The Trucker – Part 01

By Steellock

Matt sat on the grass bank by the roadside and checked the note that had come with the package of leather that the Trucker had sent through via Jim:

‘Wear your bleacher jeans, Levi jacket and those boots. Nothing else.

Buckle on the padded wrist restraints, lock them on.

Then buckle the ankle restraints over your boots and lock them.

Pull on the hood then zip it closed and lock the zip to the collar with the last small padlock

Use the big padlocks, one through the D rings on your ankle restraints to lock your boots together and the last through the D loops on your wrists behind your back.

Sit on the bank and wait by the mile marker and wait for me.

He looked down and checked his body. His bleacher, sleeveless Levi jacket hanging open, pushed out by his wide shoulders and hanging open over his heavy pecs and ribbed 6 pack. His arms with their bulging biceps and triceps hanging down by his sides, the wide black leather belt cinched tight round his narrow waist, through the loops in his 501 bleacher jeans. His heavily muscled thighs filling out the legs. The jeans stopped in a turnup mid-calf, and he could then see his heavy, polished black, Grinder boots with their neat tight yellow laces showing as a row of 20 lines on each one.

There was a bulge in the front of his jeans which showed that he had broken the instructions slightly, a 3 inch long thick steel ball stretcher was locked round his ball sack, holding his nuts stretched tight and filling his left bleacher  thigh leg. He was used to a stretcher, but this was just a bit longer than usual and he could feel the squeeze on his nuts and the stretch of the skin, especially as his cock was hard!

He buckled the padded restraints tightly round both ankles over his boots and slipped the little padlocks through the locking posts, his cock jumping even more as he clicked them shut. He loved the feel they gave, an added weight and grip on his ankles. Then he did the same with the wrist ones, getting the strap tight and feeling the padded leather gripping his corded forearms firmly. That feeling always made him hard too! He slipped the padlocks through these locking posts and clicked them shut. Then Matt reached down and slipped the hasp of a big brass padlock through the rings on the ankle straps.

He sat on the grass bank holding the thick rubber hood. This was something really special; 6mm thick rubber shaped to his face inside and just a black anatomical face on the front. The only breaks in the thick tough shell was a pair of holes at the base of the nose by his nostrils. The back sealed by a soft rubber ‘hair cover’ and then it closed by a zip. It smelled new, that intoxicating scent of rubber. He was sure that The Trucker had collected it the day they met. It looked dark inside but he could see that there was a shaped gag that would fill his mouth! It looked to have a steel valve on the outside.

He thought back to that day when the Trucker had visited the Leather and Rubber Shop where Matt lived with Jess his partner, working for Jim the owner.

Matt and Jess had been working in the shop on their regular chores; today was the day they gave the shop a real clean to have it looking really good for the weekend. Matt was washing down one of the cages, a tall standing cage currently empty. He was grinning in his everyday Sci Fi hood thinking of the times he had been locked into this cage for an evening. The guys who were visiting often reaching through the bars and feeling his body. He was very proud of his body, it took a lot of work every day to build the muscles, bulk up the mass of his chest, and keep his belly taut over the rippling muscles of his abdomen.

Jess’s attention was on his lover, revelling in the sight as he always did. This god loved him back! He was always astounded and happy that this seemed to be true!

He saw the feed on the big screen at the back of the store change and it showed the inside of a truck cab with a leather ‘bed’. A tough looking guy in leather trousers and muscle vest was leaning over and pointing to the restraint loops down both sides. He quickly grabbed the remote and raised the volume. Jess tapped Matt on his shoulder and pointed and they moved closer. Matt’s view was, of course, a little different as he saw it through the pinprick holes in his hood but as this was how he saw the world for 22 hours of every day he did not now notice. It’s amazing how his brain had acclimatised, and he saw things almost normally now. A voice was speaking over the shot of the leather bunk.

This is the Trucker here, letting you know that we have a new show for you next week. We will be sending a live feed from the cab for my entire trip to collect a load from 2 states away. I will be kept company by a new volunteer who gets to make the journey in bondage heaven on the truck cab bed. Moreover, I have been fitting some new distractions for him. Many of you may remember the last time when the lucky guy was wired into the throttle, his ‘joy’ enhanced every time I had to press the pedal? Well, we have developed that quite a lot but you will have to wait and see. So will he I expect!’

Matt turned to Jess grinning even harder. ‘Wonder who he’s persuaded to be his trip buddy this time?’ he said. ‘Remember the last guy, tall, with the long muscles of a swimmer? He could hardly walk after they got back to the yard! And that was only a 12 hour trip!’

They lost interest as the screen changed back to one of its standard clips. This one of Matt being flogged by the owner Jim. Matt could remember every bit of the whipping but now was not the time to reminisce. He went back to his cleaning. They finished mid-afternoon and went out the back to take a break and have their main meal of the day. Next to his meal on the table was a plastic tube holding a large steel dildo with a note ‘Get comfy with this before you come back out’ in Jim’s handwriting.  Matt’s rubber chastity shorts were unlocked by Jess so he could pee and be ready for whatever Jim was planning. He was always reassured by his ability to hold his pee. He only needed 3 good pisses a day, lucky given his life choice!

Today was Friday so Matt was sure there would be something in the wind, he rubbed the steel dildo with lube, it was huge, about 80mm thick and had two connection sockets in the bottom flange. Matt grinned again, he almost never stopped, and worked it into his butt. The muscles slowly releasing and opening letting the steel slip into the taut ring of his ass and then slowly slide in. As it got to the narrow bit near the bottom it suddenly leapt in and his butt closed over it. Firmly in place it was giving him the delicious feeling of fulness. The weight making itself felt as he stood. Jess then helped him into his shorts, especially the bit where they had to work Matts cock and balls though the hole in the front. Jess loved that bit, one of the treats in his day as he got to rub and squeeze the large member. It would be Sunday soon and they would have the day to love each other properly. Jess zipped up the front flap and applied the padlocks. That gave him chance to massage Matt’s abs as he moved his hands over his body.

As Matt walked back into the shop he felt Jim’s large, hard hand on his shoulder steering him across the floor and he realised that they were headed to the cage he had been so carefully cleaning earlier. He wondered if Jim had seen this and made plans. Jim held out a pair of padded fist mitts. Jess grabbed them and held one out. Matt slipped his hand in, balling it into a fist as it went in and then feeling the strap pulled tight and the click of the lock. The same with his right hand. His cock jumped in his shorts. Jim backed him into the cage and reached in with a padlock. He pulled Matt’s right wrist back and locked it to a lug on the frame. Repeating this with the left he then stood back and chuckled. ‘Ready for a fun evening boy?’ he said. ‘I hope so because it is going to happen whatever! Got a new program for the Estim box and I want to hear you moaning!’ Matt’s cock got even harder in his shorts. Jim gave Jess a pair of leather ankle restraints and pointed to Matt’s boots. ‘Get them secure’ he said and turned away. Jess fell to his knees and got busy strapping them around Matts boots. He secretly managed to get a quick lick in as he did it, running his tongue up the side of the tall heavy boot with its yellow laces. Jim watched him in the mirrored wall and chuckled. Jess did a thorough job, adding the little padlocks that fitted through the holes in the lockpost. He tapped the big left boot and Matt moved it over to the side of the cage and it was then secured to the steel lug. The same with his right.

He tugged at his arms and then pulled with his legs and felt the joy of being locked tight and under control. Jess finished the job by padlocking a short chain to a ‘D’ ring on the side of his hood collar and clicking another lock to secure the other end to the third set of lugs near the top of the side of the cage. Repeating this on the other side he left Matt now not even able to move his head much at all. The cage doors clanged shut, all three. As the top door swung into place Matt could feel the bars pressing against his chest. He had bulked up since he was last in here, he thought. Only just deep enough now. Quite a tight restriction; his shoulders touched on each side, and he could rub his nips on the bar across the front as his back was tight against the bars behind him. He looked over at the clock on the wall of the shop. 4pm. Should be a few guys coming in soon. It was well known in the local BDSM community that Jim’s shop was the place to get to on Friday nights, to gather and watch the show that was always laid on with the ‘Guy in the hood’ getting some into kind of trouble! Jim was also very good at letting guys try out the display kit.

His body was waking up in a very real way. He always found this as his scope to move or his freedom was taken in bondage his skin was more sensitive, waiting to be touched in some way. To feel any sensation that he was powerless to prevent or avoid. He was a toy at the mercy of others. Unable to look down he felt the zip in the back of his shorts being pulled down, a draft of air crossed his butt crack and he felt his butt cheeks being pulled apart. Just for fun he clenched his strong muscles closing the crack. He heard a growl from Jim and then felt the sharp shock as a Tayzapper was pressed to his anus ring. It hurt! Fingers slipped the plugs of a cable into his butt plug and then the zip went nearly all the way back up. Then he felt movement at the front of his shorts was the padlocks on the zips holding the front rubber pane were removed and the zips moved down. The pressure on his cock disappeared and he could feel himself engorge and stand proud. He struggled a bit in his bonds and rattle against the sides of the cage. The sheer pleasure of the restriction did its job and he felt himself get really hard. To his surprise he felt a tongue just touching the tip of his cock, it then twisted over his flared glans. Again, he heard a growl from Jim and a sharp ‘Not now boy’. Jim was standing looking at Matt so Jess must be doing the work as usual.

Then a cold feeling as lube was squirted into his urethra and an invasion as a steel sound was slowly forced down his slit. This was fairly new to Matt, something Jim had been playing with, getting him used to it recently. The he felt a ring against the head of his cock and gentle pressure as it was worked over the glans. It held the sound firmly down his cock and helped to keep the whole cock hard as it nested behind the glans flare. Jim held up an Estim lead so Matt could see it and passed it to Jess.

‘Oh fuck’ thought Matt.

Then the screen on the wall opposite the cage came to life and was showing an image of a new Estim system, obviously to Matt the one he was now about to demo! The big steel combination of plug and the sound / glans ring. Across the screen was the blazing script ‘Amazing new sensations’ and ‘Demo every half hour tonight with our house stud Matt’. Matt’s eyes switched to Jess walking towards his carrying a gag. There was a locked zip across the mouth of Matt’s Sci Fi hood, Jess pulled out a set of keys and removed the padlock, pulled the zip across and Matt heard Jim say ‘Open’. When Jim was firm like this Matt always obeyed automatically and Jess pushed the gag in. It was a wide tab gag that slipped inside the hood allowing it to be zipped back closed and locked.

Oh Fuck Matt thought again! His cock went even harder and strained against the ring over his cock head.

Then he began to feel movement in his butt. At least that’s what it felt like. Something gently wriggling and massaging his prostate. It was followed by a gently wriggling in his cock. Neither was unpleasant. It was slightly tickling in fact. He saw Jim and Jess walking away leaving him with the gently sensations. He knew that he would already be dripping a bit…

He started to look at the guys who were arriving. The usual real mixture. First into his field of view was a pair of guys wearing loose shiny black rubber hoodies and shorts. They had bright orange trainers, really fit guys Matt thought. Then he saw a guy in a leather police shirt, leather tie and tight leather shorts holding a chain that went out of his field of view. It was Nathan, a regular at the shop and his partner Scott would be at the other end of the chain. As Matt’s eyes followed the chain, he saw a Scott, a muscley boy, with a leather head harness and heavy leather restraints on his wrist and ankles. He was also wearing a leather jock, the pouch covering his cock and balls but his backside was open. The chain was clipped to the collar of the harness. Jim had a small changing room tucked away by the door and this encouraged guys to get into the scene as soon as they arrived! The boy was led over to the spanking bench in the corner of the shop, well in Matt’s field of view. He climbed on and the Nathan locked the wrist and ankle cuffs to the restraint points on the bench. He unclipped the lead and then added a chain to hold the boy’s head firmly facing down into the padded hole / face support. He followed this with a wide leather belt that was buckled over Scott’s tight waist, holding him firmly in place and acting as a kidney protector. Then Matt noticed the tattoos on the boy’s butt and chuckled. They were a duplicate of the ones on his own butt – a pair of coloured target circles, one on each cheek. The Top hung a printed notice on the bench and Matt strained to read it – ‘Punishment required for obstinate bad behaviour; volunteers required to administer a sharp reminder of the rules.’

Matt grinned even wider under his hood. He would not be the only one suffering tonight!

The next guy he saw walk by was a Skinhead. A serious guy with a shaved head; his heavy shoulders filled out a red polo shirt, his arms were tattooed with sleeve designs that emphasised their size and definition. The polo was tailored and showed a narrow waist and was tucked into bleacher jeans, held up by a thick belt, that ended mid-calf. A set of white braces ran from his bleachers over his shoulders emphasising the strong chest. Below the neat turn ups was a pair of heavy black, tightly laced Grinder boots, the white lacings forming a ladder up the front of each. The tight jeans showed a substantial bulge that extended down the right thigh. Matt thought him amazingly attractive. He had loved the look for a while, but this guy was really sexy!

The Skinhead walked over to the spanking bench and ran his big hands over the Scott’s butt, caressing and stroking the cheeks, his fingers following the circles of the targets. He chuckled and then leant over and chatted to the leather Top, Nathan, who grinned and nodded. He handed over a wooden paddle and held up his hand with fingers outstretched and Matt heard him say ‘Five each side’. There was no gentle start here. The Skinhead stood and did a few stretches of his shoulders, swung his arm back and brought the paddle hard onto the target on the Subs left buttock. Matt winced. From his own experience that would have hurt! The boy took a deep breath and called out ‘One’. The stroke was repeated. ‘Two’ was all Matt heard. The Skinhead did some more arm and shoulder swings to loosen himself up, showing off his physique to the growing crowd. Thwack. ‘Three’. Thwack. ‘Four’. Thwack. ‘Five, thank you Sir’. The Skin grinned and said something Matt didn’t hear to the Top. He also had another good stretch and posed, showing off his heavy muscles to the audience.

He repeated the swing onto the right buttock target, ‘One’. Thwack. ‘Two’. Thwack. ‘Three’. Thwack. ‘Four’. At this point Matt could hear the voice begin to tremble and the guy on the bench was clearly shaking. Thwack. ‘Five, thank you Sir’. The Skinhead laughed out loud and said loudly – ‘Hey boy, I will be back later for another go, and next time I will not hold back!’.

Jim stepped forward into Matt’s view and called out ‘Gather round guys, time for our first Demo of the new kit today. This is a real step forward in Estim with a special combination of uniquely designed butt and cock probes and a newly launched Estim program. It is designed to explore the boundary between pleasure and pain. As many of you know pain can also be pleasure but it’s not so often clear that a lot of pleasure can be equally unbearable!’. He held up the butt plug and showed of the way it had a black spiral up the steel finish of the heavy wide plug. The steel sound was similar with a black line spiralling along its length.

‘The combination of the program and these tools administer an incredible sensation to the ‘victim’, a feeling that can take a guy so close to orgasm, and then hold him there.’

For the third time in a few minutes Matt said ‘Oh Fuck’ to himself. The wriggling he was feeling now made sense… He saw Jim slowly turn the knob on the control he was holding, and Matt felt a huge increase in the feelings in his butt and cock. It was like they were both being massaged from inside by a squirming snake! His prostate and cock reacted strongly, and he felt his body focus, like the whole centre of his being was there centred between his prostate and his cock. All thought went out of his head. He started to shake and wriggle, throwing himself from side to side; pulling on his wrist restraints, shaking his head and his legs were trembling. He was biting strongly onto the gag and moaning loudly, almost screaming. It was obvious to the gathered crowd how completely out of control Matt was. Many of them knew how much Matt could take in a whipping without much obvious reaction but this was another thing entirely!

‘What he’s feeling is a deep, mind robbing pleasure that has him right on the edge of orgasm, but the program has been written so he does not get there! He just keeps feeling like he is about to explode in pleasure! For hours!’ Matt continued to shudder and pull at his restraints, a sound halfway between a whimper and a scream came from the hood. At the back of the group there was a tall guy in a leather jacket who was looking on with obvious interest. Jim had seen him earlier and marked him out as a serious player.

Nathan strode over to Jim and suggested that they give his boy a new experience and try the new system on him too! Jim grinned and agreed, waving Jess forward he told him to get busy and wire up the new guy. ‘To use them is to buy them’ he added and the Top nodded, saying ‘I’m already sold as I watch your demo boy wriggle like that!’

The boy on the bench tried to look around. He was facing away from the cage and had not seen what was still happening to Matt. However, he could hear the sounds coming from Matt’s hood and the rattle of the restraints and thud of his boots as he was now stamping them. Nathan went over to him and ran his hands over the guys now reddening butt and said ‘This is going to be great! An evening to remember for you boy! First of many I think.’

Jess walked over to the counter and collected a box with another pair of ‘probes’, and some leads. ‘Don’t worry’ he was told, ‘the boy agrees to you invading his privacy’. This was followed by a chuckle and also a faint ‘I do?’ from the strapped down boy. Jess started with his butt, he slipped on a pair of black rubber gloves and gently inserted a finger to judge how tight the muscles were. Opening a box with a plug that was a little smaller than the one Matt was still feeling, he applied lube to the plug and then pushed some more into the rosy, puckered play hole. He slowly pushed the plug in, turning it to help it slide through the entry.

The guy whimpered a bit but loosened up and the plug slid in and seated itself. Then Jess slid down onto the floor beneath the frame and popped off the cover on the jock. ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ ‘Be quiet boy’ said Nathan and swung the paddle hard onto his butt. Jess repeated the procedure from earlier, lubing up the crack and sliding in the sound. Scott’s cock was already hard and it went in easily, with the ring slipping over the glans of his engorged member. Jess finished the job with a set of leads in each and stepped back. Jim moved over to the quivering Matt and turned off the Estim box. Matt slumped in his bondage (as far as he could) and took a deep breath. Jim pulled out the leads and moved over to the spanking bench, wiring in the next victim…

He turned it on and set the program then handed it over to Nathan. ‘Take it slowly at first.’ He said. Nathan laughed and turned the ‘volume’ knob a little. ‘What the fuck!’ said Scott as he also had the feeling of his cock and prostate being massaged by a swirling moving sensation. He wriggled and yanked at his bonds for a second. Natahn walked around and looked him in the eyes. ‘Trust me?’ Scott was panting a bit but raised a thumb briefly then clenched his fists. Nathan slowly turned the know and Scott began to moan and squirm much harder. His cock went really hard and was pulsing up and down as it hung below him.

Matt opened his eyes as he started to recover and watched with interest as Scott progressed to shaking and yanking his bonds. He was slightly in shock, he had been ‘edged’ before, taken to near orgasm, sometimes repeatedly, but he had never had such a long peak of uninterrupted pleasure!

Without a gag, Scott was breathing very deeply and the sounds were a cross between a moan and a scream. As Nathan increased the power the shaking got pronounced and the sounds got higher and more frantic. But it was a sound of pleasure not the scream of pain that often overcame a guy on that bench. After a minute or two Nathan waved over the Skinhead and handed him the paddle again. ‘Another five?’ he said. The Skin grinned and said ‘Yeah, thanks!’ He went through a muscle demo routine, stretching and posing for the crowd who applauded and launched. Matt was watching this and his cock reacted going hard again and dripping a little more. The Skin noticed and walked over,  holding the paddle. He reached to a rack nearby and took a pair of nipple clamps, looking at the pinhole covers as if he could see into Matt’s eyes he held them up and then opened one end clamp and closed it onto Matt’s right nipple. It was one of the ones with a real strong spring and Matt tried to push his head back against the chain as the pain / pleasure seared through his chest. The left one was added and the Skin grabbed the chain between them and tugged to make sure they were firmly attached.  Matt breathed deeply and followed as the guy moved back over to the bench. He gave Scott five really hard strokes on each butt cheek. It seemed to make very little difference to the wriggling and moaning coming from the boy.

Scott was totally focused, the feelings from his body all came from the axis between his cock and ass as his prostate pulsed and he could feel the precum juice flowing and escaping around the Sound in his engorged cock. He barely even noticed the hard spanking that was being administered. In fact, it was welcome as it distracted him slightly from the feelings of joy that were engulfing him, the combination taking him even higher into a concatenation of emotions at a level that was totally new for him… At that moment, he had everything! Like Matt he loved the feeling of strict bondage, especially in public.

Unable to affect or avoid what would happen next. He loved his partner playing his part and opening him up for general misuse and the uncertainty of it all. He had loved the strong, hard spanking especially; having his butt spanked was his greatest sexual pleasure, something that had led to the tattooing of the targets that effectively gave permission and encouragement for more and harder impacts. Topping this off was the unbelievable feelings from the Estim and more spanking that had lifted him to this new pinnacle of pleasure.

Jim looked on and grinned. ‘See, it sure works!’ he said and turned away. ‘Leave him for half an hour and he will not walk straight for a week!’ he said.

Matt agreed.

Standing at the back of the group the Trucker looked on and grinned, now he knew what the big focus for his next clip would be! Looking at Matt in his cage he also knew who would be the star. He was thinking and planning. He moved over and caught Jim’s attention. They exchanged a firm hand grip and then a quick ‘manhug’.

The Trucker then shared his thoughts with Jim and they had a good chat, all the time they were both looking at Matt and then Jim passed over the control of the Estim box. Jess had switched the wires back over from Scott who was now near tears as he lay slumped on the bench.

The Trucker stood looking into Matt’s eyes through his hood and slowly turned up the power on the box. Matt could not control himself and was soon back whimpering, rattling his restraints, stamping his feet and shaking as the overwhelming feelings took control of his body. The Trucker was impressed. He had not seen anything quite so powerful. He reached over to the cage where Matts nipples poked out between the bars and slipped off the tit clamps. He massaged Matt’s pecs but this seemed to make very little difference to Matt!

Without bothering to turn off the signal he pulled Jim to one side and started talking fast to him. Jess snuck in and turned off the box allowing Matt to quieten down and bit!

End of Part 1

Metal would like to thank the author, Steellock, for this story!

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