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Remembering Coulter ‘Colt’ Thomas

Check out these vintage pictures of Colt Thomas, who was the winner of the International Mr. Leather contest back in 1983! According to Facebook postings from leather pioneer Peter Fiske and Leather Archives Executive Director Gary A. Wasdin, today would have been Colt’s 61st birthday. Colt died in 1992.

The pictures below of Colt are re-posted here (without permission) from Facebook and from various sites on the Internet.

Colt Thomas leather man

“Coulter came to IML as Mr. Texas Leather,” Mr. Wasdin wrote today on Facebook. “There were 44 contestants that year, and the devastation of AIDS was growing. Coulter embodied the IML ideal. He was top of his class in medical school, while traveling and fundraising during his title year. He became muse to many artists, and is one of the few models captured in works by Etienne, Tom of Finland, The Hun and photographer Jim Wigler.”

Colt Thomas Drummer magazine cover

Official IML website is here

A very good book by Peter Fiske is available here

Drummer magazine is back

Check out the cover of the new Drummer magazine:

Drummer magazine

This heaviest of kink magazines is BACK! You can get a digital subscription or subscribe to it in print! You can even purchase a copy at various retailers, including The Leather Man in NYC, Rough Trade Gear in California, and others.

Drummer men magazine gay kink

Official Drummer magazine website here.

Follow them on Twitter here

Article about some of their best vintage covers here

‘Folsom Party’ by Robert Payne is now available as an audiobook

Book 2 of the Robert Payne collection — ‘Folsom Party & Other Stories’ — is now available as an audiobook.

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Robert Payne was the creator of Drummer magazine

Robert Payne was the creator of Drummer magazine, a publication that brought gay leather culture to a new level of prominence in the 1970s. The Robert Payne collection is bringing many of his erotic BDSM stories back in audiobook form. ‘Folsom Party & Other Stories’ is the second book in the series, and it includes the following stories:

  • The Ultimate Sport — A group of hunters are tracking down escaped convicts, and the stakes are winner take all.
  • Folsom Party — At an exclusive leather party, a dominant alpha gets more than he bargained for.
  • The Program — A new fish joins a special rehabilitation program in prison and finds his place in the testosterone-drenched pecking order.
  • Birthday Boy — A dominant receives a new slave for his birthday. It’s the perfect way to blow out the candles and make a wish.

For the ‘Folsom Party’ audio book, click here.

For the ‘Folsom Party’ eBook, click here.

For ‘The Exchange’ as an eBook, click here.

For “The Exchange as an audio book, click here


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The publisher of the Robert Payne collection, Capricorn Literary, is offering a limited number of FREE downloads of the ‘Folsom Party’ audio book (a $6.95 value), available exclusively to Metalbond readers.

The fine print … To be eligible, you must:

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A second Robert Payne Collection eBook has been released

Capricorn Literary has just released its second collection of classic gay BDSM fiction by Drummer magazine founder Robert Payne (of blessed memory).

The newest collection is called Folsom Party & Other Stories.

Check out the cover art:

Robert Payne Collection

To order Folsom Party & Other Stories (Robert Payne Collection Book 2), click here.

Also check out The Exchange & Other Stories (with an introduction by Metalbond!), available here.