very sensitive. But I just smiled and tickled them some more. What I really wanted to do was fuck them senseless but the full-time boy was still healing from the gang rape so I did not want to fuck his brother and let him feel like he was being ignored as he was not well enough to be fucked.

After a while, I untied them and put the full time boy in a heavy leather sleep sack and hooded him with a sensory deprivation hood. The part time boy was strapped down in a heavy bondage chair so he could not move a muscle and I put on a gasmask hood and connected the mask’s hose to a bubbler which I proceeded to fill with my piss so his air was filled with the scent and moisture from my piss. I headed upstairs and left them to enjoy the bondage. Both of them were true bondage pigs.

My cell began to ring and I picked it up and saw that it was the Attorney General’s office so I answered the call. They were calling to confirm the appointments for our interviews with the prosecutors assigned to the cases. I made a note of all of the times and they asked to speak to the boys but I assured them that they were doing fine but they were currently not home. I told him that they would call once they were back.

After a while, I went down and checked on the boys. Both had fallen asleep so I checked their breathing and made sure everything was fine. The doorbell rang and I went upstairs and answered it. The governor was standing there and he asked how we were all doing. I invited him in and we went into the living room and sat down. I told him that we were doing fine and were happy that the media had given up finally. He laughed and said now you know what my life is like. He asked where his son was and then told me that he knew that his son had not left the house. I smiled and told him that the boys were down in the basement. He stood and told me that he wanted to have a look and see what was happening.

A little surprised but leery as he would see his son in heavy bondage breathing in piss scented air and I was not sure how he would react. We went downstairs and entered the dungeon. He walked over to where the boys were and looked at me and I pointed at his son and he nodded to show that he understood. He looked carefully at the heavy chair and the bondage straps. He walked back over and asked what his son was breathing through. I told him that it was a bubbler and it was filled with my piss so any air he inhaled smelled and tasted of piss. He went back over and looked closer and then looked down at his son’s steel encased cock and realized that his son was dripping pre-cum which indicated that he was heavily aroused. He nodded and turned and checked out the other boy laced in tight and then laced down to a bench. He asked if that boy could hear and I shook my head and told him that he could not speak, hear or see. He nodded and left the room and we went back upstairs.

I followed him up the stairs and noticed that the governor’s body was in very good shape and the jeans hugged a very hard and firm ass. It just confirmed where my boy had gotten his body from.

We went back into the living room and sat down. He looked over at me and smiled. He said that it was time for a confession. I sat quietly wondering what was coming next and the Governor looked sheepish and told me that he was gay and had hid it all of his life. He went on to say that he was extremely jealous of us and that he knew that BDSM is what turned him on but he had never experienced any. I sat stunned and told him that if he truly was interested we could do something about it. I also told him that he needed to talk to his son and let him know as it was not fair to keep it from him. He nodded and asked if he could go down and talk to him. I agreed and he stood up and left the room.

After a while he came back and sat down smiling. He told me that he had woken his son and removed the gasmask but left him in the bondage chair. His son was startled but calmed down and listened to what his father was telling him. He laughed and told his father that he had guessed a while ago as he noticed how his father could not help but stare whenever his Sir was around. The governor confirmed what his son guessed was true and then he put the gasmask back on his son and left the room.

I asked the governor if he was able to come for dinner tonight and maybe stay the night if possible. He seemed surprised by the invitation but agreed and I told him not to bother bringing anything but just come and enjoy the evening. He got up and smiled and told me that he would see us later. After he left the house, I checked the time and saw that the boys had been locked down for 3 hours so I decided it was time to let them up. I went down and got them both out and we came back upstairs. I looked at my part-time boy and he was still a little stunned by what happened. I told them to go have showers and get dressed as I wanted them to go get the food for dinner and pick up beer etc. and they headed upstairs.

After a while the boys took off and I went over the house and made sure it was clean. I changed the sheets in the second spare bedroom so the bed was ready for the governor to sleep in. The boys came home after several hours and helped get things ready. I told them that I was going upstairs to have a shower and get ready. I headed upstairs and stripped down and got in the shower. After I was done I toweled off and trimmed my beard which I had decided to keep after it had grown during the time in jail. I walked back into the bedroom and as I did, the boys jumped me and wrestled me down and onto the bed. They used their bodies to hold me down as they put heavy leather restraints on my wrists and padlocked them and then padlocked them to the rings on the head board of the bed. They then moved around keeping me pinned down as they got my legs cuffed and chained to the chains that were always available at the foot of the bed. They got up and looked down at me as I struggled spread eagled on the bed. I told them that they were in serious trouble and they laughed.

They left the room and came back later both of them in their Langlitz breeches, wesco’s and upper body harnesses snugged tight to their chests. I told them to let me up and they just walked out. Just then the doorbell rang and I heard their boots thumping down the stairs. The door opened and I heard the governor’s voice so I knew he had arrived. Just then I heard them coming upstairs and then they came into the room. The governor looked down at me chained to the bed and smiled. My part-time boy looked at his father and told him that he knew that I had lusted after his father so it was time for the pair of us do something about it. The governor looked at his son and smiled and asked so what is next?

The boys took him into the walk-in closet and closed the door. After a while the boys came out of the closet and I turned my head and looked at them and then the governor came out. The boys had put him in my Langlitz ranger breeches, Dehners and my bull dog harness. He was also wearing my Muir cap and was pulling on a pair of my short police gloves. I stared as he was very well defined and extremely furry. I felt my cock growing harder than it had been and I nodded at them. The boys then handed the governor a bag and told him that it was time to claim his new boy. The governor looked puzzled and opened the bag. He pulled out a heavy chain and padlock then held them up. The chain and padlock were the same as the ones the boys wore always. The governor looked down at me and nodded. I nodded and lifted my head and the governor slipped the cold heavy chain under my head and brought the ends together on my chest then took the padlock and locked the chain closed so I was now collared and marked as the property of the governor.

The governor’s son handed his father the keys to the padlock and told him to put the keys somewhere safe and then told him that the keys to my chains were on the table by the lamp. They told him that they would be downstairs and to take his time with me. They looked at me and told me that I had better show my new Sir the proper respect. I looked over at them and nodded and smiled.

The governor unlocked the chains connected to my restraints and I stood up and faced him. He smiled and said what happens now. I dropped to my knees, bowed my head, put my arms behind my back clasping my writs, my legs spread apart so my cock and balls hung free. I told the governor that I submitted and that I was very proud to wear his collar and show that I was now his boy. Then I leaned over and slowly kissed the toes of the Dehners he was wearing and then licked and sucked on his boots.

He tapped me on the shoulder and told me to sit up. He unzipped his breeches so his heavy cock flopped out. I nodded and opened my mouth and he slid his cock into it. I carefully began to lick and suck his cock. As he got used to it he growled and grabbed my ears and began to fuck my face slowly. He kept at it and with every stroke forced his cock in deeper into my throat. I savored the taste of his cock and the smell of his body as my face was buried into the fur of his crotch. He pulled out enough that his cock head was resting on my tongue as he began to pump his load. I swallowed the musky heavy cum and the flow kept coming. Finally he was done so I carefully licked and sucked his cock clean.

He looked down at me with his cock still in my mouth. He told me that he really needed to piss. I nodded carefully and sealed my lips around his cock and he got the message. He began to piss filling my mouth rapidly with his heavy stream. I swallowed as fast as I could so none of it got wasted. Finally the flow of piss slowed and then stopped. I licked and sucked his cock clean again. He pulled out of my mouth and sat down on the bed. He looked at me stunned and said that he had waited all of his life for this and it was worth it. I smiled and said what do you want to do next? He said that the four of us needed to talk and he was also starving. I nodded and asked permission to stand. He seemed puzzled and I told him that he was my Sir and now in charge of the family. He nodded and told me to stand but I was to remain as I was. No clothes. I nodded and told him that there was a heavy chain leash in the drawer beside him. He opened the drawer and took out the leash. I told him that it was hooked to my collar so he had me under his control.

He stood up and hooked on the leash and tugged on it and I followed him out of the room and downstairs. We went into the front room and the boys were sitting there naked as they had removed their leathers while waiting for us. They immediately stood and then kneeled showing submission. The governor led me over to where the heavy leather chair was and sat down and pointed to the floor beside the chair. I knelt and moved as close as I could to the chair. He then pointed to the floor in front of him and the boys moved over quickly on their knees and sat back. He smiled and looked at his new boys including his son and smiled.

He looked over to my boys and told them that he really appreciated the gift. He smiled and told them that I had given myself to him as his boy and that he had accepted me and now was the Sir to their Sir. His son looked puzzled and asked permission to speak which amused his father but gave him permission. Sir, where does that leave us? You are my father so does that mean you can have sex with me now? He smiled and looked at his son and told him that nothing changed between them. You are my son and always will be. You are the property of your Sir and he controls you not me. I will be according to my new boy the head of the family. You answer to your Sir as you always have. His son nodded and smiled with a sense of relief showing on his face.

My new Sir told them that it was time to get something to eat and that we will figure out the new dynamics of the family as it goes along but for now, get your asses into the kitchen and get dinner ready. My boys stood up and my Sir looked over at me and said, that includes you now Boy. I nodded and got to my feet. He reached up and unhooked the leash from my collar and the three boys of the family headed to the kitchen.

To be continued …

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