The Tank – Part 03

By Rubrig

Nick slumped as much as he could in the chains holding his arms to the side of the dive tank.  Standing wearing the heavy Mark V dive gear was stressful despite the buoyancy of the gear in the water.  The heavy brass collar of the helmet pressed on his shoulders.  He was still rock hard and had been since the Boss had dove down and chained him to the tank.

The underwater light that dimly illuminated the tank turned up brighter and Nick raised his head inside his helmet and looked through the small ports in the helmet and watched as the Boss swam into view again in heavy scuba gear.  He swam over to Nick and unlocked his arms and let the chains drop to the floor of the tank.  Nick shifted and moved away from the side of the tank slowly swinging his arms as much as the heavy canvas and rubber suit would allow.  The Boss slowly swam beside him and then he swam up and was soon out of sight.

Nick moved over to the bench and sat down and rested.  He wondered how long he had been down and he was hungry and thirsty but he just had to deal with it as there was no way of getting out of the tank he was submerged in unless he wanted to blow up his suit and float up but he knew that if he did that his Boss would be severely pissed and would kick Nick out and there would be no more dive gear play.

Nick sat and waited and then the dive platform lowered into his view and landed on the floor of the tank.  Nick stood up and clumped over to the platform and climbed on.  The platform slowly raised up and soon was out of the water.  Nick shuffled off the platform, exhausted from being trapped in the heavy dive gear at the bottom of the tank.  The Boss indicated that he was to sit down on the bench and he shuffled over, his heavy lead boots clanging on the concrete floor.

The Boss walked over and twisted the heavy brass helmet off the helmet ring on the collar and lifted it off Nick’s head.  He gulped in fresh air that wasn’t scented with rubber and sweat.  He sat quietly wondering if he was going to be removed from the rest of the heavy dive gear.  The Boss picked up the wrench and proceeded to remove the locking nuts securing the heavy collar to the suit.  Soon, the heavy collar was removed and Nick groaned as the weight was lifted from his shoulders.  He realized just how much his body ached from carrying the weight of the helmet and collar.

Finally he was out of the heavy canvas suit and was removing the sweat soaked insulated suit he was wearing and stood naked.  The Boss walked over and knelt and removed the piss bag leaving the tube hanging loose.  He stood up and walked over and picked up a steel chastity device and opened it up with the special tool.  He put the cock/ball reign on Nick and then assembled the device threading the catheter tube through the tip of the device.  The device was locked using the special bolts and the required wrench.  The Boss then connected a fresh piss bag to the harness on Nick’s left thigh.

The Boss then tossed Nick a pair of boxer shorts and a pair of dark blue coveralls.  Nick got dressed and the coverall fitted him snugly and had the dive school logo on the back and his name on his right pec.  The Boss watched as Nick got dressed.  Once the coveralls were zipped up he walked over and threaded a short length of a thin steel cable through the zipper tabs and through holes on each side of the zipper.  He locked the ends of the cable with a small padlock.

The boss then handed Nick a pair of heavy work socks and a pair of heavy black work boots.  He put the socks and boots and The Boss told him to leave the top two eyelets on each boot open.  Once Nick had laced up and tied off the laces, the Boss knelt and worked padlocks through the eyelets on each boot and locked the boots.

Nick was now locked securely in the heavy work gear.  The Boss told him that they were heading to the diner again for dinner.  Nick asked how long he had been down at the bottom of the tank.  The Boss smiled and told Nick that he had been down for 8 hours and 6 of those hours he had been chained to the tank wall.  Nick nodded and thanked the Boss.

After dinner, they walked back to the Dive School.  Nick’s heavy work boots thudding on the pavement.  Once back at the dive center, Nick was ordered back on to his bed and was quickly shackled down.  Nick was soon asleep, his steel caged cock pushing hard against the coveralls.

The next week was spent with Nick working as a cleaner and maintenance man around the school so he was basically ignored by the Dive instructors and the students.  Nick was able to watch and observe the men, gritty, sweaty from the time spent in their heavy dive gear.  As a result, Nick was in constant pain as his cock was trying to grow and swell but the chastity device kept it from growing so the pressure had become painful.

Friday came and after the students and instructors had left for the weekend, The Boss smiled and told Nick that he was going to spend the weekend in the tank and he would be submerged that night and left in the tank till Sunday night.  Nick nodded and asked how he was going to be able to drink and eat while he was in the tank.  The Boss nodded and told Nick that he was going to be wearing a harness with a gallon of water and another bag with a gallon of liquid food.  He would have to make sure that the quantity lasted for the weekend otherwise he would be thirsty and hungry by Sunday night.

The two men walked into the gear room and laid out was a heavy black Viking dry suit with a heavy steel helmet collar attached.  Sitting on the stand beside the chair was a yellow helmet with a large front viewing port.  The helmet was not a Superlite model so he asked the Boss what kind of helmet it was.  He was told it was a DiveX helmet.  Nick walked over and picked it up and smiled as it reminded him of a space suit helmet.

Nick was soon unlocked and he had stripped off the coverall, boots and socks he had been wearing all week.  He put on the heavy insulated suit and a larger and fresh piss bag had been put on.  He was soon climbing into the heavy viking suit.  The suit had heavy rubber gloves sealed to it so he would be completely sealed so it would be air and water tight.  He ducked his head into the suit and pushed it through the neck ring on the suit.   The Boss closed the heavy zipper on the suit.

The Boss quickly put on the heavy canvas dive harness and tugged it tight.  He had Nick sit down and then he lifted up the helmet.  He told Nick to grab the v shaped cable on the front of the helmet ring and hold it tight.  The Boss lowered the helmet over Nick’s head and onto the collar.  He matched the helmet and the thread and twisted hard sealing the helmet.  Nick held tight keeping the neck ring from moving.

The Boss then picked up a clip on the end of a harness strap and clipped it to the v shaped cable and then the strap was tugged down tight holding the helmet down so it remain in place so Nick could see through the face plate.  The hoses were checked and then the air flow started so the face plate soon cleared as it had fogged up.

The Boss indicated to Nick to stand up and Nick obeyed.  He clumped over to the dive platform and climbed on. The platform lifted and swung over the tank.  He was lowered into the dark water.  He fumbled with his lips and found the two tubes leading from the supply bags hanging from a harness on his back.  He sucked on the water tube and drank as his mouth was dry from being so nervous.

Soon the platform thudded onto the floor of the tank and climbed off and moved over to the side of the tank.  The platform lifted and Nick stood alone deep underwater knowing that he was now fully secured and isolated for the next 48 hours.  He walked over to the bench and sat down.  He closed his eyes and tried to relax. However, his cock was trying to grow and swell and he had no choice but to focus on the pain.

He rubbed his heavy gloved hands over his crotch and he could feel the pressure but not much else.  He groaned as he was so frustrated and wanted to cum so bad.  He sat staring out of his helmet and soon he twisted himself and found a way to lay down in all the gear he was wearing and he fell asleep.

To be continued …

Raw Dads

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  1. Is this an actual thing. If so id love to be locked in helmet and dive gear under water for as long as you like

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