The Vacation – Part 02

By Rubrpig

Marc was led into the training centre by his four armed guards.  They stopped at a solid steel door and one of the motorcycle officers pressed a button on an intercom.  He stated his name and that they had a prisoner for processing into the facility.  There was a buzzing sound and the officer pulled the heavy door open and they entered the building.  They walked up to a counter with a heavy steel grill covering the opening above the counter.  Behind the counter were 4 men dressed in black swat gear.  One of the swat officers who had control of Marc unlocked the cuffs of Marc’s wrists.

The processing officer told Marc to empty his pockets and turn them out to show that there was nothing in them.  Marc quickly obeyed and placed his keys, wallet and phone on the counter.  The processing officer picked up the phone and turned it off and dropped it along with the keys and his wallet into a heavy brown envelope and then wrote Marc’s name and a 4 digit number on the envelope.  He dropped the envelope in a bin.  He then told Marc to strip and place everything on the counter.  Marc pulled his t-shirt off over his head and put it on the counter.  He leaned down and unzipped his boots and pulled them off along with his socks.

He put his boots and socks on the counter.  He unbuckled his jeans and slid them down over his heavy thick thighs and stepped out of them.  All that was left was his white jock.  There was a large wet spot on the pouch.  He slid his jock down and stepped out of it as well.  He piled his jeans and jock on the counter.  One of the motorcycle officers slid the pile through the opening in the grill.  The processing officer wadded up the clothing and shoved it in the bin and then put the lid on it and sealed it with 2 zip ties.

Marc stood fully naked watching the processing officer put his clothes and personal effects away and then he heard a buzzing and the door on his left opened.  He was led through and further into the building.  As he walked his rock hard cock bounced and drops of pre-cum dropped onto his legs.  His four escorts smiled as they were fully aware of how much Marc was aroused.  They led Marc into a room where there was a white height scale painted on the wall and a camera and tripod.  Marc was told to stand on the black painted footprints and look forward.  He was then handed a sign to hold with his name and the number of the arrest file.  He held the sign as his mug shots were taken, both front and both sides.

From there he was led to a room with a barber chair and he was ordered into the chair.  One of the motorcycle officers picked up a pair of clippers and quickly gave Marc a #1 buzz cut which left him with short stubble on his head.  He was then told to walk over to the end of the room and a shower was turned on.  Marc was standing under the shower head and cold water poured onto him.  He shuddered, and he was told to scrub himself with the bar of rough soap that was on the ledge.  Marc obeyed and quickly scrubbed himself with the soap.

Once he was rinsed off, one of his guards tossed him a small thin towel and told him to dry himself off.  Marc did what he could but he did not get himself very dry as the towel was soon soaked.  He was told to drop the towel in the hamper and follow.  Marc followed his guards to the next room.  He walked in and one of the swat officers handed him a pair of orange boxer shorts and told him to put them on.  The shorts had the words FTC Jail printed on the ass of the shorts and down the right legs.  Then he was handed a pair of orange scrub pants printed the same way.  He pulled them on and tugged the drawstring tight and tied it.

A scrub shirt, also orange, was handed to him and he put it on.  The swat officer handed him a pile of bedding, pillow, toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, and a pair of slip-on sandals also orange.  Marc put the sandals on and followed the officers through a heavy steel door into a cell block.  Marc saw that some of the cell wer occupied with men dressed as he was.  They stopped at an empty open cell and Marc was told to get into the cell.  Marc entered the cell and the door rolled closed and he heard the locks engage.

Marc put the stack of bedding down on the cot and looked around.  The cell across from him was occupied by a prisoner who stood watching him.  Marc looked at him and the other prisoner nodded.  He asked Marc what he had been arrested for.  Marc told him that he had been arrested for murder.  The other man nodded and told Marc that only long term prisoners were arrested for murder and Marc nodded.

Marc turned around and made up the cot and laid down on it.  He knew that he was now a prisoner and would remain that way for the next 3 months.  He fell asleep and slept most of the afternoon.  That evening a tray of food was slid through the slot on the bottom of the door and Marc grabbed it and devoured it as he was starving.

The guards came around and ordered the trays slid back out and they checked to make sure everything had been returned.  Marc laid down and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, Marc was woken up when the door of his cell clanged open.  Two guards walked in and grabbed him and hauled him to his feet.  They quickly wrapped a wide leather belt around his waist and then locked his wrists into the cuffs that were hanging from the belt on each side of it.  They locked a chain to the ring on the front of the belt and then one guard knelt and locked the shackles on the chain on to Marc’s ankles.  They grabbed his biceps and pulled him from his cell.  He was not even able to put on his slip on sandals so he walked through the cell block barefoot.

He was taken through a heavy door and he found himself in a small courtroom.  He was put into the prisoner’s box and his guards stood on each side of him.  He watched as 2 men entered the courtroom carrying files.  They were dressed the same as all the guards.  Full Swat Gear including body armour.  They stood behind the tables and waited.  The door behind the judge’s bench opened and Marc saw Captain Ferguson enter and step up onto the bench.  He picked up a gavel and brought the court to order.

Captain Ferguson looked at Marc and told him that he had gone through the trial in absentia due to his flight to avoid arrest and he had been found guilty of the charge of Murder in the First Degree.  The prosecutor raised a hand requesting permission to speak.  Captain Ferguson nodded and the prosecutor asked that the prisoner be sent to the mental hospital for observation and to see if he was mentaly stable to handle his incarceration.  Captain Ferguson nodded and said that he agreed.  He looked at the prisoner and told him that he was hereby ordered into the custody of Dr. Robertson of the state mental hospital and that furthermore the prisoner was to be held in secure custody and restraints while he was undergoing treatment and analysis.  Captain Ferguson gaveled the trial closed.  Marc stood there barefoot in chains as his fate for the next few weeks had been determined by the court.

Marc was led from the courtroom shuffling along in the transport chains.  He was led to a waiting room and then a door opened and 4 men in white nurses uniforms entered.  They looked like they would happily break him half if Marc tried anything.  A man in a white lab coat entered and Marc assumed that this was Dr. Robertson who would be in control of him until he was certified sane enough to be sent to prison.  The Doctor looked at the commitment papers and nodded.  The keys to the restraints were handed over and the 4 hospital orderlies took control,  The jail guards turned and left the room.

The Doctor looked at Marc and smiled.  He looked at the orderlies and told them to get the patient processed and put in a jacket and the padded cell.  Marc was dragged through the door, forced into a wheelchair and shoved along the corridor to an elevator.  They went into the elevator and the doors closed and the elevator dropped.  It felt like it was dropping through a number of floors and Marc wondered just how big this training centre actually was.  The elevator stopped, the doors opened and Marc was pushed out into a large room.  He was hauled out of the chair and then the orderlies unlocked and removed the shackles and chains.

He was ordered to strip off the prison uniform and he quickly obeyed.  Once Marc was stripped, he was led over to an examination table and ordered to lay down on it.  The orderlies pulled on latex gloves and one of them grabbed his cock and held it straight while another one ripped open a package and pulled out a coil of clear tubing.  Marc recognized it as an internal catheter.  The orderly injected sterile lube into his cock head and the catheter tube was slid into his cock.  Soon he felt the pressure at the sphincter of his bladder as it pushed into it.  Then once it had slid into his bladder the orderly took a syringe and injected sterile saline into the port and filled the balloon inside Marc’s bladder locking the tube into his bladder.  The orderly clamped off the tube and Marc was ordered to stand up.  He obeyed and one of the orderlies knelt and fastened a clear bag to his left thigh and connected the catheter lead to the bag and then removed the clamp. Marc’s piss flowed into the bag.

The other orderlies approached Marc with a heavy black leather straitjacket.  He held out his arms and the jacket slid onto his body and they quickly strapped him into the jacket.  Once that was completed, one orderly forced his mouth open and a pill was put in his mouth and he was forced to swallow it.  The Doctor told him that it was a mild sedative to help adjust as he was going to be put into a padded cell for observation for a few days and the sedative would help him adjust to the cell.  Marc felt the drug take effect and the orderlies grabbed him and put him back into the wheelchair and rolled down the hallway.

They stopped and a heavy door opened.  The inside of the door was covered in heavy thick white pads.  Marc was lifted out of the chair and carried into the padded cell.  He was set down on his ass and slid over to the wall so he was sitting upright.  The orderlies left and the heavy door was closed and Marc was alone.  The silence in the room was overwhelming.

To be continued …

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