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The Tank – Part 03

By Rubrig

Nick slumped as much as he could in the chains holding his arms to the side of the dive tank.  Standing wearing the heavy Mark V dive gear was stressful despite the buoyancy of the gear in the water.  The heavy brass collar of the helmet pressed on his shoulders.  He was still rock hard and had been since the Boss had dove down and chained him to the tank.

The underwater light that dimly illuminated the tank turned up brighter and Nick raised his head inside his helmet and looked through the small ports in the helmet and watched as the Boss swam into view again in heavy scuba gear.  He swam over to Nick and unlocked his arms and let the chains drop to the floor of the tank.  Nick shifted and moved away from the side of the tank slowly swinging his arms as much as the heavy canvas and rubber suit would allow.  The Boss slowly swam beside him and then he swam up and was soon out of sight.

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The Tank – Part 02

By Rubrig

Nick slowly woke up and tried to stretch, but he soon realised he was still chained down to the bunk at the Dive Centre.  He really wanted to stretch, but the chains held him tightly in place on the bunk.  He looked around, and then the door opened. The Boss walked in.  He was wearing a pair of dark blue coveralls with the logo of the Dive Company on the left breast and heavy steel-toed work boots.  The boots thudded on the wooden floor as he walked over to the bunk.  Nick looked up and asked if he could get released so he could go to the bathroom.  The Boss nodded and leaned down and pulled the light blanket off Nick and unlocked the leather cuffs holding Nick to the bunk.

After Nick got cleaned up, they left the Dive Centre and headed to a nearby diner for breakfast.  The Boss told him to eat a big meal as he would not have the ability to eat again till evening.  Nick assumed that meant he would be going back into the dive tank and left there.  He nodded and looked over at the Boss and felt his cock arouse.  The short grey crew cut, the muscles, and the general build really got to him.

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