The Story of Dax – Chapter 09

By TheBadOne

Before he leaves, Trevor locks the end of my armbinder to a ring on the floor, then shackles my legs together, and locks those to the ring too. He walks out wordlessly, leaving me in a puddle of his piss, moaning uncontrollably as I lay on my side in a strict hogtie. And then nobody else comes. I don’t hear anything except a drip of water from somewhere, echoing loudly into the space I’m in.

I think back to my lengthy sleepsack scene with Master Shephard. He told me that he was leaving me plenty of slack so that I could last, but I even thought that was tight. Now I realize that if this is the standard for tight bondage, the amount of wiggle room I had that night was in fact, comparative freedom. I long for it, for even the tiniest amount of purchase, for the ability to flex my arms even slightly, to be able to make any sound at all other than a pathetic, gagging, drooly sob.

As the minutes pass and my eyes continue to adjust to the dim light, I suddenly realize that there’s a mirror on the ceiling above me. I look up at it and see the gimp I’ve been turned into. Even alone, I’m humiliated. Vega was right, I thought I was some kind of a hot-shot, and I got put in my place.

Finally, after some unknowable amount of time- 20 minutes? An hour? I honestly have no clue- the door opens again, and again I find myself completely out of control, squirming and moaning and begging incomprehensibly.

“Woah,” says the man. It’s Jin Park. “They’ve really done a number on you, haven’t they?” He walks towards me, and I see his face crinkle up as he smells the mess Trevor left me in.

“Do you want out?” He asks.

I’m not proud of the pathetic noises I make in response, but he seems to understand that I very much could use some relief.

“I don’t mean out of this position. I mean out of… this. This whole scenario. Do you want out? It’s OK if you do, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

I go silent. I want a break, but I also want to make Master Shephard and Donovan proud. And, I’m assuming, that the same rules apply to me here as they do back home: I have the option to say I’m done at any time, but done means done. I’m not ready to say goodbye to these men, this dungeon, or this… change in my role.

“Silence isn’t consent, Dax. I’m going to take off your muzzle. If you still want to complete these trials, you’re going to need to convince me that you want it.”

Still pinned to the floor, I wait patiently as he unlocks the muzzle, deflates the gag, and pulls the whole thing off of my face. Squatting a couple feet away from me, he gazes at me expectantly.

“I want it, Sir.”

“Just call me Jin, OK?”

“Yes, Sir… Jin. I want it, Jin.”

“I don’t believe you,” He says. He unhooks my legs and armbinders from the pin in the floor, freeing me to stretch out. “Don’t you like the taste of freedom?”

“No, Sir! I like the taste of service, of bondage.”

He rolls his eyes.

“You’re too wound up to know what you’re saying. Omni and Vega love a good mindfuck, and Trev— Psi — is learning from them a little too well, I’d say.”

“Please, Jin, I want it. Please don’t send me home.”

He guides me up to a standing position, and begins to undo the strict armbinder, finally pulling it off. He unzips the rubber suit, pulls it off me one limb at a time. I hold on to his shoulder silently- whenever I try to help him undress me, he swats me away. I sniffle a little bit from the sudden shift of tone.

When he’s done removing the last bit of gear from my body- except for my chastity device, of course- he puts a rubber collar and leash around my neck. It’s just an inch across, soft. Gentle, even. There’s a peg he could lock it with, but he doesn’t. Instead, he leads me across the room and to yet another room.

It’s… a shower. Jin undoes the leash, then crosses the room and stands in front of a doorway on the other side. “Please take your time. Wash all the filth off of you- the lube, the spit, the piss. I want you clean, and relaxed. Meet me in the next room when you’re through.” And then he leaves and closes the door behind him.

I’m alone, and not in bondage. It almost feels strange to act without a strict command, of my own accord. I slink back to the door I came through, open it slightly, and gaze back from where I came – the room is still dark, and empty. Jin is choosing to trust me that I’ll deliver myself to him freely.

Of course, it’s already a foregone conclusion that I will- every man I’ve met so far has had an entirely different demeanor, and clearly different fetishes and desires. Even in my exhaustion, I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for me next. I wash, letting the hot water rinse the remains of the night off me. As I dry off, I take a look at myself in the mirror.

It’s me. It’s just me, my face and naked body, in a casual collar and chastity like I’d wear around the house while I do chores. It’s hard to believe that this person in the mirror is the same one that had the sense beat out of him earlier, was reduced to tears, was left in an intense stress position until he lost his mind. It’s just… me.

I can do this.

I step into the next room, and see a flight of stairs. I follow it up, and Jin is waiting for me with stacks of hemp rope.

“Have you ever been suspended in Shibari bondage before?”

I shake my head no. “I’ve had my hands tied with hemp rope before, but that’s it.”

“Did you like it?”

I nod. “There’s something specific about rope that feels so… solid. I’ve never been able to figure out how to tie the knots, myself.”

“What I like about it is that it’s a form of art, as well as a restraint. Done correctly, the rope won’t hurt you- in fact, it frames your body in a way that makes you even more attractive. And, when I do it, it’s as inescapable as anything else you’ve been through tonight.”

“Probably a lot cheaper, too,” I laugh.

He laughs. “A side benefit for sure. Come here, Dax.”

I walk to where he gestures for me to stand- it’s underneath a winch that looks more than sturdy enough to support my body weight.

“What do you want me to do?” I ask him.

“I want you to close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax, and focus on the sensations. I’ll tell you when I need something from you.”

I do as he says. Even though I’m about to be bound, again, this time it doesn’t feel like submission. Surprisingly, considering how intimidating I found him to be at the beginning of the night, he’s really kind. I feel like I’m just hanging out with a friend. Maybe he took pity on me after the last few guys.

I feel him begin to apply the rope. It’s as I remember: when he tightens a loop around me, the rope itself feels like it is part of my body, like it was always meant to be there, like I was never meant to perform the movement it restricts.

Shibari takes time. Even though he’s quick, my mind does start to drift. When he pulls the hook down from the hoist and attaches it to an anchor on my back, my body begins to relax. Although I’m still standing with both feet on the ground, the rope is actually holding most of my weight.

“Get ready to fly, Dax.”

I wouldn’t know how to prepare for that even if I had proper warning. He pulls on some loose ends attached to my ankles and my feet come out from under me. Before I know it, my ankles are doubled back and attached to the hoist as well, and the way the ropes tug, my knees are spread wide apart. My arms are bound similarly, clasped behind my neck and elbows pulled to the sides.

“Woah,” I gasp. “Can I open my eyes?”

“Go for it, stud.”

I do, and look at my reflection in the nearby mirror. I’m floating a few feet above the ground in the shibari equivalent of a gimp sack. If I wasn’t suspended, I’d be forced to crawl around on my knees and elbows. He wasn’t wrong about the way the ropes frame my muscles- they accentuate my natural lines, making me look even more lean, like a sculpture. It’s not even humiliating- I’d be happy for anyone to see me this way.

Jin runs his hand across my body, checking the ropes up and down my body, making sure there are no pressure points. Satisfied, he spins me around so that my ass is to him. He lowers me slightly.

“I don’t need to make you cry to make you mine,” he says, as his fingers begin to probe around my asshole. I moan involuntarily. I’m hardwired to find pleasure in any attention to my ass- compared to the rough fucks Donovan has given me, this is a gentle massage. Suddenly I feel a rush of cool water fill me up, and as more and more enters my gut I feel the pressure against the ropes increase. He brings forward a bucket and tells me to empty. I comply.

“I’m enjoying being yours,” I say honestly.

“Good. Because not everyone’s going to be gentle down there.”

“Down… where?”

He crouches below me and pulls a panel aside from the floor. There’s a hole wide enough for my entire bound body to be lowered through. Deep, bass-heavy dungeon music plays and grows louder as the chain that’s holding me aloft is lowered into it.

“Welcome to the Order, Dax. I’ll look forward to making you my plaything, if you’re accepted.”

If I’m… accepted?

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Metal would like to thank TheBadOne for writing The Story of Dax!

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  1. Something just works with this story. The thoughts and feelings that Dax has, plus the different choices he needs to make, makes it real. Being given a “get out of jail card” and testing his resolve puts the whole scene on a level you can relate to rather than just putting him through it no matter what.

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