The story behind the Jail Training Center/Academy

Speaking of Jack Fritscher (see last week’s posting) there is much more to share. Many of you guys remember the Jail Training Center/Academy:

jtc_00 jtc-01


Well, Jack Fritscher was there! He writes:

“My longtime friend, Chip Weichelt, was the founder of The Training Center Academy. I worked as producer on several of his films, especially his first, ‘Atlanta Knights.’ As the founding San Francisco editor or Drummer magazine, I went undercover for Drummer, with Chip’s cooperation, and wrote a Drummer feature article about the Academy in Drummer 145, January 1990.


To read that story, plus Jack’s detailed history of Chip, his life, and how his Training Center and videos were created, click here.

Metal would like to thank Jack Fritscher for sharing this stuff!

One thought on “The story behind the Jail Training Center/Academy”

  1. Best article you’ve ever published here. Always wanted to go to The Academy but didn’t. Freaked out by the cameras. But the real jail lockdown scene was something I craved; fuck, still do. Wish there were some real cops ready to help out jail-bait like me! Cuffs, leg irons, cell, prisoner and cop mansmell – does it get any better? Cuff.

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