The Story of Dax – Chapter 10

By TheBadOne

Chapter 10 – The Order

The dungeon music fades out as I am lowered down the hole between the upper floor and the lower floor. All that’s left for me to hear is the clanking of the chain lowering my rope-bound body, and the jackhammering of my heart.

After everything I’ve been through tonight and all the men I’ve served so far, I can hardly believe there’s more. As I descend below the ceiling into the room full of men, I realize I’m not blindfolded, gagged, or plugged. Whatever is coming next, I have to face it with eyes, and mouth, and ass wide open.

I’ve been lowered into a room that is empty but for the men inside of it. I count twenty-four. On one end stands all of the doms I’ve met tonight. Many more stand in between them and six slaves on the other end, all in full rubber suits- no hoods this time. I see Trevor among them.

And in the middle is Master Shephard. He’s wearing the grin I find so irresistible, and as he strokes his cock at the sight of me trussed up and floating vulnerably, I see him bite his lip and close his eyes as he holds back an orgasm. He’s close- I realize everyone is stroking themselves, even the slaves. And it looks like everyone is as close as he is.

Prince steps forward, and all the guys follow suit, forming a circle around me, with Prince directly in front of me.

“Dax, you’ve proven yourself capable of taking quite a bit of punishment. And the skill you show with your mouth and ass shows a lot of potential for such a beginner.”

A beginner? My ass twitches at the notion that what it endures isn’t expert-level.

“You are floating in the center of the 23 men of the Order. Each man has a rank that determines where he falls in the hierarchy here. Men must submit to those ranked above them, but are free to control all below them.”

He gestures to the two slaves who were at the far end of the line from him. “Even Boxer, ranked second from the bottom, has precedence over Little. As the lowest ranked member, however, Little serves all.

“That is, he was the lowest ranked member. At the moment, however, you are.”

I look over at Little- a shy-looking twink who clearly just turned 18 recently. His demeanor suggests that he probably spends his days diapered, and I wonder whether he had that fetish coming into the Order or if it was imposed upon him. He looks excited at the prospect of rising in rank.

Prince continues. “Your final task tonight is to take 23 loads.” The blood drains from my face. I’m already in uncharted territory after the five or six men who’ve had their chance at me tonight.

“These loads are also votes for where you belong. Where each member decides to give you their load will determine your final position. If you are given a load up your ass, then your position does not change. If, however, you are fed a load down your throat, you will increase in rank. Do you understand?”

My head races, but I already know I’m going to do it. “Yes Sir.”

Prince’s eyebrow cocks, and he frowns.

“Yes, your Highness!”

“Better. Little, you’re up first.”

As the bottom ranked member, it’s little surprise to me that Little chooses to fuck me in the ass. And with a much smaller-than-average cock, I barely feel a thing. I wonder how often he’s topped in the past, or if he ever has. When his thrusting intensifies rapidly and he shoots a load up me within thirty seconds, I make up my mind: I must be his first.

A second young man approaches me. He’s not wearing a pup hood but based on the dog bone name tag on his collar I remember that this is Boxer, and, predictably, he too chooses my ass over my throat. Tired of fucking Little, probably. And I doubt poor Little’s ass offers much in the way of resistance while at the service of 23 men.

I thank my luck that at least this gangbang begins with a bunch of already-close submissives who’ve probably been locked in chastity for so long they barely remember what to do. Boxer doesn’t even last as long as Little.

The next two slaves follow suit, though these at least make eye contact with me before heading to my rear. They’re handsome, and young, too, though they seem a little more experienced. The third gives me a good hard look as he decides, and all I can do is stare back at him and wonder.

“Stoner!” Omni bellows. “Get on with it.”

His slow reaction time to Omni signals to me where he probably gets his nickname from. He scratches at his scruffy face and hair, then marches right up to my face.

“It wouldn’t be right to rank higher than you,” he says in a drawl. I move to take him into my mouth, but I have no purchase. He takes the ropes I’m hanging from and pulls hard, and I feel his uncut cock jam against my throat again and again. As the face-fucking goes on and on, I wonder if he’s going to be able to come at all, if the pot hasn’t rendered him unable to blow. But then, Omni walks behind Stoner and puts him in a tight headlock. I see Stoner’s eyes roll back slightly as the constricted blood flow puts him over the top, and I swallow several jets of his come before Omni pulls him away from me and shoves him back to his position. He looks dazed, but also pleased. He stares at me with a smile on his face.

Trevor doesn’t waste a second- well, except to deliver a few hard spankings before inserting his cock (slightly bigger than mine- did I mention he always has to be better than me at everything?) into me and beginning a rough fuck. “I’m gonna fuck you every day, you know. You’re gonna be my urinal, my come slut, my gym slave. I’m gonna make you worship me.” I roll my eyes through gritted teeth, and it gives me a small amount of relief to see that Prince has noticed, and got a kick out of it. I must not be the only one who thinks Trevor can be a blowhard.

Six loads in and I’ve only gained one position. At least I’ll have Little.

“Crankshaft, Derailleur, what do you say?” Prince nods at two guys in lycra singlets with huge legs. They pull their cocks out from the side of their singlets and both of them make their way behind me.

And then suddenly it’s crowded behind me as the two of them jockey for position. Oh no.

“Ohhh yeah,” Derailleur moans, as he and Crankshaft both enter me together. My moan turns into a yell as the two of them move in synchrony, stretching me nearly to my limit. I look up, twisting wildly as I search for Shephard, hoping to lock onto his eyes for strength, but I can’t find him. He must be behind me, and I wonder if he’s loving or hating the view of all these men fucking his sub, his boyfriend.

A very bro-ey voice chimes in. “Don’t stop, Railer, Crank. I’m coming in.” I nearly panic at the thought of a third dick- it can’t even be possible- but instead the voice connects with a lean, lightly furred body in front of me. He carries himself with the swagger of a Vegas stripper. He reaches a hand out and plays with my left nipple, chuckling when he realizes I barely register it over the double-dicking I’m not sure I can survive. “Open up for your big Brother,” he says, and I do. My mouth barely opens wide enough to accommodate him, and as I choke on him I find that at least I can’t feel Derailleur and Crankshaft at my back anymore— they’ve both come and have moved back to the circle.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a gorgeous androgyne saunter towards me and Brother.

“Oh Bello,” Brother gasps as I struggle to take him in, “You like what you see?”

Bello leans forward and gives Brother an open-mouth kiss. It’s sensual and romantic, and you can see that Brother lusts for the kiss as much as he clearly does for a good blowjob. Bello gives him a hug from the rear and plays with his nipples, bringing Brother closer and closer to completion, until finally he grips my head in both hands and slams me so hard down onto his beer-bottle cock that I don’t even taste the load as he deposits it directly into my esophagus. I choke and sputter but he holds me there tightly until I’ve swallowed the last drops and have relaxed slightly. I think he’s about to pull out but then I feel more liquid fill my mouth as Brother sighs contentedly.

Prince tisks at him and rolls his eyes. “Brother, you promised.”

Brother’s sigh turns into a moan as he replies, “But it’s soooo good.”

Bladder empty, he slaps me lightly on the cheeks and mimics a flushing noise. “Oh, I like you.” Now I’m ranked 22nd.

Bello runs his long fingers across my body, humming as he feels me up. I notice that the rest of the men have gone silent as Bello glides alongside me, probing my ass with his fingers, feeling my balls dangle from the chastity belt, cradling my chin in his hands. They all want to know what he’s going to do. So do I. I’ve never been with someone like him before- pretty, gentle, quiet, subtle. He has the same slight build, the same feminine energy as Little, but Little was ranked last. Bello isn’t just ranked above some of the slaves, he’s ranked above the bikers, above swaggy stripper stud Brother, even. I wonder how he got there.

Seconds after receiving his cock, I understand. This isn’t a punishment fuck, this isn’t a humiliation- this is bliss. I savor every second of it until he finishes, and he slides away without a word. Did he even say anything this entire time? I wish he would come back, but instead a cowboy-looking twentysomething saunters my way in nothing but boots and chaps and what looks like a cowboy hat that’s seen actual field time.

“I’m Troubadour,” he says with a twang, “And you’re a mighty fine steed. Giddy up!”

He mounts me effortlessly and begins a ruthless, but perfectly rhythmic jackhammering of my asshole. The pleasure and the pain rise simultaneously, and I’m rendered breathless as he goes. He doesn’t stop even after he’s clearly come- it’s clear he came when started spanking my ass and yelling like he was trying to get a horse to gallop. I’m sure he’s got an idea or two about pony play with me.

Suddenly, a friendly face.

“Shephard,” I moan, “Sir.”

“Boy,” he smiles, “How do you feel?”

“About how you’d expect, Sir.”

He gives me a long, deep kiss before pulling away and replacing his tongue with his cock, my favorite cock, the one I’ve sucked every day now for weeks. I have its contours memorized, know every ridge and vein. And I have no time at all to reacquaint myself with them: Shephard blows his load immediately, before he even realized it, spraying not just into my mouth but also all over my face. Prince laughs.

“Does that count?” Shephard calls over his shoulder, laughing too.

“Moving up, Dax.” Prince smiles. Twenty-two, I think to myself.

A tall, tan, and fuzzy latino otter approaches me and smears what’s left of Shephard’s load across my face. He chooses my ass.

So does Bear- what a bear, with a thick, soft beard and big muscles underneath. I quiver in the grip of the big hands he holds me with as he works, fucking me gently, smoothly, but firmly.

I’ve never been so thoroughly used. I feel like I’m losing lucidity, drifting in and out of comprehension, the pace of the action far too fast for me to react to it.

A man with a face fit for Bollywood fucks me next, then an Arab silver fox. A man I recognize as the instructor at the Krav Maga studio in town takes me next. Where does the Order find such a variety of men? It’s like a United Nations of dominants.

I breathe a sigh of relief when Jin Park approaches me from the front. He enters my mouth slowly, and leaves me to do my work as I feel him toy with the ropes- he pulls on them just so, and I feel the constriction as the binds grow just slightly tighter. I can handle it for the five men that remain. Twenty-first.

Donovan’s erection shows no sign of weakness despite the load he already pumped into me earlier tonight. He, too, chooses my ass, and my hopes of having a good position in the Order begin to flag. I’ve been watching Trevor’s eyes go greedy as one after another, the majority of the men between him and Donovan have chosen to keep me below him. As Vega joins the list of men who’ve pumped my ass full of their come, I start to feel defeated: I thought I’d done pretty well, but it looks like I’m going to join the six rubber slaves in the bottom quarter of the Order.

Then it’s Zephyr’s turn, and I can’t help but smile weakly and open my jaw slightly, remembering how kind he was to me earlier on. He smiles back, then winks at me. “You’re such good slave meat, Dax. We’ll make you understand.” And then, unbelievably, Zephyr enters me from behind.

And then, even more unbelievably, Omni slips his dick into my mouth. I hear Stoner whispering “Yes!” to one side as my rank rises above his, and appreciate how much joy he must find in submission- and how attractive he must consider me- for him to find excitement in keeping a low ranking.

Trevor, however, looks rattled. He certainly did not expect Omni to choose my mouth, putting me in position right below him. I didn’t expect it either, nor was I expecting the flood of sensations as Omni and Zephyr showcase their coordination once again, this time alternating their thrusts so that right when Zephyr pulls back from my hole, Omni is slamming into my throat with his dick, and vice versa. These two aren’t just brutal tops- they’re talented, and even fun. In another setting, one where I haven’t already endured hours of torture ahead of a huge gangbang, I can imagine myself getting used by them endlessly, and loving it.

Naturally, the twins come together, too. I swallow Omni’s come like I hadn’t already taken five loads that way today.

And then Prince renders the final verdict.

“Come on, no way!” shouts Trevor as Prince places his cock, the last one, into my mouth. I’m reinvigorated, knowing that I’ll never have to serve as Trevor’s inferior, and latch onto Prince’s cock with renewed fervor. He, like Donovan, has no problem serving up a second load this evening.

When Prince is complete, the men leave the circle and begin to reform the straight line across the room again, this time leaving an empty spot in position 18. Six of the higher-ranked men begin reapplying constricting restraints to those in the positions below. Most of them obey silently. Stoner clearly relishes the bondage, and raises an eyebrow to me before he’s placed back into his hood. Trevor, though, has lost it.

“It’s not fair!” He argues as two of the men struggle to hold him tight while a third immobilizes him. “I’ve been a slave forever! It should be him!” Vega is the one reapplying the bondage- it includes the hood with the inflatable gag that brought me to tears.

“You’re embarrassing yourself, slave,” he says as he pumps up the gag. “That’s extra hours of isolation for you tonight.”

Once Trevor is subdued and all the men stand in order – except me, because nobody’s untied me yet – Prince addresses the crowd once again.

“Tonight we welcomed Dax into our Order. As the 18th ranking member of this fraternity, he has the option to use and command any of the men ranking below him. He is obliged to serve the rest of us. Tomorrow, we’ll dine as equals so Dax can get to know us all better. And in one month, we reconvene, for Brother’s evaluation. You’re all dismissed.”

All the men, including Shephard, leave the room except for Brother. He comes to me, lowers me all the way to the ground, and begins untying me.

“Evaluation?” I ask.

“Every month, one member goes through what you just did. There’s twenty-four of us. That means everyone goes every two years.”

“But… your ranking?”

“Fifteen. I’ll start there, not at twenty-four like you did as a new recruit.”

“Everyone goes through this? Even Prince?”

“Even Prince.”

My cock tries to go hard, but is stymied by the chastity belt. I groan in agony.

“I’ve never been so sexually frustrated in my entire life,” I say.

And then he pulls out a key.

“Shep said as your big brother, I should take care of you tonight.”

And I lay back into the pile of ropes, unbound, as he does.

The End

This concludes The Story of Dax!

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Update February 2024: There is a new version of this story available for purchase on Amazon. It’s called ‘The Order’ by August Blackleather, and the new version, for Kindle, is revised and revamped!

The Order male BDSM book by August Blackleather

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